I reeeaalllyy shouldnt do this. I try to finish one story before moving on to the next. But Im going to do it anyways. This is for a friend who's feeling a little down due to... well, its basically described in this story, so just read it |D. Feel better dude D, it's not over!

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It was so hard.

So damn hard.

How was he supposed to sit there and watch as they touched like that, as he smiled like that. Zack just didn't get it. Angeal had never smiled like that for him. No, when Angeal smiled for him it was a smile of pride; one that filled Zack's chest with warmth.

But nothing like how he smiled for her.

Zack watched them, the frown on his features quite evident; but they didn't notice. They were too busy touching, snuggling together on that damn couch. That same couch where Zack would occasionally dare to lean against his mentor, falling asleep with Angeal's warmth pressed against him. That was their couch, but now it was being tainted by her.

Angeal's arm was wrapped around her shoulder, and hers around his waist. She even dared to rest her head on his chest, she made Zack sick.

Zack was sitting at the kitchen table, watching them from afar, and they were completely ignorant of his presence. So Zack was left alone to his angry, hurting thoughts. There was a time when Angeal would have noticed the disturbance right away, he would have questioned about Zack, checking to see if he was okay. But he had changed; she had changed him. And Zack hated it.

The older man's nose nuzzled against the woman's hair, and the words, "I love you," came from her lips. "I love you too," was the SOLDIER's response. Zack couldn't take it anymore. He stood, biting back the fresh wave of tears he felt pushing forth, and headed for the door.

Angeal shifted on the couch, "Zack? Where are you going?"

His voice showed the ignorance he was in, and Zack could only turn, smiling as he always did, "I'm just taking a walk, it's a nice night." And with that he left.

Angeal began to rise, immediately sensing the disturbance in Zack, but was pulled back onto the couch by his lover. "Oh, let the boy be, Angeal~" she cooed, climbing over him so that she straddled his waist. "Besides, think of what we can do with your puppy out for the night, eh~?"

A knowing smile touched Angeal's lips.

It was like there was a black hole in the pit of Zack's stomach, it was sucking up his insides and leaving him empty and cold. He waited until he knew that Angeal hadn't followed (but of course he hadn't. Why would Angeal have worried about him when he had her?) before he let the tears flow. A gentle curse escaped his lips; SOLDIER's weren't supposed to cry, what would Angeal think if he saw the messy state he was in now? He probably wouldn't care. This only brought on another sob. He didn't understand; he had spent so long… he'd trained so long; sometimes until his body gave out in exhaustion, all for Angeal. All to make him proud.

Ever since the beginning that had been Zack's goal, to make Angeal proud. To earn his love, to prove he was worthy of it. All his time in SOLDIER, he had been climbing a ladder towards his ultimate goal. No, not becoming a Hero, though he often said that this was it. No, his real goal was reaching Angeal. To have the calm, cool-headed SOLDIER return his feelings for him. To be able to feel those muscled arms around him, the other's warmth against his back. To feel kisses laid on his skin, and the words "I love you" whispered softly when they were together.

He had been working so hard for that, and had thought he was getting closer. He thought he was making Angeal proud. And then she had stepped into the picture and ruined it all. Ever since she had shown up, Angeal's eyes had been averted from Zack. Angeal now watched her… smiled for her. He didn't even seem to have time to praise Zack during training anymore.

Zack hated it.

He hated her.

If she was out of the picture, then Angeal would be all his. Only his.

But there was no way Zack could do something like that, right?