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You can't be a baby about getting hurt if you want to be a hero. It's part of job. He can handle pain. Its part adrenaline and part practice. He can shrug off injuries that would leave a normal person sobbing on the ground. The exact reason why is a secret he's kept since he got his powers. Long story short, his pain tolerance is just high enough to be a little ridiculous.

That is the only thing that keeps him from falling to the ground like his team when they all start flashing red. Even so, the pain is still enough to force him to his knees. He doesn't understand what is happening or how, but he can hear his teammates gasping in pain. The sound of his family hurting just makes it worse. He doesn't know how to stop this, how to help them. The only reason they aren't screaming is because it hurts too much to even think of screaming.

But somebody is. He can barely hear the voice begging with the empty night for the torture to stop. And amazingly, it does.

After the glow of pain fades away into an unsettling memory and Robin escapes like smoke, Starfire has a hunch. It is the most disgusting and unsettling hunch he has ever heard of. Of course it has to be correct.

He hates being hooked to all of those machines. Nothing is more terrifying than the world of needles, tubes filled with mystery medicines, and big bleeping machines watching his every move. But he doesn't really have a choice. Star is too distraught over Robin. Cyborg needs to run the machine. He thinks Raven could hate needles too. Her eyes had widened with what might have been fear at the sight of all the monitors. It's not any real proof but that small possibility was enough to make him volunteer.

Catching a glimpse of those probes was enough to make him wish he hadn't. It's one thing being told you are carrying around potentially lethal micro-machines. Actually seeing the ones inside you, waiting to kill you and knowing there isn't any way to stop it? It makes him want to puke. But deep down, he can't be more relieved.

Those things are the only testimony he needs. It really was all a lie. Robin was trying to protect them. They had been the bait in Slade's trap and Robin had willingly been captured. If the roles had been reversed, he would have done the exact same thing.

Just like that, everything falls into place. His focus shifts. No longer stop, but save.

He only half pays attention as Cyborg explains the technology, and something about how he can't remove the probes without the transmitter. How trying to do it would most likely activate the probes again, but it wouldn't stop until they had all been torn to tiny pieces. From personal experience, he knows individual nerves happily shredding themselves to pieces only to burn back together within the space of a heartbeat is horrible. Only this time, the pain would be drawn out, lethal, and without the extreme adrenaline and endorphin high afterwards.

When they finally track down Slade's lair, they aren't there to save themselves. When the probes are activated and the pain rushes up again, he knows it's probably not going to stop. They won't let Robin stay. Slade won't let him go. He's horrible at math but even he can tell the odds are stacked against them. Even if Robin does as Slade orders, the psychopath is eventually going to kill them.

He can hear Raven gasping in pain next to him. Feels her crumple to the ground, and barely registers her falling against his side. Blind with pain, he managed to find her hand and tried to hold it as tightly as he could. He's not alone anymore and somehow that helps.

But it doesn't really change anything. They can't save Robin. He can't protect them forever.

Any doubts or fears he had about Robin's devotion to this team is shattered when his friend races towards that generator. If Slade wants to bring the Titans go down, they all go down. That's the very last thing he manages to think before his world shrinks into pain and Raven's hand in his.

Raven's grip tightens briefly on his hand before letting him go as the pain disappears. They have a job to do and can't do it holding hands like children. When Robin calls them to attack, it feels right. Even though they are still facing down one of the most dangerous men he's even met, he can't help feeling like they've already won. They've got their Alpha back and now they are out for blood. Slade could feel it too and ran, but not without setting off the self-destruct.

Typical. Must have used up all his originality on the probes.

He had been about to fly towards the door when he had felt a hand on his shoulder. His mind rushed immediately to drones and robot minions. Acting on autopilot, he reached up to cover it with his own, spinning to face his attacker.

He didn't need his heightened senses to recognize her. She was hovering, just close enough to the ground to reach him. Her hand wasn't on his shoulder anymore, but holding his hand tightly. He was thankful for the red lights when her eyes skimmed quickly over his face, like she was looking for something. Then she reached down and grabbed his other hand, dragging him after her towards the exit.

He knows she knows that he could have managed to get out on his own. He would have been able to see the falling gears without the flashing lights. There isn't any reason for her to give him a ride. He's not about to argue or question it because that would be stupid. Teammates help teammates out, even when there isn't any reason. He doesn't need there to be a reason.

Later on, he and Cyborg make all the breakfast food possible at their "Slade is a Loser" extravaganza. Slade and the probes are pushed aside and forgotten. He saves as many of the best pancakes as he can for Raven. He can feel her eyes on him when he makes her tea. Robin is back for real now. Laughing and smiling like before, Starfire at his side.

It's not going to last forever, so he's going to savor this moment. Being a hero is hard but times like this, his family whole and happy, make it easier.