Authors Note: Listen to 'Cat and Mouse' by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus first, this story will make much more sense afterwards.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, if I did then Kurt and Puck would soooo be together, endofstory.


Eight words, eight short small words, they can pierce a heart just like a dagger.

They can twist, and tear, and cut, and rip, just like any stab wound.

Those words, made out of nothing but letters, shouldn't hurt too much.

But they do, oh they do.

Cause those are the words that you never wanted to hear, cause they remind you of that oh so perfect promise you made to him.

That one promise that you never wanted to break.

But you did, you did.

Lie to him, tell him nothing's changed.

Stay the same. That's what he asks you.

But you can't stay the same.

"Puck!" You hear him scream, you slowly turn around.

There he is, standing in front of you, pain clearly written on his face.

Lie to him, tell him nothing's changed.

"You… you promised" He screams to you.

You stand there silent, as he is standing five feet away from you, looking amazing, even when he's soaking wet from the rain that's pouring down on the both of you.

You turn back around and continue walking.

You hear the splashing of his shoes as he chases after you.

He grabs your shoulder and turns you around to face him.

You can now see his pain clearer, you pretend it means nothing to you.

"Puck" He whispers, while holding onto your shoulders.

You try to turn around again.

He slaps you, and cries more.

"You said that you would die for me" Kurt whispers.

"I-I lied" You say back.

He stumbles backward a few steps, and falls.

You look down at his frail figure and turn around.

Walking away at that same agonizingly slow pace as before.

Just then, you hear him start sobbing harder.

Yet you can't even chance glancing back. Cause that would make this real.

And you never meant to hurt him like this.

But you force yourself to believe that he deserves more than you can offer.

Because deep down you know it's a lie, you loved him more truly than anyone ever could.

You promised him you'd die for him, no matter what you'd never leave him or hurt him in any way.

You promised you would die for him.

Cause you loved him enough to take away his pain.

You promised him, but you never thought it was enough.

'You said, you said that you would die for me'


End Authors Note: Last line in italics/bold/underline is from 'Cat and Mouse' by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Which I don't own.