So, watched Go! today and was inspired. An attempt to explain Beast Boy's dedication to see Raven happy that is set to go over the bigger parts of the series and my favorite episodes. If you have a part you want me to try, just let me know. Reviews are appreciated, as this is my first try at a chapter fic.

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He didn't mean to. It just…happened. Honestly, he never knew it could. It did though.

It had been an average enough day. Starting with not enough to eat and barely any money. But like Robot Man said, if there was one thing he was especially good at, it was finding trouble. Sure enough, he had head-butted his way into the biggest amount of trouble he had found since running away. Fighting against a seemingly unstoppable force boasting large numbers and a really big weapon, it was like being back with the Doom Patrol. Only instead of robots lead by a brain in a bell jar, he was going toe to toe with giant reptilian aliens. It was something he had only ever dreamed of doing, but it was just his luck. Barely two days in town, and he had managed to tangle himself up in an intergalactic incident.

No regrets though. He had met the Robin. Saved him even, but it didn't really matter. He may have been star struck. He probably would have jumped off the bridge if Robin said it would make him side-kick worthy. Thankfully, Robin never did that. So he stuck to what he knew: following and taking orders. He stuck with the Boy Wonder and ended up meeting Raven and Cyborg, then tracking the alien girl to a video store, followed by fighting the bad aliens, and found himself transporting all the way to the mother ship.

So there he was, fighting a species he hadn't known existed until a few hours ago for the safety of a city he wasn't going to stay in alongside a group of people that would dissolve once the crisis was over. But, oh man, it felt right. He had missed near continual fighting. Maybe he had been born with a different purpose, but battle was what he had been raised with. Other than his reflection and powers, conflict had been a constant. Being a hero was like having a hobby, job, and guilty pleasure all rolled into one dangerous and addictive, often painful, package.

Adrenaline pumping, he beat a few reptilian aliens away from a control panel. Then he was hit by the leader, whose powerful uppercut proved he was most definitely not confined to the insides of a bell jar. While he flew through the air, time could have frozen. He slid down the bridge wall, for what felt like a minute, even though he knew it was mere moments. Probably wasn't enough to count for more than two moments. Most likely, it was the possible concussion messing up his timing. He had felt the whiplash when his body had collided with the wall. As the battle scene swam before his eyes, he could see the biggest alien of all, ever so slowly moving towards him. He tried to shift into something small to dodge the oncoming attack, maybe with wings to circle around behind. The blackness creeping in on the edges of his vision was making it difficult to think, let alone concentrate enough on a specific creature to transform. So he focused on staying conscious and preparing himself for the beating that was slowly drawing ever closer.

The alien raised his huge arms in slow motion. He could see every little scale and watched the muscles bunch up as they prepared to come down on his head. The sound of his heart beating stuck out in the quiet of his concussion, slower than was most likely healthy. Long black claws ready to rip at him. The blood was pounding in his ears like the bass on a car stereo. The thing was roaring at him now. It sounded funny, like hearing a walrus yelling in a bullhorn from under three feet of water. The breath was slow leaving his lungs, each exhale was a sigh lamenting the fact that the ugly fish face was going to be the last thing he saw. Barely four months on his own and he failed. It was a good thing Mento couldn't see him now.

Then she was there. With all the darkness and mystery and danger that always managed to send his survival instinct into overload. Her powers made him uneasy and her quiet was eerie. Normally, he would have simply been grateful for the intervention and the chance to regroup. Right then, he felt more than he had ever felt in his entire life, and it wasn't gratitude. It was fear. Even though he was utterly defenseless, he would have given anything to simply trade places with her. He would take the beating a hundred times over and worse, because nothing would be worse than seeing her hurt. As he sat against that wall in the middle of that battle, understanding crashed upon his pain muddled mind with a simple clarity. Starting right then until forever, he was going to be the one to take care of her. He would protect her from anything and everything. Or he was going to die trying.

Because the moment Raven stepped between him and Trogaar the Gordanian, Beast Boy had imprinted. Even though if she didn't even know it and he didn't understand, that one moment was going to mark the beginning of everything.

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