Deathnote Drabbles by Sonar

Disclaimer: Deathnote is not my property in any way, shape or form and I do not sponsor it. The characters mentioned are also not my property. Be advised that some drabbles will be reader-inserts. These drabbles are based on a word or more and the ideas are my own and were not copied from anyone else.

Drabble 1: Scarf

After what appeared to be some time of searching through files, there was two officers that stopped to take a break. One officer happened to Hideki Ide and then there was you. The time must of went by fast. He was at your place since the two of you were asked to research the current murder case even though it should of been done at work. Still, Matsuda was probably the reason that you two did it outside of work.

You rest back against the couch and stretch your arms while trying not to yawn. Still, it was not easy to resist. As expected though, he seemed to be focused but had looked away for a moment. The two of you were aware that the files that the two of you were looking at were connected in a sense.

You told him," In some of these cases, the victims had cut marks on their body as if they were tortured and yet in some, they were stabbed in the chest and back."

You were looking at an open folder and took the photo out. He did not even look up at you as you take a moment to stand up.

Ide replied," There has to be a connection. We know that these victims were tortured by someone."

You restrain yourself from releasing a sigh. Sometimes the other officers did not see it right away but you could see it in a sense. You stared at the picture, unaware of the weather that was changing outside. Something bothered you about the picture as you moved away from the couch and past the table that was in front of the two of you.

"I don't think it was a single person.", you reply back.

He looked up from the folder he was holding and noticed you weren't at the couch. You slowly walked and take a deep breath. The sound of wind could be heard as things felt hopeless. You look to the clock on the wall.

You add," Time flies by fast and we still need to go through some more."

You sigh and let your shoulders slouch because you had to get it done. It would be easier if you done it alone but you had been assigned a partner that you could trust. The two of you had been working on it at work but there was a bit of distractions including when there was a bit of chaos.

He did not seem to reply to your comment but had seemed to have noticed the time. It was starting to get late and on top of that, the report had to be done soon. He had noticed you holding a photo.

He asked," Which photo are you holding there?"

You turn and face him while trying not to tense. He looked at you with a curious look but his face seemed to never falter even under these circumstances.

You answer," It's one of the victims that got cut up but something doesn't seem right about it."

He questioned," How so?"

You were certain something was not right as you walked over.

You answered," Something has bothered me about this photo since I opened the folder and it seems that this victim was left to bleed after being cut but from the way the body was positioned, he did seem to struggle to call for help. At the scene, there was blood on the walls as if to say that he was trying to get up and..."

He cut you off," As if he was trying to call for the police or something?"

You nod and add," It's been also noted that he was hit with a object hard in the head to keep him from making that call."

Once close to where he was, you handed him the photo to put in the folder. Of course, he caught you trying to supress a yawn only to yawn in your mouth. He had to keep himself from smirking. The two of you were used to late night working but it was intersting to see that he had not gotten nervous from being around you.

Ide asked," Tired?"

You nodded and looked at him while maintaining some distance. He felt tired as well as he placed the picture in the folder for you.

He suggested," Maybe we should stop for tonight."

He stood up for the moment and your eyes catch his for a second before he is completely on his feet.

You said," I think I can last a while longer."

He shakes his head.

Ide told you," We'll continue this in the morning."

He looked up at the window and what he saw caused you to react as well as you turned your head. It was not what he needed to see. Snow was coming down rather fast as you see him stand there.

You observe," I can't believe it's snowing now."

Ide almost wanted to grunt about it as he looked to the folders. You look back and move to get the folders on the table. He didn't look too happy about the sudden snow that just had to show up.

Ide replied," Not what I wanted to see."

You could not blame him as the two of you gathered up the folders.

You said," Leave the folders here. I'll get them in the morning Ide."

He did not debate with you as the two of you walk to the door. However, it seemed that his neck might be exposed. You watch him place on his shoes first before going after his jacket.

Ide told you," I'll come and pick you up in the morning."

You said," All right."

You noticed that his neck was exposed and with that wind, you did not need him catching a cold. You decided to say something.

You told him," Are you sure that you'll be fine out there? Your neck is still exposed. I don't want you catching a cold."

Maybe he would be a bit touched by your concern but it was out of duty that you did it. Ide may of been taken offguard as he blinked his eyelids.

Ide replied," I should be fine. I better get going."

He was about to move when you touched his arm.

You responded," Hold on. I'll get you a scarf Ide. With that wind out there, I don't need you catching a cold when I still need you on this case."

He nearly blushed from the contact, knowing that he was not going to win this one. He did not even try to fight back as you saw some defeat on his face.

Ide replied," All right. I can see I won't win this one."

It was a relief as you raise a single finger to tell him that he needs to wait a moment. He stands there as you go to find the scarf. It did not take long as you pulled out a scarf from the closet. When you were done, you had a green and brown scarf in hand. You almost put it on him but offered it to him instead.

You said," Here you go."

A weak smirk escaped you as his hands moved and took the scarf, causing a bit of skin contact in the process. It felt like you were being a friend and making sure that he did not get sick. You watched him get the scarf on and adjust it. He nodded once and touched the knob.

He said," Goodnight last name."

You reply," Goodnight Ide."

He unlocked the door and opened it, letting the air rush in. You almost froze yourself as the wind touched your skin. He got out quickly and closed the door. You locked the door and move away to the window to try and see him. It was still kind of visible as he moved to the car he came in and got in, hoping that the door had not frozen. You sighed in relief that he did not hurt himself on the way out.

A few minutes had passed as his car took off. You close the curtains and just knew that it would be a busy day tomorrow despite the fact that it snowed. It seemed a bit early to be snowing but it did not matter. The files were still on the coffee table as you walked over to them and made sure they were in a neat pile. Your mind was still on those victims and it might not go away until the case was over.

You sat back down on the couch and touched the top folder, knowing that you wanted to keep going even if it meant ending up being tired.

You thought," I might as well stop for the night. I'm surprised we were at it for so long."

Sleep was winning over you as a yawn escaped you even if you covered your mouth. Knowing that it would be hard to keep awake and work, you decided to call it quits for tonight and get some sleep. You needed your mind to be clear in order to help the others solve this checking the folders, you turned off the lights and headed to your room to sleep.

On the next morning, you were wishing that you did not had to wake up early but things had to be done. You were already dressed and was having some toast to eat while getting the files ready to go. You knew that the weather was not probably any better today so you made sure to dress for anything that might come.

It did not take long for Ide to arrive at your place even though traffic can be a pain. You could of drove on your own but he doesn't forget things so easily as you soon found out. You got your stuff gathered up and made sure that the folders were not going to fall apart. By the time he got to the door, you already opened it and nearly caught him offguard. You already had a folders in a bag that was already on your shoulder as you nodded.

You said," Good morning. We better get going."

You got your shoes on and got past him with your keys in hand. He blinked his eyelids and closed the door. You locked up the house and left with him to the car. The car was still running as the two of you got into the car. Once buckled up, you were off to the station. It did take a while but it still felt early but there are usually days where officers pull all nighters.

Once at the station, he seemed to reach in for something else as you placed the bag of folders on your shoulder. The strap did seem to press in as the door was closed. You heard Ide close the door and you were unaware that he was about to talk to you before going into the big building. You were just focused on getting through today and just as you reached the end of the car, he seemed to be already in front of you but to one side.

You gave a curious look and saw him holding the scarf in his hands. You could see where this was going without words even being said.

Ide said," I am sure you want this back."

He had offered it to you but what he did not expect was for your hands to touch his instead of the scarf. He nearly jumped as a chill went down his neck. You shook your head as his face barely betrayed surprise and yet his eyes showed it a bit.

You told him," You might need it more than I do. Besides, it might be cold once we leave from work so keep it."

You removed your hands before he got uncomfortable but it seemed that he was not even looking at the hands. He was looking right at your face and it was interesting to see him managing to keep composed even after he felt skin contact. At least he did not give you a look that might really make you back off. Sometimes, he could appear rather scary including when he is in a bad mood.

You continued," It might come in handy if you hold onto it. "

The truth was that you didn't really need it and figured that he would need it because it seemed that he forgot his scarf at home. Adjusting the bag on your shoulder, you cleared your voice. He almost did not know what to say but it seemed that he did not seem to decline.

Ide replied," Thanks first name."

He called you by your first name but what intrigued you was that he still had worn it to work. He placed the scarf away for the moment and relaxed a bit.

You replied," your welcome."

His gaze looked away from you to the building. Knowing that he was not a small talker, you took a step forward. You seemed to be relaxed despite a stiff posture.

He said," It's going to be a long day but we better get inside."

You nod," Agreed."

With that, the two of you managed to walk side by side and head into the tall building to endure another stressing day of having to hear multiple conservations and Matsuda causing distractions of course. You were uncertain of what today would bring but what mattered was that you helped someone from catching a cold.