Chapter Title: Falling Apart
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Pairings: Centon, Codiasi... so far
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"That little fucker!" Ted's eyes were wide and his face was flushed in anger.

Cody could see the warning signs, sense the rage beginning to form, and he quickly pulled on his arm. "Come on, we need to let Randy know!" He took the phone and slid it back into the suitcase, making sure everything was as it was before.

Ted shook his head hard, knowing Cody was right… in so many different ways—the thought drifted across his mind.

"Not now," he murmured.

"What?" Cody asked, wrapping his arm around Ted's waist this time as he tugged him to his feet.

"Just... uh, you're right, we need to get back to Randy fast." This was reinforced by a glance at the clock hanging in the room, informing both boys that they didn't have much time before you-know-who arrived and without anymore delay they both hurriedly vacated the evil lair of the madman, sprinting back down the halls.

As they came to the door of their locker room, both men instantly began pounding on it, paranoia making their breath come faster and their hearts beat harder.

"It's us!" Ted cried out, realizing Randy might think they were an enemy. Sure enough, the door was instantly unlocked.

They immediately rushed in to find a strangely subdued Randy standing in front of them. He held something tight in his fist and his face was pale and drawn. Ted and Cody momentarily forgot about the important information they had just acquired, and the youngest of the two shot Randy a worried and confused stare.

"What's wrong?" Cody questioned, more that a little concerned with the morbid expression on his leader's face. But Randy didn't answer him, just held out what looked to be a small piece of paper.

Through a small semi-miraculous feat, Ted managed to actually grab hold of it before Cody could, the younger's big blue eyes staring at him, a pout on his face. Ted hesitated for a moment at the plump bottom lip that stuck out… but he quickly managed to come back to himself and the business at hand. Ted resolutely turned his back on Cody—also known as temptation and distraction—and directed his attention to reading the piece of paper he'd taken from Randy.

As Cody absently watched Ted read over the little slip of paper, he was only concerned with sulking his hardest, until he noticed the expressions crossing the blonde's face. If Ted's eyes got any wider, they seriously might fall out of head! Not to mention he now held the paper by just his thumb and forefinger, looking at it as though it was contaminated or something.

"What's it say? What's it say?" Cody immediately interrogated, practically hopping around the two men, not appreciating being left out at all.

Despite their youngest leaping around Ted gingerly handed the note back to Randy, who swiftly took it from his grasp and proceeded to shred it into tiny little pieces.

"But I wanna read it! What about me?" Cody wailed, desperate eyes staring forlornly at the minute little shreds as Randy let them flitter onto the floor, before promptly digging his heel into them in disgust.

Ted placed an irritated hand on his forehead, knowing Cody wouldn't be happy until his curiosity was sated. Unfortunately, the contents of that note was not something he ever wanted to speak of. EVER. He struggled to find the words.

"Uh… it was just John saying that, um—he, he wanted to dress, er… something of Randy's in Barbie clothes!" Ted stuttered and stumbled all over his words, practically babbling the last part out.

Cody cocked his head to the side, as if processing Ted's words, before shrugging. "I don't get it."

Randy just groaned, a sound of pure, unadulterated torture as he slumped—neglected—to the floor, holding his head in his hands, eyes firmly closed as if trying to block out everything around him.

Ted swallowed hard and leaned closer to the younger man, whispering, "John said he was going to dress Randy's dick in Barbie clothes!"

Now it was Cody's eyes that got widely huge, his jaw dropping. "But… does that mean he travels around with Barbie clothes in his bag?" He gasped, looking positively astounded. Never having taken John Cena for a man that carried little girl accessories around with him.

Randy was more than ready for a subject change, and got it instantly when he growled, "So did you two find ANYTHING? Or did I just get mentally molested for nothing?"

Ted nodded slowly as if any fast movement would set the older man off and cause him to go even more psycho paranoid than he already was. Randy sat up straighter at Ted's affirmation, curious excitement momentarily replacing the dread from before. Ted opened his mouth to inform Randy of the identity of their little spy, but Cody beat him to it.

"IT WAS EVAN!" He cried out, eyes practically watering. "But he looks so sweet and I just don't understand it! I mean, he's so little and no one would even see him, and… and what are we gonna do?" He finished almost incoherently, worried gaze darting from Randy to Ted and back again.

Randy gradually rose to his feet, his face morphing to a complete mask of impassiveness as he took it all in. All the times that Evan had been with them, and Cody had talked to him. Inwardly, he wondered how he had not realized it before, Evan had constantly been with them. He was obviously the culprit. Randy inhaled carefully, it was time for a plan.

Both men tensed anxiously as they waited to hear what their leader would say, practically watching the gears turning in his head. And finally, after a long while, he spoke.

"Ted, find a techie. We're going to need some duct tape," Randy ordered, hands clenching into fists at his sides. "Cody, you're going to be bait," he finished, almost hissing the last word.

He wasn't quite dumb enough to do it out loud, but inside his head, Cody was whining up a storm. Walking up and down the hallways backstage, all he could do was hope that Evan hadn't left yet like so many other superstars had.

Randy said he would probably still be around since they were, and Ted had offered to help Cody be bait, but—of course—Randy had said no. Apparently it was hard to be bait when you had your bestest friend in the world standing behind you like some kind of bodyguard. Not to mention, it would be suspicious, since Evan really only talked to Cody when the youngest was alone.

"I'm bigger than him. I'm bigger than him," Cody repeated over and over under his breath in an attempt at sating his jumping heart. It wasn't helping though, all he could think of was this mental image of Evan all jacked-up on John Cena crazy-gonna-rape-power. It was definitely an unsettling image.

Ted had taken Randy's side about Evan being mostly harmless, which had slightly pissed Cody off because hellooo, he was Cody's Ted first! Ted was supposed to have his back, not agree with Randy over himself! The two men claimed that if Cody acted like he had some great plan, Evan would be eager to find it out for his freak of a boss, and therefore, follow Cody anywhere in order to get information. Like a good little spy.

But first Cody needed to find him, and as cavernous as the backstage area was, well… he wasn't having much luck. He was starting to get frustrated, when he suddenly had an awesome plan!

Cody quickly dashed back to the locker room, thrusting the door open to see two very determined men poised at the ready to attack. One with a huge roll of duck tape, the other with a chair.

"Oh, no I don't have him yet guys!" Cody quickly explained, as they were both looking around wildly for the small form of Evan.

Randy dropped the chair, an annoyed expression crossing his face. "Then why the hell are you back here?"

"I just had the most wonderful idea ever!" Cody boasted, spinning in a circle as he did so.

He waited patiently for them to ask about it and tell him how great and smart he was, but they both just stood there, arms crossed and faces set like stone, looking like to very displeased fathers. Oh, fine! I guess it has been a long day, he thought to himself.

"So I started looking for him, which sucked, cause I have no clue where he'd be and I realized something!"

"…Yes?" Ted inquired, after Cody paused and didn't seem to want to continue. Cody grinned.

"I have his phone number! From when we gave him a ride! I can call him and tell him I have bad service or something and say I wanted to know if they had a ride! Then he will come to us!" –and then I won't have to deal with him by myself. But Cody left that last part out.

Both Ted and Randy hesitated, eyes wide, honestly surprised. That was… actually a pretty good plan. And from Cody of all people! Who'd have thought?

Cody fidgeted a bit, as they both just stared at him with their mouths slightly open, brows raised. "What?" he finally muttered defensively, but they just shook their heads, still slightly in disbelief. After all, this moment was rare and took a while to get accustomed to. Cody wasn't as stupid as they had originally thought! He was more than just a cute idiot!

"So? Was it a good idea or not?" Cody finally demanded, frowning. " 'Cause, if you don't like it I guess I can just go back out there and look for the creeper…"

Randy and Ted immediately shook their heads again, and gestured for him to follow through with his ingenious plan, very slight approving smiles on their faces. Cody beamed like the fourth of July at the other two, and finally, with a huge grin, pulled out his phone.

"Uh, guys? I'm starting to get a little worried here."

"Shut up! We're trying to think!" Randy snarled, turning his back on their captive.

Ted glanced nervously at the taped up prisoner. "So, uh… what do we do now?"

"We make him talk, duh!" Cody replied, with a roll of his eyes.

"But how? I've never tortured anybody before!" Ted exclaimed, looking a little squeamish at the thought of purposely hurting someone who couldn't defend themselves, and especially someone as small as Evan.

The three men exchanged weighted glances, waiting for one of the others to speak.

"I think I might have some scissors in my bag," Randy finally spoke up, sounding totally nonchalant, like he hadn't just suggested that. He seemed unconcerned with the truly horrified look that crossed Ted's face, only to be followed by a slightly nauseous expression at the thought of cutting on somebody.

Ted continued to stare at Randy as though he had just told him Santa Clause liked to eat his reindeer, finally prompting Randy to finally shoot defensively, "WHAT? He wants to help the freak RAPE ME! Do you not see a problem here?"

Quickly, Cody chimed in, "Can't we just make him smell Ted's boots? That seems pretty torturous to me! And a lot less bloody."

Ted, maturely, decided to ignore the slight on his feet and turned a hopeful glance towards their leader. He'd admit to having stinky-ass feet if it meant he wouldn't have to see Evan get pieces cut off.

Randy tilted his head to the side as he considered Cody's suggestion, before asking, "Can we slap him with the boot afterwards?"

"Of course!" Cody allowed, grinning.

"Okay then. You go get the boot, lets get this over with," Randy announced, cracking his knuckles absently.

It took barely a second for Cody to come bouncing back, boot in hand, and they all stepped over to the trapped man on the other side of the room, who'd been listening to their conversation curiously.

Cody's plan had worked like a charm, and they now had Evan ducked taped to a table that they'd stolen from underneath the ring, just before the crew cleaned everything up and put it all away. The table leaned against the wall at a slight angle, and because they had taped the small man to it while it was flat his feet were nearly a foot off the ground. Making it hard for any possible escape.

Randy stomped his way to the front of their little group, not stopping until he was directly in Evan's face. "We know you're working with John, Evan. And if you know what's good for you, you'll tell me everything you know about him and his plans!" Randy threatened, his in-ring persona taking over ever so slightly.

The cheerful look that always seem to grace Evan's face sank for only an instant when Randy proclaimed him an accomplice of John's. He managed to paste it back on quickly enough, but the tension in his body told another story.

Always impatient, Randy was practically dancing in place as he waited for Evan to reply. "I don't know what you guys are talking about, and I'm not saying anything!" He finally shouted, defiantly glaring at everyone of them.

One of the scariest smiles to ever cross Randy's face suddenly formed, his sharp, tiny teeth emerging from his pulled back lips, like a bloodthirsty monster. Cody and Ted watched attentively as Randy moved even closer, boot at the ready.

"What do we do if this doesn't work?" Ted questioned in a low whisper, pressing his shoulder into Cody's.

"Uh, I don't know… tickle his feet? Twist his nipples?" Cody offered, missing the weirded-out expression on Ted's face as he watched their prisoner and leader intently.

"Remind me, to never let you tie me up and torture me," Ted replied dryly, without even thinking about what he was saying.

This was the wrong thing to say, however, since his mind suddenly began to descend into that dark place where sweat and moans took precedence over everything else. It took a concentrated effort to keep his face hopefully blank, as he tried to distract himself with the fact that "cruel and unusual punishment" was about to happen.

Evan struggled to appear unconcerned, but was failing miserably. He flinched when The Viper shoved the top of the boot towards his face, and it took a moment for his panic stricken mind to register exactly what was going on, as the stench permeated his senses.

"Oh my fucking God! What the hell did you put in there?" he screeched, positively horrified.

"Ted's foot!" Cody giggled, giving the man next to him a poke in the side, "told ya it was bad."

Evan's eyes went crossed as he frantically tried to turn his head from side to side, but Randy kept pace easily and he asked his questions again. However, all Evan did was shake his head back and forth and make gagging noises. These actions were halted when Randy let out a long low growl.

"Tell! Me! Everything! You! Know! Right! Now!" Randy slapped him across the face with the Boot-of-Doom after each word.

A bit of blood beginning to trickle from his nose, Evan looked incredibly frightened, but it wasn't enough. "You don't know what he would do to me! He's too powerful! No one is safe, no one is immune! He thinks of everything, and he knows ALL!" Evan ranted, a bit of spit making it's way down the side of his mouth and looking all together freaking bat shit crazy.

"Get me the duct tape!" Randy barked at Ted, who scrambled to obey, trying not to look Evan in the eye.

Their prisoner suddenly gaped as Randy tore off a couple long strips and then proceeded to tape the stinky boot to Evan's face, ignoring Ted's outraged, "Dude! I use those boots, you know!"

"Guess what, little Evan? You don't have to worry about John right now and we don't have to worry about you. Ya know why? Because you aren't going anywhere!" Randy declared ominously, gray eyes narrowed.

"That's it?" Ted wondered, confused as they had not learned anything.

"He's not gonna crack. What, did you want me to bring out the scissors?" Randy muttered, tossing the roll of duct tape into the nearest duffel.

"So, what are we doing next?" Cody questioned, pretending not to notice Evan's pitiful whimpers and teary eyes as he tried not to suffocate in the stench.

"What we should have done from the beginning," Randy replied, as he pulled out his cell.

Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door and Randy quickly jumped up to get it, ignoring the muffled noises Evan made on the far side of the room.

He came back an instant later with a brown bag in his arms which he brought to the floor with him. After a moment, Ted and Cody joined him on the ground, both men sitting cross-legged as they waited for him to open it, eying him curiously.

Both their eyebrows raised when he proceeded to pull out four different bottles of alcohol.

"Get drunk? That's your plan?" Ted exclaimed, gaping at the older man.

"You have a better one… Teddy?" Randy hissed with a glare, he didn't wait for a reply as he shoved a bottle into Ted's hands.

"Whad'ya do to ma botshle, Cody?" Randy slurred, his head wobbling on his neck.

Cody leaned forward to eyeball the empty bottle in Randy's hand, before opening his mouth in an O, "Was Harry Potter here? 'Causth tha wasn' me, I sthwear!"

Ted let out a slightly crazed giggle, then slapped his hand over his mouth to keep others from escaping.

"Wha'so funny Fred, huh?" Randy hissed, lip curling as he clutched his bottle tightly.

Ted gulped audibly, the sound reverberating in the room, his eyes shifting back and forth rapidly. "I… uh, CODY DID IT!" He shouted in reply, pointing at Cody as he did so.

Cody blinked owlishly as two sets of eyeballs tried to focus on him. He took a swig from the bottle he had just stolen from Ted and said hesitantly, "So, er… how'sth yer butt cherry?"

Randy's eyes instantly welled up as he cradled his empty bottle to his chest, hugging it protectively. "It doesn' wanna meet John!" He wailed miserably, lower lip jutting out in a sobbing pout.

Ted immediately began clumsily patting his back and head in what he hoped was a comforting manner, as Cody leaned in for a much needed hug but missed, landing half in Ted's lap. He tried to push himself up but only managed to fall onto Ted's knee as he mumbled, "Wow Randy'sth a fasth one."

"He didn' even move!" Ted exclaimed, as he stared intently at Cody's lips which were currently mashed into his kneecap. "But, uh, really… what are we gonna do?"

Randy flung himself backwards dramatically, arms wide, the empty bottle flying against the wall, the sound surprising Cody into an upright position. "There's notshing tha can ba… uh, be done! You heards the people! John's gonna win!" Randy bawled, lips trembling.

Ted stared down at the ground disconsolately, not wanting to see their leader so defeated, so pathetic.

Cody. meanwhile, had been swaying back and forth slightly trying vainly to focus, when suddenly he sat a little straighter. He had the most peculiar look on his face, which had Ted gazing at him curiously as even Randy took notice and quieted somewhat, watching Cody with big, slightly red, eyes.

They waited breathlessly as a drunken smile spread across Cody's face and he said with not a hint of a slur, "Maybe we should rape him first."


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