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Fucking High School. Quite literally had to be the worst experiance of the past two hundred some-odd years, and I've had to go through it for the better part of two centuries. By this time I was quite certain that I knew enough about the four basic courses to write my own textbook, and it would contain three time the information contained in the current "required reading material".

At least I had one thing to brighten up my day. I had class with Emmet and Alice this year. I would, at the very least, have someone I could share the idiocracy of this whole situation with, while feigning interest in the same courseload we've all come to know by heart. Both my other "siblings" had been able to move on to bigger and better things. Rosalie was an extremely successful engine designer, for Porsche, no less. Jasper was working as a Senior Editor for the local newspaper. It irked me to no end that because he looked slightly older than I was, he could pull that off and no one would ask questions.

It wasn't so easy for me.

I'd always looked the youngest out of the five of us, so while sometimes even Em and Alice were able to pass off as old enough to work, I was stuck in school.

I could hear the thoughts swarming as soon as we stepped foot out of my car. Always the same lines. Like a joke with no punchline.

And here come the Cullens...Gah why do they even show up? Such freaks!

Damn, there's that little Cullen chick. I'd fuck the shit out of her!

I wonder what he thinks of me?

I hope my classes aren't too hard...

I actually laughed at the second thought to pass my mind. Alice would love that shit.

Always the same bullshit. Always the same idiot people. Their faces might change, but the attitudes survived generations.

Never could I find one person that actually had a mind that was interesting enough to want to listen to.

Not that it would matter.

Even if I did, their bodies would whither and die before mine had aged a single day. Their skin sagging, filling with creases and crow's feet around their eyes, while my skin stayed white as porcelain and the sparkle of my eyes never fading.

I stopped searching after I watched the hundreth person I cared for grow old and die in front of me. I resigned myself after that to be alone for the remainder of eternity. Emmet had Rose, Jasper had Alice, Carlisle had Esme, and I had my piano and my Volvo. Somehow I think I came away with the short end of the stick.

I continued to wallow in my self pity all the way to my first class. Biology. Jesus I hated this class. I swear the teachers all read their lesson plan from a handbook. Every senior year was the exact same curriculum as the last, right down to the fucking lab work. I could already guess. We would be blood typing today, same as four years ago, and four years before that. Hell, the microscopes didn't even look like they'd been updated since the last time I'd done this lab.

I took my normal seat near the window, carefully avoiding the sunniest seats in the room, and waited for the lecture to start. Thoughts still assaulted me from everyone in the room, ranging from who someone wanted to hook up with, to worrying about college, to complete daydreaming. And then I caught a thought that caught me off guard.

I wonder if this new chick is hot?

There was a new girl on campus? I didn't understand how this could have been the first I've heard of this. In a town as small as Forks, Washington, I knew everything before it happened. It was my job. It peaked my curiosity momentarily, before I reverted back to bored and comtemplative.

Her scent assaulted me like a brick wall.

It was as if I had been punched in the face. Literally knocked the breath right out of me. My entire world was filled with the scent of cocoa and strawberries, and it was suffocating me.

I clasped a hand over my mouth and nose to try and stop the smell from invading my body any more, and I looked up from my slouch to see what creature this scent emanated from.

Her face was hidden from me, her long brown hair shielding her from view.

In some part of my mind it registered that Mr. Banner had instructed her to take a seat, and the only empty seat was the one place I didn't want her, and wanted nothing more all at the same time.

Right next to me.

I needed to remove myself from that room, that school. I needed to find some poor soul in a far away place and drain the life from his veins. Or I would end up killing every single person in this room simply to make that smell go away.

Picking my pack up, I excused myself, claiming stomach trouble, and practically ran from the lab to my car. Dumping it into the backseat, I put on the loudest, heaviest metal I could find, and sped out of the school parking lot at about a hundred and ten miles an hour, headed straight for Port Angeles. I smiled remembering my stock of contact lenses. The joys of the venom, I had to change the things every two hours or so or the red/black would start to peek through. I needed to feed. Badly.

Edward Cullen did not massacre classrooms because of one human's scent. I couldn't let it happen.

In less than twenty minutes I was in a hole in the wall bar in the seedier part of Port Angeles, letting my Jack and Coke go untouched and surveying the thoughts of my potential victims. Three grueling hours went by, before I finally spotted someone. No family, extremely intoxicated, and walking home alone. Easy prey and no strings. Perfect.


I had gone a full week without incident, and had even managed a few meager words to the brunette sitting next to me in biology. I've had to hunt every night in order to keep my head around her, but it was a small price to pay for not wiping the class off the face of the earth. Although I was starting to think that taking stock out in that contact company might not be a bad idea after all.

I felt I deserved a little reprieve. A little something to take my mind off of her.

Bella Swan.

The daughter of the Chief of Police, apparently just moved back to this shit-hole town after years of absence. I slowly pieced her story together from what I heard from the other students, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. Quiet, excelled in her studies, dreams of being the next Danielle Steel, or something to that effect. She was totally, completely normal. So why did I find myself obsessing over her?

I could not get her off my mind.

I hoped that a little adolescent fun would help do the trick. Supposedly there was to be a party tonight, so lots of drugs, alcohol, and sex. None of which I wanted any part of. There weren't enough drugs or alcohol in the state to get me to the point of fucked-up that I wanted to be. But I went anyways. Just to do something a little different.

When I arrived the party was in full swing. Drunken thoughts entered my mind. Beer, weed, sex, weed, sex, beer, sex, sex, sex, home?

I heard the last thought and zeroed in on a tall blonde girl. Jessica, or Jennifer. Something along those lines anyways. She was wondering why someone would want to go home. That was when I spotted who she was talking to.



The only person in this godforsaken town who's inner voice I could not hear. She was a complete mystery to me. What was so special about this one human, with her chocolate eyes and hair to match?

God damn it. Why could I not seem to shake this girl? I determined myself to find out. Tonight. I had to know what it was about this woman that captured my attention so that the rest of this miserable existence faded away, and we were the only two people left in the world.

I followed her outside.

She was walking slowly, head down, toward the backyard. Why the backyard, if she wanted to leave? Wouldn't she have parked around front with the rest of the thirty seven billion vehicles?

She moped over to the gazebo in the backyard and sat down on a bench quietly. I could hear her breathing from my perch on the roof, but other than that there were no sounds in the dark lit area. I decided to just man up and say something. Edward Cullen was not one for beating around the bush.

Her head whipped up so fast I thought she'd hurt herself when I spoke. Hanging upside down from the roof with just my haed showing.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

The most delicious shade of red colored her cheeks as she looked at the ground, but remained silent.

"Bella? Are you all right?"

She looked up at me again, this time with a curious expression on her face. I flipped myself onto the level surface of the floor and sat opposit of her, giving her (and my nose) plenty of room.

"How did you know my name? I was sure you didn't even know I existed..."

A small chuckle escaped my lips before I could stop it.

"I'm sorry. It's just that you're the talk of the school. Your name is on everyone's lips. I don't think there's anyone in the school that doesn't know who you are."

"Oh...I guess so..."

She looked down dejectedly and began shuffling her feet again. I cleared my throat, apparently getting nowhere fast with my attempts at small talk.

"So, did I hear you say something about wanting to leave? If I may ask, why are you still moping around all alone in the dark?

"Jessica drove, and she's not ready to leave yet. I'm stuck here until she's ready."

This was bad. Very, very bad. I did the only thing I could think of, and regretted it the moment the words had left my lips.

"Well, I'm bored here myself, and was planning on heading out as well. I can give you a lift home if you like...?"

Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuckity, fuck. Not good Cullen. Alone in a car with someone who's scent makes you want to either fuck her senseless or drain the blood from her body. Smart move.

She raised her eyes to meet mine for the first time, and I was undone. Her eyes were perfect pools of melted chocolate. Deep with thought and emotion, yet sparkling with...happiness?

"Actually, that would be great. Thank you so much."

Her eyes continued to follow mine as I stood, and I extended my hand to help her up. I was smart enough to feed before I came here tonight. A hungry Vampire, alone in a house full of drunk and stupid teenagers was a bad combination all the way around.

She seemed a little hesitant, but after a moment put her small hand into mine, and I jerked involuntarily. Not only had the mere touch of her hand sent a feeling not unlike an electric shock all the way up my arm, but her hand fir perfectly in mine.

Like it was made to be there.

Definetely very, very bad.

I knew it was not just a hallucination or something unreal, because the second I felt it, her hand spasmed as well. Or she simply could have felt that my hand was as cold as Death's itself. I thought the reaction was from the electricity, not the temperature, but there was no way to be sure. I knew she had felt it too. And that scared me more than my own reaction. This was getting deep, fast.

She looked back up at me after staring at our joined hands for a solid minute and said in a soft voice that was lower and huskier than her normal tone, something that made other body parts then my hair stand on end.

"So, should we head over to my place then?"

Oh, dear lord, she was going to get herself into deep shit with that sexy little mouth of hers.

Wait, did I just think of her mouth as sexy?! Get ahold of yourself, Cullen!

I didn't say a damn word, as I walked her out to my car. Opened the door for her and everything. Something was not right. I'm supposed to be indifferent, aloof. I shouldn't give a shit about anyone or anything mortal. But this Bella...she was doing something to me. My heart was beating for the first time in over a hundred years. Nothing good could possibly come of this. This would only end in heartbreak for one or both of us, can't get involved. But I wanted to. God, did I want to.

I made a decision right then and there;

Bella Swan was going to be trouble.


The car ride to her house was excruciating. I literally had to hold my breath throught the entire trip to keep her scent from assaulting my senses. Luckily for me, breathing was an option, not a neccessity. Not a word passed my lips, and we sat in an uncomfortable silence for almost fifteen minutes, until she began messing with my radio to put on some bass-y rap garbage. Bad move Swan.

"Uh uh, I don't think so. That rap shit does not work with me. If you're going to fuck around with my radio, you'll have to do better than that."

The corners of her lips turned upwards slightly and she went through station after station, until I stopped her. Without a word I stared at her and waggled my finger back and forth to leave it. The opening bars of Bodies by Drowning Pool had started, and while not the smartest pick for my current situation, it was still one of my all time favorite songs.

I sighed contentedly, and immediately her scent hit me again like a force of nature. Fuck. Me. Running. Sideways. I had to stop doing that shit. I was going to get me in trouble and her either dead or panting below me. Though the latter was sounding better and better.

Stop that shit, Cullen! You DO NOT need to be thinking like that about this girl!

I let my eyes roam over her for the thousandth time, in order to appreciate the full beauty of her. Modest clothing covered abundant curves. Full, pouty, kiss-me lips, and those eyes. God, her eyes were the color of melted chocolate and deeper than all 5 Great Lakes put together. My gaze fell, taking in the swell of her breasts and the flatness of her stomach, and I ached, literally ached, to feel the smooth skin there.

Snap the fuck out of it! This girl is trouble with a capital...Fuck.

She had just shaken her hair out of her tight ponytail, and I had to swerve to avoid oncoming traffic. That one gesture was the sexiest thing I had even seen a female do. Fuck me, was I in trouble.

My near-accident caused her to look up from her lap and stare at me, while I had my eyes planted firmly on the road ahead of me. The problem was, I felt her eyes on me. Openly staring me, and looking me up and down. She was checking me out, and that one, simple fact had me wanting to jump and cheer. When I snuck a quick peek over at her, I was blown away.

She was staring, openly, at the bulge in my jeans.

And put a fork in me, I am fucking done.

I continued to stare at her, and noticed her shoulders had tensed. She raised her eyes sheepishly to meet mine, as her mouth hung open.

"See something you like?"

The words were out of my mouth before I could even process what I was saying. That glorious blush raged across her face again, and I could barely contain my happiness. This gorgeous little thing next to me was checking out the goods! My mind raged at me.

Cool it, Cullen! You've had hundreds, thousands of chicks look at you that exact same way before! This is nothing special, and in less than a hundred years, she'll be gone and you'll be alone again.

Well if that wasn't enough to put me back into a dark and depressed mood, the next words out of Bella's mouth were.

"That's it up there, the third house on the left."

And just as quickely as it had began, my happy night was drawing to an end. I sighed, letting my exasperation show. She looked quizically at me and a small smile passed her lips.

"I know. I don't want it to end quite yet, either."

My surprise must have showed on my face, because she made as if to say more, but we were pulling into her driveway, and she was one step from being out of my car and away from me again. I don't know why, but part of me was almost crying at the thought. So I said the first thing that came to my mind, and knew I was fucked the second I said it.

"The night doesn't have to end you know..."

Realization dawned on her face as she processed my words, and her blush returned full force. Holy aching balls Batman. I basically just offered myself up on a silver platter for this little vixen. And then it hit me.

I wanted her. I wanted her like she was water and I had just skipped across the entire Mojave desert with a Burka on. I needed her. I craved her. And I could only hope that she felt the same attraction, the same primal instinct. I wanted to throw her over my shoulder and drag her back into my cave and lay waste to her, like the neanderthal she made me become. And I liked it. I fucking loved it. And then I heard the sexiest words that had ever been spoken come out of those soft, pink lips.

"Would you care to come inside for a drink? My father is still on duty for a few more hours, so we won't be disturbed."

Oh. Fuck. Me. Running.


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