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Chapter 1: The Wedding



"Alice? Can you zip me up?"

I turn my back to Alice and watch her reflection as she smiles brightly behind me. "You look so amazing in this dress, Bella."

I smile at the way the strapless dress fit me perfectly. All of the dresses in the wedding were tailor made. The Cullens spared no expense when it came to the price of the ceremony, and it wasn't even their job to pay for it. I turn around and look at Alice. "You look pretty hot yourself, girly. Jasper's jaw is going to drop."

Alice giggles and nods. "But its Edward we're going to have restrain."

I smile and nod. Edward and I have been like wild animals since we started having sex. Once Carlisle gave me the okay after my accident, Edward and I just couldn't stop. We moved into the apartment the fifteenth of July and stayed in our own little bubble the whole time. None of his college friends knew he was even in town and Alice and Dad had to beg us to come home just so they could see us.

I turn back to the mirror and run my hands down the front of the dress. I do look pretty awesome. The dress makes my ring pop against my hand. My engagement ring that is. I don't wear any other jewelry anymore because I hate the thought of something taking attention away from it.

Every time I look at the ring, I remember Edward proposing to me. It was during prom night. I had told him a few weeks prior to prom that I'd always expected this night to be magical. For some reason television always made the event out to be one of the most important nights of a girl's life. We had made jokes about it, but apparently, he decided to take the night serious. He'd come to Forks from Seattle in a limo for Alice, Jasper, and us. After Esme's home-cooked meal and tons of pictures, we went to the local hunting lodge where the prom was taking place. After even more pictures, we danced the night away.

At midnight, they had the last dance announcement. Edward pulled me outside in the cold where he jogged over to a little pavilion enclosed by large green bushes, dragging me behind him. I could barely hear the music out here, but once he pulled me back in his arms it didn't even matter. I closed my eyes as he rested his forehead against mine. I felt something cold and hard against my finger as he whispered brushing his lips against mine, "Marry me?"

I smile and shake my head at the way I reacted after that. I jumped back, gasping and covering my face with my hands, leaving my eyes uncovered so I could see him. When I jumped back he dropped the ring and I gasped again. I tried to bend down to pick it up, but in my haste I lost my balance. Edward grabbed my arms to steady me, but we both ended up falling. He landed on his backside while I landed in his lap. He couldn't help but laugh at me, kissing me once he'd calmed down enough.

I, on the other hand, was completely and utterly mortified. I'd fucked up his proposal by my shock and clumsiness. However, Edward, being the amazing man that he is, didn't even miss a beat. He cupped my face in his hands and looked straight in my eyes.

"Tell me yes," he whispered desperately.

I smiled brightly, nodded my head, and told him, "Hell yes."

He chuckled softly as he slid the ring on my finger. "And here I thought we were going to have to edit the telling of the story because of my mouth."

I ignored him and looked down at my finger before launching myself at him and attacking his lips with my own. He'd told me that Alice and Jasper had a ride and that we were heading back to Seattle. Once we were out of town, we attacked each other.

However, now isn't the time to reminisce. We have a wedding to get through. I turn back to Alice to find her standing there with her arms crossed over her chest. "Are you done? Ready to go and find Rose?"

I smile brightly and nod my head, pushing my memories down as we went and found our beautiful blonde sister. We find her standing at the door to the church waiting on us patiently. She is actually early. We smile at her as we walk up to her. She smiles back nervously.

"How did the talk with your father go? Did he calm down?"

Rose nods. "Yeah, he finally stopped crying. He's in the bathroom blowing his nose and drying his face."

Alice takes her hands. "Well, you have to cut him a little slack. You're getting married today!"

She laughs softly. "I know. I just didn't think he'd be this torn up."

Alice looks around. "Where are Edward and James?"

Rose nods in the direction of the bathroom. "They're helping him."

As if on cue, Edward, James Stewart (Emmett's best man) and Dan (Rose's dad), come walking around the corner. The tall Nordic-like Mr. Hale smiles sweetly at Alice and me. "You ladies look beautiful."

I look at Edward, who is standing beside Mr. Hale. His eyes have 'lusted' over. He's looking me up and down, and I know the second I'm alone I should be prepared to get attacked. I can't wait.

Edward walks up to me, after standing stunned for a moment. He cups my face in his hands, kisses the fading scar above my eye and pecks me on the lips quickly. "I don't want to ruin your lip gloss."

I can't help the smile that tugs at the corners of my mouth. He pulls away and takes my hand, kissing my ring before pulling my other arm around his. We find the four other people smiling at us. I feel my cheeks heat up at their prying eyes. Edward waves his hand towards them. "Let's get this thing going. All you're doing is making Emmett sweat."

Alice giggles. "Let's wait another minute."

Rose smiles but rolls her eyes, "James, could you signal the pianist?"

"Of course." He opens the door just enough to grab the attention of the pianist. Edward and I open the doors as soon as the music starts playing. Edward and I walk down the aisle slowly and I can't help imagine this being my wedding. I grin happily, winking at my dad as I pass by his row. He rolls his eyes as he shakes his head, but I don't miss the small smile on his face.

I'd almost swooned when Edward told me he'd asked for Dad's permission to marry me, and was even more shocked whenever he told him yes. I hope I never forget these memories. They're all just too awesome sometimes.

The wedding proceeds like a usual wedding should. After Edward and I are in our places, Alice and James join us in their respective spots. The music changes after a second and Rose and Mr. Hale begin their descent down the aisle. Once Mr. and Mrs. Hale give Rosalie away and she takes her spot beside Emmett, I can't take my eyes off of the pair of green ones staring back at me.

He mouths the words 'I love you' to me and I mouth them back. I take this time to study his beautiful face. I never get tired of looking at him. I am completely blessed to have such an amazing looking fiancé. I love everything about him; his messy auburn hair, his amazing green eyes, his ears that are pointy in the right angle, his slightly crooked nose, his kissable lips, and that strong chiseled jaw.

His eyes penetrate mine, making me think of the deep, mystical forest that surrounds the tiny town of Forks, Washington. I always remember Forks whenever I look into them. It's where we started. Had I never moved to that rainy little town, I would've never met him. It pains me to even think about that possibility.

When it comes time for Emmett and Rose to say the traditional vows, Edward and I mouth them back to one another. When it comes time to kiss the bride, he winks at me. Once the priest announces them married and we're outside, Edward sweeps me up and kisses me soundly on the lips.

Emmett chuckles, "You act like the two of you were the ones getting married."

Edward sets me back on my feet as Rose points out. "Well, I don't know about Bella, but Edward was reciting the vows."

Emmett chuckles. "Oh, she said them back."

I frown and wave my hand dismissively. "This is your day. Don't worry about Edward and me."

Emmett nods. "You're right, Bella." Emmett turns to Rosalie and picks her up like Edward did me, swinging her around as he kisses her soundly. All too soon, the church begins to empty and the six of us take our positions. We greet the guests, smiling and shaking hands with people I don't even know.

Once my Dad walks up to us, he stops and looks from one of us to the other. "I saw that."

Then he just walks on. Edward and I can't help but snicker at his joking manner. Esme and Carlisle shake their heads at us as they hug us and move on down the line. Finally, after all the greetings and congratulations, we get to head in for the reception. Alice and I take care of Rosalie's train once we're inside. We get it detached and take it back to her room in the back of the church.

I offer to take it so Alice could go find Jasper. I might have had ulterior motives for doing so, but I'll never admit it willingly. I take my time walking down the long corridor to the back rooms of the church. I hear the dull thud of the dress shoes walking down the carpeted hallway right as I'm about to walk into the room. I can't help the naughty smile that forms on my lips. He had told me that when he was a teenager he'd always thought it would be cool to have sex in a church.

I place the train on a hanger in the garment bag and zip it up. I hear the door open and close behind me with a soft click. Before I can turn around, Edward is behind me with his arms around me, pinning mine to my side. He presses his face against my exposed neck, tickling me slightly with his trimmed beard. I giggle softly, squirming away from him. He pulls away and spins me around.

"You look amazing, baby. Simply stunning. I don't know how I'm going to contain myself when it's you up there dressed in white."

He doesn't let me comment before he presses his lips to mine, capturing me in a tight embrace as his lips move against mine. I hear and feel the zipper of my dress lowering slowly. I remove my hands from his hair and push his jacket off of his shoulders. He pulls away from the kiss and shrugs out of his jacket. He all but yanks my dress down, exposing my bare chest to him. He cups my breasts in his hands, running his fingers over my hardened nipples. The feel of his warm hands cupping me heats my skin up. I push my dress all the way down, stepping out of both it and my heels.

Edward runs his hands down the side of my body, grabbing the back of my thighs and picking me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. He stares into my eyes as he walks me over to the fancy looking couch. I start unbuttoning his vest and shirt as quickly as possible without ripping the buttons. He sits down on the couch once I've divested him. He runs his hands up my legs, grabbing onto my ass and squeezing hard as he pulls me up so that I'm kneeling and my chest is in his face.

Instead of attacking my nipples like I need him to, he moves his head to the side, kissing his way along my tattoo. The day after I turned eighteen Edward took me to Seattle and got me my first tattoo. I'd thought about it for a long time and wanted to get a dead tree tattooed to my side. On the trunk of the tree were our initials "carved" into the side of it. Ever since it healed, he hasn't been able to keep his hands—and lips—off of it.

He follows the tree all the way up through the branches and then kisses the two red birds that fly over my chest. I press my face into his hair. "Edward," I pant his name. "We don't have time."

He looks up at me, begging me with his eyes to give him time, but I can't let him do that. We can't get caught having sex in a church. We'd never hear the end of it. It's bad enough anytime someone calls or comes over we've just got done or were in the middle of it. I press my lips against his ear. "Edward, just fuck me."

His hands grip my ass a little harder and I can't help but whimper against his ear. It hurts a little, but it's a good kind of hurt. He moves his hands up to my hips and pushes me off his lap. "Turn around and take off those sexy little panties, baby."

I spin around quickly, slipping my thumbs into the waistband of my underwear before I pull them down slowly, bending down with them so that my ass is in his face.

"Dammit," he groans. "You're already wet for me."

I hear the buckle of his belt as I step out of my panties and turn around. He pulls his pants and boxer briefs down around his knees. His erection stands tall and proud against his stomach. He grabs me, pulling me back into his lap.

I slide down onto him, my body opening to him willingly. His rests his forehead against my collarbone as he fights to stay in control. "Amazing," he whispers against my chest. "It never—ugh—fails." He takes a deep breath. "If we're in a hurry, you could make me come just by being inside of you."

He looks up, grabs the back of my neck, and crashes his lips against mine. I take the second he becomes distracted to start moving. The kiss breaks off after a moment. Our breathing mingles against each other's lips as our breathing picks up. I try to keep my moans and whimpers to myself, but the second his thumb touches my clit, I can't hold back the whimper that comes out.

"So close," I whisper against his lips.

"Thank God. I can't hold on much longer," he tells me urgently.

He presses his thumb against my clit a little harder and my body explodes. I grab two handfuls of his hair and crush his face against my chest, trying to keep myself from floating away. His soft grunt lets me know that he followed right behind me. We stay wrapped around one another, waiting for our pulses to slow and our breathing to even out. He kisses his way up my neck until he reaches my lips, kissing me lazily.

"I can't believe we just had sex in a church."

I giggle, pulling myself off of him. We both groan at the feeling. We get dressed as best as we can, while touching and groping, of course. Right after Edward zips up my dress and spins me around for a kiss, there's a knock on the door.

Edward groans, "Seriously?"

I smile, fixing his coat collar for him. "We've been missing for too long."

He shrugs. "So? Does that mean they have to come looking for us every single time? Why can't they just leave us be?"

I stretch up and kiss his cheek. "Because we're in the wedding party, Edward. They're going to need us for things."

He sighs and nods. "What about other times though?"

I grab the sides of his coat and pull him down so I could kiss his lips. His arms wrap around me, pulling me against him. He groans against my lips. "Fuck, can we go home?"

I smile and shake my head. "No. Not yet. Come on."

He sighs dejectedly as I pull him towards the door. Alice is standing on the other side waiting for us with arms crossed over her chest and her foot tapping against the floor.

"Do you think you guys could disconnect for a few hours?"

Edward narrows his eyes at his sister but I just nod my head. "Yes, Alice, we're all yours for the rest of the night."

She shakes her head, a small smile playing on her lips. "Good. The good stuff is about to happen and we need all of the wedding party present."

I motion for her to lead the way and she does. Edward wraps his arm around my waist as we walk into the reception hall. Emmett and Rosalie look at us and shake their head. Rose narrows her eyes. "You better not have done anything on my train," she whispers threateningly.

I roll my eyes and take my spot beside Alice as Edward walks behind the group and stands beside James. We're standing in front of our spots at the dinner table; our plates already full of fish or chicken. The rest of the guests are filing in slowly, so thankfully we didn't keep anyone waiting. Once everyone is settled, Alice taps on the side of her glass to get everyone's attention. The four of us take this time to say some good things about Rosalie and Emmett and then open the floor to the rest of the hall to add their two cents. After dinner, Em and Rose have their first dance as husband and wife, and then Rose dances with her father.

Finally, we're free to get up and roam. Edward immediately asks me to dance and I don't even give him an answer, opting instead to grab his hand and pull him into the crowd. We wrap ourselves around one another and get lost in the music.

After a minute, Edward breaks the silence. "How many more boxes do you have to bring home?"

"Only a couple more. We can go and get them tomorrow."

He hums happily. "It's going to be so nice to have you home."

I nod. "It'll be so nice not to have to worry about getting back to Forks in time for school."

He chuckles softly. "I agree."

"And we have two months before school starts back up. Have you decided what you're going to do yet?"

He shakes his head with a soft sigh. "I've talked to some people and a counselor. They've all told me that you can't compare the way you react to an accident with someone you love and someone you don't know," he tells me before pressing a kiss to my scar.

"I think you'd make a great doctor, baby. You should stick with it."

He sighs and nods. "I've still got a little time left. I'll figure it out before then. Right now, I want to concentrate on getting my fiancé moved in."

I giggle. "I hope there's still room for me once she's moved in."

He smiles at me slyly and whispers, "If we weren't in public, I'd smack that ass for being so silly."

I can't help the laugh that erupts. Several people beside us look at us funny, but we ignore them. We don't know them from Adam, anyway. Soon, the music changes, and we're forced off the dance floor.

We find Alice and Jasper at a table sneaking a glass of champagne. I laugh at them. "What are you doing?"

Jasper chuckles. "We wanted a taste."

Edward looks at me. "Would you like a glass?"

I eye the glass in Alice's hand suspiciously and shake my head. "No, I don't think so."

Alice holds the glass towards me. "Just take a sip and see if you like it."

I scrunch my nose at the idea of drinking. I've never had the desire to drink. Edward had a slight problem with it a couple of weekends in a row. After almost breaking up and some lectures from his friends, he stopped drinking. It was strange seeing him like that. The perfect boyfriend I thought I had actually had some chips in his flawless exterior, but luckily we overcame it and moved on.

I shake my head. "No, I'm good. I'll take some water or something."

Edward nods, kissing my scar and walking off to go find something for me to drink. Alice frowns slightly. "What are you going to do once we get to college? Are you just going to sit at home while you're not in class?"

I scoff. "What do you mean?"

"You aren't going to come out with us? I mean we're going to drink and have fun."

I roll my eyes. "People can fun have without drinking."

"Not in college." Alice snickers and I frown.

A bottle of water appears in front of my face. I take it and smile at Edward as he moves beside me. Before Alice can argue any further, Dad walks up.

"Mind if I have a dance with my daughter?" he asks Edward.

Edward smiles crookedly. "No, I'll let you."

Dad and Edward chuckle as Edward holds my water for me. Silently, we walk out to the dance floor, where we take up a traditional dancing stance.

"So, I guess you won't be coming home anytime soon."

"I'll be back to get those couple of boxes I still have left."

"You know, I could always just bring them to you. I haven't gotten to see this place you've been living on the weekends yet."

I smile. "That would be nice. You could come up for dinner one night this week."

He nods. "Yeah."

The silence encompassed us again as we turned slowly. He took a deep breath. "I really haven't talked to you much since you got engaged."

I frown slightly. "What do you mean? We talk every day."

He shakes his head. "No, I mean about the engagement."

I pull away slightly. "Look, Dad, I love him and—"

He shakes his head again, cutting me off. "No, I'm not going to talk you out of it. I just want to make sure you're ready for this, Bella. I know that you've been living together for the past year… technically. You've had your problems and you've overcome them, but are you sure you're ready for this? To be married?"

I smile. "We're not getting married tomorrow, Dad. I told you were waiting until next summer. We don't have time to plan a wedding, have it, and then go on a honeymoon before school starts. We don't want to rush any of the experiences."

He nods, sighing slowly. "You're right. You have time."

I frown again. "Time for what?"

He rolls his eyes. "To make sure this is what you want, Bella. I'm behind all your decisions. Edward is a great guy, even after some of the shit he's done."

It's my turn to roll my eyes. "Dad, a couple of rough weekends don't mean anything. We're both human and this is new to both of us. Edward had a hard time letting me go. I understand his anger. He could've handled it differently, but he didn't. We've grown from that."

Dad sighs again and nods. "You're right."

The song ends and I smile. "I know I am."

He narrows his eyes as I stick out my tongue. Dad looks at his watch. "I'm going to head on home. It's late and I'd like to get home before ten."

I gave my father a big hug. "I love you, Daddy."

He chuckles softly. "I love you too, Bells. Tell Edward I said bye."

I nod and watch him walk towards the exit before I walk over to Edward. He wraps me in his arms and smiles down at me. "Did he leave?"

I nod. "He says bye."

"Bye, Charlie."

I laugh and turn around in his arms so I could see the rest of the party. He pulls me close and rests his chin on top of my head. Talking with my father made me remember more of those painful memories I'd thought about not five minutes ago. I'd thought my plan was flawless when I came up with it. Everyone got what they wanted. Sure, I knew Edward and I would suffer the most, but I didn't think it wasn't something we couldn't conquer.

In January, the leaving got harder to do. We'd spent Christmas with family and went back to Seattle the twenty-sixth where I stayed until the fourth, which was the Sunday before school started back up. We'd had fun during this time. We stayed inside cozy on the couch watching movies or cooking every meal instead of running out to eat. We stayed up late making love and slept in just so we could stay in bed together a little longer. On the fourth, we got into a fight before I had to leave.

He wanted me to stay, I wanted to stay. I had to go, though. We made up before I left, but I got into another fight with Dad when I came home later than usual without calling. The next weekend, Edward was distant. He had been drinking a lot more and would start giving me attention when he'd become drunk. That Sunday when I tried to leave, we got into another fight, but this time we didn't make up until Tuesday after he apologized for acting that way.

The third weekend in January found Edward the same way as the second. We fought the entire weekend. When it was time for me to leave that Sunday, I told him I wasn't coming back until he sobered up. I didn't let him try and talk me out of it, and the last weekend of January, I stayed in Forks just to show him I was serious. By Saturday night, he was at my doorstep begging me to forgive him. We talked and he told me how hard it was not to see me every day. He told me how he'd been depressed about the whole thing. He told me during the week all he did was go to class, come home and study, drink, and go to bed. He didn't hang out with people like he used to. So, his friends had an intervention that Friday night when I didn't go to Seattle.

He stayed with me that night in Forks. Dad overlooked him sleeping in my bed, since he knew the apartment we lived in on the weekends was one bedroom—my father wasn't stupid. Edward was in no shape to drive back to Seattle or spend the night alone. He ended up crying himself to sleep, apologizing over and over, no matter how many times I told him it was okay.

After that weekend, things got better. They went back to how they were before winter break. We haven't had another fight like that since then and I pray that we never do again. I hate the thought of possibly losing him over some stupid crap like not being able to see me all the time.

Ever since I graduated a month ago, I've been helping Rosalie with her wedding and moving my things into the apartment. Since Rosalie and Emmett had been staying in Forks with Esme and Carlisle until after the wedding, I stayed with my father a little longer. However, the wedding is over now and I can fully move in with Edward.

"Dad said he'd bring the boxes to Seattle. I'm going to cook us dinner. Maybe we can invite Esme and Carlisle, too."

He began to sway back and forth to the dance song that is playing. "That sounds good to me. We can call Mom and Dad in the morning and let them know."

I smile. "Why don't we tell them now?"

"Because we're leaving."

I laugh and shake my head. "You know we can't leave. The wedding isn't over with. We may not be the maid-of-honor or best-man, but we're still needed here, Edward."

He groans. "Fuck being needed, Bella. I need to go home with my fiancé."

I turn around in his arms and frown up at him. "Edward, I'm not going anywhere. I'm here to stay this time, remember? I'm not leaving in a few days for any reason."

He closes his eyes tight and takes a deep breath. "I know. I'm sorry. I've just missed you these past few days, and all this wedding shit has made me miss you even more." He releases the rest of his breath and opens his eyes. "I'm sorry."

I shake my head and smile. "It's okay. We just have a job to do right now, and you thinking about going home isn't helping you at all. Let's do something. Come dance with me."

He scoffs. "Because holding you in my arms is really going to make me want to get you home any less."

I laugh and nod. "True. Then let's go find Alice and Jasper or your parents."

The rest of the night continues on an amazing course. Em and Rosalie have a blast dancing with everyone. Finally, it gets time for the happily married couple to head out. Alice and I gather all the unwed ladies and have Rosalie throw the bouquet. Alice catches it and winks at Jasper who smiles brightly at her. After that, we gather up all the single men and have Emmett toss the garter. Of course, Emmett being Emmett, he makes a show taking the garter off with his teeth. Rosalie just beams happily at her husband before he tosses the garter into the crowd of men. Edward catches the garter and smiles crookedly before shooting it at me.

I laugh as I put it around his arm. "Think this means something, big guy?"

He chuckles, grabbing me up and crushing me against his chest. "Abso-fucking-lutely."

Once he sets me down, we gather everyone outside to throw birdseed at the happy couple as they flee to the limo. The party quickly thins out since all the food and drinks are gone and Em and Rose are on their way to the airport. Thankfully, the Hales hired a cleaning service to come after the reception and take care of the mess.

We say goodbye to the family and head home… finally. It's nearly ten at night by the time we walk through the door. I take a deep breath and sigh happily. "Home."

Edward chuckles behind me. "Finally."

I turn around and smile. "Yes, finally."

He shuts and locks the door, turning to where I'm standing and pulling me against him. He kisses my scar before resting his forehead against mine. "How do you feel about taking a long hot bath and crawling into bed so we can pass the fuck out?"

I smile. "That sounds wonderful."

He smiles back at me, kissing my scar again before letting me go. "Good. I'm going to go run a bath."

"I'll make sure everything's off downstairs."

I slip out of my shoes, picking them up before walking over to the door, flipping the porch light off and the light we've left on over the sink. I trudge up the narrow staircase and walk into the bedroom across the hall from the bathroom. I toss my shoes in the bottom of the closet and unzip my dress, hanging it up in the garment bag before shoving it into the back of the closet. I pull on a shirt Edward had tossed on the end of the bed so I wouldn't be walking around topless, though I doubt he'd mind. I turn to the door and find Edward standing in only his tuxedo pants and a crooked smile, leaning against the door frame.

"I don't understand how you can look better than I do in my clothes."

I smile and shrug as I walk over to him. "I don't know how I do it either; let's say it's one of the mysteries of the Universe." I laugh. He takes my hand and pulls me against his body. I can't help but giggle at the feel of his erection against my hip. "You're insatiable," I tell him before pressing a kiss to his neck.

He chuckles softly against my ear. "You're beautiful. I can't help how my body reacts to yours."

He releases me and pulls me into the bathroom, helping me out of my panties and his shirt. He quickly gets out of his own clothes and gets in the tub behind me. We lay in the tub for an immeasurable amount of time just holding each other and relaxing. I feel his fingers trace the two birds on my chest.

"I can't wait until there's a little blue and pink bird flying with these two."

I smile, pulling his arm around me tighter. "Me either."

"All this wedding planning has me thinking about our wedding next summer."

"Really? What have you thought about?"

"I want a simple wedding."

I nod. "Me, too."

He presses a kiss behind my ear and whispers. "I can picture it so clearly. We're outside in the middle of nowhere. Only our close family and friends are there. I see you walking towards me in a simple white dress you could find at any dress shop, your hair down and wild. You have a beautiful smile on your face and tears in your eyes, but that's okay because I'm going to cry, too."

I feel the tears come to my eyes with just him telling me how he sees it. Edward might not be able tell the future, but if he sees it in his mind, he makes it happen. I know everything he's telling me will come to pass, because that's just how it works.

"That's beautiful, Edward."

"Come on. Let's finish this bath so we can go to bed."

We pull the plug in the tub and turn on the shower, washing ourselves and each other. We dry off the same way and turn off the light before walking into our room. I walk towards the dresser but Edward grabs my wrist. "Tonight, let's not get dressed."

I smile at him as I wrap my arms around his waist. "I love this side of you, you know? This romantic side. I've missed it."

He frowns. "I've been treating you differently?"

I shrug. "Not really. We just haven't had time to be like we used to."

He smiles. "Well, little girl, that's going to change. You're home now. For good."

I groan. "Finally."

He slowly pulls the towel from my body and takes my hand, pulling the towel from around his waist as we make our way over to the bed. Edward pulls the covers back and motions for me to get in. "After you."

I kiss his cheek before crawling under the covers. He gets in after me, wrapping himself around me as we settle in. He kisses my neck, cheeks, nose, and my scar before sighing happily and resting his head on the pillow. I smile at him, tapping his nose. "You're just happy as can be, aren't you?"

He smiles. "That's a stupid question, baby. I mean, really."

I stick my tongue out at him and he chuckles at me, pulling me closer. I tuck my head under his chin. "I'm happy too."

"Good," he says against the top of my head.

I rub my nose against his chest, smiling at the amazing manly smell that is my Edward. I press a kiss to his heart tattoo and relax against him, settling in for the first night of us officially living together.


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