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I step off the train
I'm walking down your street again
And pass your door
But you don't live there anymore

I don't know why I'm here. I don't need to be. I don't need to cause myself this kind of pain. This kind of hurt. Why am I buying this house? Why am I back in Forks? I'm walking down his road and up his driveway, leaving my truck in the middle of nowhere. This place is so deserted.

It's years since you've been there
Now you've disappeared somewhere
Like outer space
You've found some better place
And I miss you-

It's been five years since he left me all alone. People always leave me. Jake, Edward, Mike, Charlie, Angela, Alice, Esme, Carlisleā€¦ why am I even surprised? I can only imagine he found some place better than with me where ever he was going. Why would he want to be with me anyways? There are tons of more significant people. I still miss him every single day of forever though

Like the deserts miss the rain

It's like the desert, it needs the rain to survive, and it misses the rain even if it won't admit it to anyone else but the wind.

Could you be dead?
You always were
Two steps ahead of everyone
We'd walk behind
While you would run

I wonder if Victoria or another vampire or being got to him. He was always the fastest; he could outrun them and be safe. He wouldn't leave his family behind though. He was loyal to a fault to everyone he loved, but me. I knew I wasn't enough. Who was I kidding? How could I be?

I look up at your house
And I can almost hear you
Shout down to me
Where I always used to be
And I miss you-

I look up at his window. I can almost hear him calling my name to come in and say hi to everyone. The thought makes me cry. How I loved being part of that family. I was always beneath him, in every single way. I still miss him, though.

Like the deserts miss the rain
Back on the train
I ask
Why did I come again?

I went back home to finish the closing. I got back to Forks and wondered why I am actually staying in this house when I could rent it out to someone and stay away from all these bad memories. I guess I'm just a sucker for punishment. I went to open the front door but someone beat me to it. "Bella,"

Can I confess
I've been hanging' round
Your old address?

"Hi, how are you? I swear I'm not just hanging around here; I bought the house from you. The realtor didn't tell me who was going to be here. If I'd known it was you, I would have stayed away. I'm sorry."

"Bella, never be sorry, okay?" I smiled and nodded at my love of years past "so, how have you been?"

"Not so good, I've been handling this hard."

And the years have proved
To offer nothing
Since you moved
You're long gone
But I can't move on
And I miss you-

"I thought after all the years coming back here would mean nothing, that I'd be over this, but I'm not. The only thing time has given me is more pain being back here. When you moved, I left directly after. I haven't been back until now. I thought you were gone, I thought you didn't ever want to come back here. I thought you were far away. I came back because I couldn't really move on from you, and I miss you. I miss you so much Emmett. I miss my family." I ran to him and started crying.

"Bella, it's fine. We missed you too. We're here. I'm here. We're never leaving again."

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