The Hyperion…

Dean stopped at the foot of the bed as Jaden disappeared into the closet.

"Don't think you're leaving me behind." He said crossing both arms over his chest. Her voice was muffled as she replied but he still didn't feel any better. "I mean it, J."

He wasn't going to stay behind, wasn't prepared for the thoughts in his head-that maybe she'd just been another figment of his imagination, that she hadn't really come for him and he'd wake up, still strapped to that damn chair bleeding-. No. Dean was not going to stay behind. He wasn't letting J out of his sight.

"You think I could stay away from you?" Jaden asked stepping out of the closet with a small satchel in hand. She tossed it on the foot bench and rose on her toes, both arms slipping around his neck and pulling him down to meet her lips.

Dean barely protested, it was a joke really and he didn't care. He dropped his crossed arms and picked her up, kissing her back like he'd never see her again. It wasn't difficult to imagine because he'd spent years without her, years thinking he'd never see her, never hold her or touch her, never feel

"I can't breathe without you."

Her voice was soft in his mind, sincere and Jaden showed him, her body molding itself against his.

Los Angeles…


Someone always felt like they had to talk everyone to death before the actual fighting got underway. The demons in hell weren't any different and the Demon Lords had plenty to say. It gave the Actives enough time to blend in with the crowd, for Jo and Aquilles to find the higher ground and for Jaden to slip into the middle of the crowd with Dean.


That had been a minor annoyance as far as she was concerned and the fact she'd taken Dean hadn't gone over well with the Hell'sAngel.

Why Dean? Wasn't he human?

The simple answer was that Jaden didn't want to be separated from Dean just as much as he did. Worrying about two humans during the fight was not possible. She was a Fury, not a God and telling Ryan she didn't have time to babysit him was a blow to his ego.

It shut him up.

Her words had Dean thinking but he waited until they were away from the others.

"You don't have to babysit me."

Jaden turned to him, brow furrowed. She'd have to keep an eye on him, Dean was human and most everything in hell was four times stronger, meaner, and wanted to kill them.

"I never said I was." Jaden replied keeping her tone normal and smiling slightly. The blatant lie slipped easily from her tongue and she had no remorse over it.

"I was standing right there, J." Dean frowned. "You were damn clear-."

"To him." Jaden cut in. "He thinks I'm…I don't know-confused…He's not taking the change well. They all think I'm not me."

It was true, even Gia had questioned her, tried to talk up Ryan but it was pointless. Jaden knew all those things and more and she'd had plenty of time to grieve her loss, accept the changes in her life…to move on.

Dean cupped her face in his hands, his green eyes darkening in the twilight.

"You…you're special." He spoke softly, sincere and she felt it.

"Short bus, special?" she asked in a wavering voice. Dean chuckled and kissed her.

"Just special." Dean murmured straightening again.

"You know I love you." Jaden gripped his hands in hers, her brown eyes just a little too bright.

"Yeah." Dean nodded. He knew it. He couldn't deny the truth in front of him.

She'd come to hell.

Jaden was in hell and she was there for Dean.

"I don't doubt it." Dean assured.

"Good." Jaden nodded, she looked a little relieved. Her eyes flicked over his shoulder and she pointed. "You take them out and don't get killed because I'll be very pissed at you."

"Yes, Ma'am." Dean chuckled pressing another kiss to her lips. She didn't find it amusing but Jaden handed him the stone bow that formed in her hands. She filled the quiver strapped under his jacket with stone arrows. Her own weapons were hidden by the long coat she'd put on before leaving the Hyperion. It hid her Stone Fury uniform- one that got her admiring glances from Dean when he saw it on her.


As one, the Actives broke away from the crowd taking down their own targets. Vampires, demons… none where safe from the girls. Angel had his hands full, Buffy holding back, covering his ass and slaying. She was a beautiful thing to watch and Aquilles took a moment to admire the Slayer.

The screams of battle receded into the background, they weren't as overwhelming as they had once been and each war was the same. Even Jaden had grown used to screams of pain and death. She'd imparted plenty of her own during her time of service to the Od VaiLumen.

The shrieks pierced the fog of screams and clash of weapons drawing Jaden's attention to the sky. She couldn't believe what she saw even while the Alkonost descended into the crowds. They grabbed indiscriminately at the humans and demons. There was no distinction to the birdlike abominations.

"That one!"

Three of the Alkonost focused on one spot and searching she found Dean in their sights.

"Hell no!" Jaden ground past her clenched teeth. At that moment she wished Air was one of her elements because she'd have blasted the damn birds out of the sky. As it was she found a gryphon, he was bloody but in one piece and obviously helping out the good guys.

"Come play."

"Scream for us."

"Run all you like."

Dean shot at them, used the arrows in the quiver until he grabbed at his hip and came up empty. He'd missed more than a few shots in his panic and now he was unarmed…

"No, no, no, no." he muttered under his breath watching as they came at him. He ducked out of the way at the last moment but even then one of the Alkonost managed to scrape at his back. He hissed in pain as his shoulder blade burned but he got to his feet and faced them again.


Dean jerked at the order more surprised to find Jaden astride a gryphon and bearing down on the Alkonost. She had a bow in hand and more than a few arrows found their mark. All around the Alkonost dropped to the ground in a mess of feathers and blood.

Dean stumbled as the fighting surged around them. He tried to keep Jaden in sight especially when the gryphon took on three Alkonost. Jaden jumped off, he saw her grab onto one, yanking on feathers and scorching the shrieking bitch.

"Jaden!" he yelled trying to get to her but both of them smacked into the ground among a crowd of demons. The impact shook the ground unbalancing him but Dean kept his feet. He straightened and at the second step he felt something grab onto his shoulder. It held him fast.

"What…" Dean trailed off, his eyes widening at the huge black wingspan of the tall man at his back.

"Let him go."

Dean jerked around and found Jaden standing a few feet away, her Sai in hand, eyes glowing brightly.

"Do not interfere." His voice boomed but Jaden didn't flinch.

"One." She counted off slowly taking a step towards them. "Two."

"You're in trouble." Dean warned just as he was shoved aside. "Son of a-." his knees stung from where his pants had ripped on the stones. The clang of steel drew his eyes back to J but Dean could barely make out her shape as she blurred.

Who ever or whatever that thing was seemed to be keeping up with her until he started to glow.

"You are not that special." Jaden stated as she put herself in front of Dean and lit up.

He could feel the heat of her scorching him and then a wave of melted stone rose over his head and encased him.

Aquilles felt it, the shudder in the ground and the heat of his Fury. What he saw shocked him and then he was grabbing at Jo to cover her eyes. She protested but the light was too strong for her. There hadn't been time to teach her everything and filtering the light…it hadn't seemed to be a necessity.

"Fuck this." Jaden ground past her teeth as she stepped forward and smashed a fist into the feathered man. It hurt, more than she'd thought possible but it made him stop glowing.

Jaden found herself on the ground looking up at him. She pushed up, right into his palm. The simple touch took her breath away, made her feel lightheaded, dizzy but more than anything she felt, Jaden felt pain.


They were as old as the world. The Light had created them; perfect beings that basked in its warmth, worshiped and obeyed without question.

But that was not enough.

They did nothing to displease the Light but they had no will of their own and that did not please the Light.

"You were created."

Mortals, men and women who did have free will, who did as they pleased without a care for the Light- they had no knowledge of it.

And it was satisfied.

"He favored you above us."

And the Others grew jealous…


The most beautiful rose up, rebelled and for his trouble was cast down by the Od VaiLumen.

"Time means nothing."

And with it's passing man grew in numbers and daughters were born to them and the Light sent them down.

"She was beautiful…"

The Light approved, was please to see them unite-create… And she was beautiful, dark hair thick as sable, luminous dark eyes with skin that glowed like a warm sunny day.


She was his and the seed was planted and was fruitful.

"You are of my seed."

She could see it; see the ones that came before – a line of half beings- mortal but with the potential to be so much more, with no clue as to their true purpose.

"He has work to do."


His parents- his Mother and her lineage, the seed of another angel…

"Do not grieve."


The blinding light faded, pulling back into the angel and the Fury who still glowed, the light sparkling beneath their skin, shining like a warm sun, glowing from their eyes.

Aquilles released his hold on Jo who sucked in a breath staring at the angel in shocked awe. He bent towards Jaden, touching his lips to her forehead. It was exactly how Jo remembered her Father kissing her before bed every night.

Aquilles could see his Fury tense at the gentle touch, her fingers crushing the rocks gripped in her hands… Jo heard the crumbling and turned to the mound Dean was clawing his way out of. She started towards him, to help-.

"Stop." Aquilles gripped her arm painfully but Jo didn't have time to say anything. They saw the angel, wings spread wide and suddenly he was there, standing beside Dean.

Dean was focused on Jaden, half laid out in a rubble of rocks trying to catch her breath- she looked in pain.


The angel gripped his shoulder firmly, bent his knees slightly and then both were in the air. Two figures in a sky of burnt red-orange while Dean yelled out her name, his hand reaching towards her.

There was nothing she could do.

She was not allowed to interfere and the realization that she couldn't follow, that she was alone again… it hurt so bad Jaden folded in on herself.

'The rest of them be damned.'

But the fight was over. Angel had won and those that survived were heading to wherever they had found a safe haven. The city of angels was no place to wander alone or even in the company of someone else. The streets were not safe.

"Do you remember that night we drove into town for a movie." Dean asked his fingers slowly combing through her hair while he stared at the ceiling remembering.

"Our first official date." Jaden replied with a wide smile. She remembered being happy and excited, remembered feeling like a teenager on her first date.

"I felt…normal." He didn't hesitate saying that, telling her.

"You are normal." Jaden murmured turning her head to look up at him. She didn't like to hear that note of – she didn't know what it was but it didn't sound happy.

"Do you remember the movie?" Dean asked and she heard the grin in his voice, felt his chest vibrate with a soft chuckle as he glanced at her.

"Hey, blood, gore and guns. Me. But you?"

"Don't tell anybody." He warned because he'd picked a sappy love comedy thinking she'd like it… hell, he could admit it wasn't half bad.

"I got dirt on you, blondie." Jaden teased but Dean didn't mind. He laughed with her, his arms easily pulling her into his chest where she rested comfortably.

"It's easy with you." He said staring at her, his finger tracing the side of her face. He could tell her what was bothering him, the things he was embarrassed to say out lout- getting in touch with his girly side- he could have all the chick flick moments with her and never worry she'd think less of him for it. They could talk about the things they really wanted, the hopes they'd had…but not having those didn't bother them anymore.

She was happy, she had him and Dean had her, at least for a little while until his bill came due and for now that was going to have to be enough…