Using his stealthiest commando moves so as not to wake Spike, Xander snuck off the bed. Standing naked in the darkness, he turned his head to look back over one shoulder. Yep, still fast asleep.

He'd tried to catalog where his clothes had flown to earlier in the evening as Spike had tossed them aside but, well, he'd been distracted. He'd found everything but his underwear before he finally gave up looking. He didn't want to take too much time.

He was just pulling on his Hawaiian shirt, he later thought it was the loudness of the monkeys with their bright, neon yellow bananas that had done it, when Spike flipped on the lights.

Xander gulped, loudly, and looked guilty. Shit, caught in the act.

"Going somewhere, pet? What'd you do? Forget to invite me?" Spike asked in that dead tone of voice he had when he was hurt.

Wait. What? "Going somewhere? Spike, I live here."

Spike just glanced up and down at Xander, who was unshod but otherwise fully clothed, and then just tilted his head and waited.

Xander dropped his shoe. He blushed. "You usually come up with the games, the sex games I mean, and I thought I'd..." He stopped. He just couldn't get any more of it out.

"Leaving me isn't a game, Xander."

"Leaving you? I wasn't leaving you! I was..."


Xander took a deep breath and just let it all babble out of him. "I thought I'd get dressed and then wake you up. I'd be dressed and you wouldn't but then you could undress me and it was supposed to be sexy but now that I'm saying it out loud it just sounds stupid." Xander hung his head.

"You said all that without breathing?" Spike sounded awed.

"Huh?" Xander asked with a confused expression as he looked back up.

Spike licked his lips as he looked Xander up and down. He stretched a bit, short-circuiting Xander's brain, before pulling the blanket aside. He was already hard.

"Think I'm liking this game," Spike said as he rose off the bed. As he stalked across the room, he added, "Oh look, there's a human in my lair. No shoes though. He'll never be able to escape me. Whatever shall I do with him?"

As Spike wrapped his arms under Xander's Hawaiian shirt, Xander thought, not quite the game I had in mind. Spike brought his lips up to Xander's. Think I can work with it though.