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Edward had been gone three days already.

My life continued on as if nothing changed. As if I hadn't lost the most perfect man in existence.

I missed everything about him, even the things that drove me crazy most days.

I guess I hadn't realized exactly how wrapped up in him I'd become. Living without him was difficult to say the least.

Laying in bed alone felt uncomfortable, like there was too much space for just one person.

I'd been going to work, but desperately trying to avoid talking about him to anyone.

To be honest, I was slightly ashamed of the whole thing. Talking about him would lead to questions and I'd have to tell people that he left because of me.

That my past is the reason.

I can't blame him for leaving. I can't say I wouldn't have ran as far from him as possible.

But it's not like that with him, because he's a good man. He's always been a good man.

He's not the one who made things complicated, he's not the one who couldn't keep it in his pants.

I hear the bells on the door ding and look up from my sketchbook for the first time in a few hours.

Emmett stands over me and we have a moment of silence to mourn what could have been. His eyes scream for me to make the right decision, for me to fix this mess I've made.

He's got everything he needs now with Rosalie in his life, and I have to go and ruin it for him.

Rosalie and Alice left yesterday.

It's different with them though, they plan on coming back in a week or so. They say Edward doesn't know what he wants anymore, that he doesn't know if he'll ever come back.

This breaks my heart that much more, that I drove him away from this place that was supposed to mean a fresh start for him.

"B." His voice is soft like a teddy bear and makes me wanna cry.

"I know Em, I know." His blue eyes shine bright and I can tell he's worried about me.

"You need to fix it." I nod my head and glance back down at my sketchbook.

"I don't know how Emmett, I don't know what to do anymore."

"Grow up."

His words cut me pretty deep, deep enough for my bottom lip to start quivering.

He notices quickly and starts rambling.

"You know I love you B, you know I do...I think you need to go to therapy." My eyes shoot to his, my brow furrowed.

"Therapy?" My brain tries to process his suggestion but it's having a hard time getting past the initial shock of what this means.

"Like, I'm crazy or something?" My voice is accusing now.

"Don't be dramatic about this." He rolls his eyes at me.

"Dramatic? Are you kidding me?" My voice is rough now, it's got an edge to it.

"Listen Bella." His use of my full name throws me off, I cringe away like he slapped me.

"You're my best friend, and I love you to death. But I can't let you go on like this anymore..." He continues his rant.

"I can't sit back and watch you do this to yourself. I've watched you throw away any chance you had at a relationship with that kid and I can't keep quiet anymore."

I raise my eyebrows at him.

"I normally keep my mouth shut about your life, but you're going to ruin everything if you keep this up."

He sucks in a huge breath of air, I know the next one's gonna be long.

"You need to go see a therapist about more than just your relationship with Edward. I know that you never really got over your parents divorce, I know you have issues with your relationship with Jake, I know you like sex...a little too much."

My eyes widen at what he's suggesting.

He's suggesting that he knows the truth.

He pulls down every defense I might have had and leaves me completely open. It's like my soul cracks open and every little thing I shoved inside comes pouring out.

He stares into my eyes and I feel completely bare.

"I'm really sorry to do this to you B...but it's time that someone called you out on your shit, y'know?"

I nod my head in a daze and get up from my stool.

I wrap my arms around his large frame and breath in his familiar scent.

In this moment I know that things could never work with Edward.

Our relationship was set up to fail since the first time I laid my eyes on him.

I couldn't have anything with him until I sorted out my past.

My head rests on Emmett's large chest and I smile to myself.

"Thanks Em."

"Anything for you B."

I pull away from him and grab my purse from the counter.

"See ya tomorrow?"

He smiles a genuine smile and nods his head.

"Love you Em."

I give him one last smile as I walk out the door.

It's like I'm born again, like the world never had so much potential.

I pull my phone from my bag and scroll through the numbers until I find his.

My fingers fly across the keys and before I can stop myself, I'm sending it.

One sentence.

Even shorter than the note he left me.

I'm going to fix us.

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