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"…and then he tripped down the stairs. I've never seen Sephiroth so angry," Angeal chuckled lightly to himself as he recounted a recent event to the puppy walking beside him.

For a short moment the corners of Zack's lips tugged up slightly in a smile, before falling back down into neutrality. His blue-green eyes stared forward blankly, his demeanor neither that of a boy who had been broken by the only one he loved; nor that of the happy-g-lucky SOLDIER he had once been. Now he was but an empty shell.

"Hey, Zachary; are you alright?"


"You've gotten really quiet lately."

"Have I?"



The silence that passed was the most awkward part. But Zack was able to push it to the back of his mind by concentrating on his steps. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foo-

"Are you sure you're alright; Zachary?"

A sigh of exasperation left the younger's lips. Would this cursed man never let him be? Hadn't he caused enough damage? "You never used to call me that." His voice was void of emotion; as if he didn't really care. Maybe he didn't. There was a time when he had; but that was a long time ago.

"Call you what?" Angeal was either really ignorant; or a good liar.


"Oh…" realization sparkled in the 1st's eyes. "I just figured that after… you know… you would prefer if I…"

"If you what?" For a second the puppy's shield's cracked and anger flashed on his face. His body stiffened; but he keep his control.

"… Look, let's not think of the past; alright? Let's have fun, like we used to."

"You're contradicting yourself; Angeal."

"Comeon… pup."

"… We're almost to the store." Zack turned away from his old mentor and continued to walk.

"Hey, Zack."


"I'm proud of you."

The pup exhaled a quick breath, "Proud of what, exactly?"

"How well you've been doing. I was watching when you handled that scuffle at the theater. You've improved a lot; I wouldn't be shocked if they promoted you to first soon."

Life flashed in Zack's eyes. His old goal; to become a first. That was, before Angeal. But then again, ever since Angeal had started to cut him off, he had begun to concentrate on that old goal again. Training harder; telling himself that he stayed in SOLDIER to become a first. To become a hero. To make history. "Really?" Suddenly his voice wasn't so dead anymore.

Angeal grinned, glad he'd gotten a response out of his old pupil. "Yeah, I mean it."

Zack rammed the palm of his hand into his forehead over, and over, and over, and over. Until little white spots obscured his vision and he couldn't think clearly anymore.

"Damnit. Damnit!"

All that work, all that time building up his walls; trying to regain some part of his soul; trying to move on. All of it had come crashing down in less than two hours


Damn Angeal. Damn himself. Damn her. Would this never stop haunting him? Was he forced to live this tortured life of being unable to escape the love he'd found himself swept into. If only Angeal had let him be! Then this would have never happened. But no, the damn man had had to come and completely sweep Zack off his feet again. Remind him just why he'd fallen for the SOLDIER in the first place. Well fuck him, and damn the world to hell. It was obvious that nothing was going to get better for him as long as he was here. It was time to leave SOLDIER. Or, if they didn't allow him to go that easily; he'd enlist for the fight in Wutai. SOLDIERs often went there and never came back. Either way, he needed to put as much distance between himself and Angeal as he could. Maybe then he could start healing.


The pup's eyes flashed over to the woman at the door. Angeal's girlfriend… what was her name? Strange, he'd never bothered to learn it. It didn't matter anyways. Why was she here? Oh yes, to help with the paperwork, Angeal had mentioned that earlier. Funny… in a sick, demented, torturous way. It was almost like Angeal had planned this. But Zack knew he hadn't. In the end, Angeal was extremely stupid; especially for a 1st Class SOLDIER. "Oh yes, come in. I take it he's let you do this before?"

The woman smiled kindly, "Yes. Where do you need me."

Zack pointed at a stack of files, "Order those by case file."

She took a seat on the carpet, across from Zack, and began to work as he had asked. "I haven't seen you around much; Zackary. Angeal says that you've started to go out with some of the other 2nds a lot."


"The poor man really seems to miss your company; it's cute, actually."

"Is that so?" Zack had put his shield up again, and though he responded to the woman, his attention was on the work he was doing.

She chuckled softly, "You two seem really close, Im a little jealous." The pencil in Zack's hand snapped. "Oh my!" Angeal's girlfriend jumped up, rushing to his aid. "What on earth was that? Are you alright?"

"Im fine…" the pup was looking down at the blood that was beginning to leak from his fingers. He'd lost his composure.

"You're bleeding, here, let me-"

"Don't touch me!" He roared, hitting her away. He didn't hit her hard enough for it to actually hurt, but there was shock in her eyes. "Sorry," he muttered. "I'll take care of it, don't worry." He stood and walked away to the kitchen. She didn't follow.

Was everyone conspiring against him? Why must they torture him like this? Couldn't they just leave him alone, in peace? And that bitch. Hadn't she taken enough from him? She'd stolen his teacher; and in the end was directly responsible for everything that had happened. Wasn't she content enough in knowing she'd won? No, someone like her just had to run the fact in Zack's face. Yes, now he could see it clearly; she was mocking him. Dangling her little pet Angeal in front of his face, knowing he'd never be able to do anything about it.

Well he'd show her. He wasn't some tamed dog. Puppy, Angeal had called him. He was wrong. Zack was no puppy; he was a wolf. And wolves would not be tamed. He'd given up before, but not now. He'd fight for what he deserved. And he'd show that woman that he wasn't to be fucked with.


Angeal would be his, his alone.

A long day was finally at a close, Genesis had left for Wutai; though he'd be fine, Angeal was sure. People like Genesis weren't killed in wars like this. But the goodbyes had gone longer than he'd expected, the President even going so far as having Sephiroth and Angeal stand on a pedestal like his prize creations in front of adoring fans. It was sickening, in reality. Sure, there were perks to being a first; but some of the hassles made you question your own sanity in joining ShinRa.

At least now he'd get some rest. Or, perhaps not. If Zackary hadn't finished the reports by now, then he'd take over for the boy. It wasn't really his work anyways. Besides, it would give Angeal some alone time withhis girlfriend; which would be nice. The door was unlocked, not particularly surprising to the 1st, but what caught his attention right away was the smell. It was a smell he knew well, from his years in combat. The door swung open, "Hey, is everything alri-"

He froze.

Zack stood in the center of the room, the paperwork and files spread in neat piles around him, they were all soaked and splattered with blood.

So was Zack.

In the 2nd's hand was a kitchen knife; it too was stained that horrible red. But that wasn't what Angeal was looking at, he was looking at the bloodied body on the floor. That of his girlfriend; though the numerous stab wounds and blood that covered the corpse did well to mask the identity. But Angeal knew.

Zack looked up, his eyes were empty, but there was a smile on his face as he saw Angeal. "I did it, Angeal." He sounded… happy? Yes, happy, like he'd finally gotten the courage to do something he'd been trying to do for ages. Like he expected Angeal to praise him.

"Zachary… what did you do?"

"I did for us, Angeal…"

"What the hell are you talking about?" The first had seen a lot in war. He'd seen men have their heads blown clean off their shoulders. But this… this was worse than anything else, this was a cold-blooded murder. And the murderer was his puppy. Sweet, innocent Zack. This couldn't be real.

Zack seemed to sense the horror emitting from Angeal, and his head cocked ever-so-slightly. "Angeal, you aren't happy?" He said it with such innocence, that for a moment Angeal almost rushed to embrace the boy. Surely he couldn't have committed such a horrendous act.

All of a sudden sanity returned to the SOLDEIR, and he looked down. "..Oh Terra... o-oh my…" he stumbled back, hitting the table and dropping the knife. He had done this? No… he didn't remember… how…? Scared blue eyes looked up at his mentor, begging for help. But Angeal did not comfort him. No… he was looking at Zack like he was…

Like he was a monster.

He was a monster.