Crash Part 3 by Sonar

Hideki Ide had not really said much during the trip to the hospital while you were outcold with an iv in your arm. You had been bleeding from the head during the ride yet the medics were doing all they could. Ide knew that it could of been way worse when he thought about it. He still wondered if it would of made any difference if he had stayed there at the scene or not. The image of you practically passing out and whispering for him to stay may of been lingering in his mind a little bit. Even as a professional, he did not deny that there was sometimes a need for emotions. When he thought about it, he had came to keep an eye on you considering that next to Aizawa, he was the only one that was mostly aware that you had been through alot before you arrived.

When the ambulance arrived at the hospital, he made sure to stay out of the way while listening to the voices that seemed to sound like they were fading out.

Ide thought," They can handle the injuries but I better stick around when she wakes up."

There was almost a moment where he wanted to smack hand to his forehead asking himself why he just did not stay behind at the Sakura TV station. He never usually concerned himself with this type of matter but it had been a rough night and quite the eye opener. If Kira had been somewhere close back, it would explain how the two officers died. Still, he could not believe that you and Ukita had came to the station and managed to avoid death.

While he had been in thought, the medics were moving you to a room to treat your injuries while he made his way to the waiting area. It almost felt hectic yet it wasn't. He knew that the now deceased officers would be dealt with here as well but the news would have to be broken to their families that they were dead. Ide had heard the medics getting his attention as a nurse saw him walk over.

The nurse spoke," I need to ask you a few questions."

Politely, he replied," All right."

He could not panic even in intense situations like this and one must be level headed. Even if he had some concern, he did manage to answer some of the questions that the nurse had about you. After that, he was allowed to sit down and just merely wait. He had found a place to sit down and turned his head away from the desk. His thoughts could of wandered off but to settle down his nerves, he grabbed a newspaper off the table and started to read it. He knew that it would do him no good to worry himself out for no reason when you were still alive.

He had not really cared that your blood was on his suit but for now, he just had to make sure that you are all right and not stay for the night. Even as he read the paper, he was trying to keep himself calm on the inside. He knew that this would be on the news but did not want to even think about it when he knew things would get challenging and he wasn't certain what you would decide to do.

As an hour passed, Ide heard a noise of footsteps and looked up to see the doctor show up after talking to the receptionist at the desk. He raised an eyebrow while the doctor finished his quick conservation before walking over to where Ide was. The doctor cleared his voice but it was clear that he was the one that tended to you as Ide nearly jumped up. Ide awaited a response as the doctor looked to him.

The doctor told him," You must be the officer that came with her."

Ide replied," Yes. How is she?"

The doctor knew that from the information that Ide had given the nurse, you were another officer. He would of usually had told a family member but it seemed that he decided to tell Ide everything. From there, Ide had learned that your condition was not very serious but there was some caution advised. Still, it did bring some relief that it was nothing that seriously that could affect your life forever. He had almost let out a sigh of relief but stopped himself.

The doctor told him," She will be resting for a while but it is safe to say that she might be in the hospital over night."

Mentally, Ide felt relieved.

Ide asked," Could I please just stop in and see her?"

He wondered why it came out of his mouth. The visiting hours were over and yet he felt concerned. The feeling he felt was something that he had yet to explain. He wasn't sure if he was just feeling protective of you or just wanted to confirm that you were all right. However, he was starting to wonder what sort of connection he had with you. The doctor seemed to think for a moment and despite the fact that the hours were over for visiting, he got an answer.

The doctor replied," I know that I shouldn't be doing this but I'll let you go visit her. However, the visit cannot be too long."

Ide told him," All right. It won't be a long visit."

Ide was certain that the officers involved in the Kira case won't have time to visit her but it did not seem to matter to him. As long as you knew that someone was there, you would be fine. He just knew that you would survive through this either way. It wasn't like she was fighting for her life at the moment. The doctor had led him to the room that you were in. Despite being in a hospital gown now, your belongings were safe in a drawer in a dresser that was next to the bed. The doctor excused himself and left Ide to come and take a look. When Ide closed the door behind him, he came up to where you were resting. You had a room to yourself and it appeared that your head was bandaged up considering that you impacted the side of the window.

He knew that he could of came in tomorrow but knew that the visit would be brief. Besides, he was sure that L would probably send someone. Still, if that happened, he was intent on possibly finding out what was going on. Even if he had not really told anyone, he did not want to give up on the Kira case as many others before him had. He did have questions to ask about what had ran through your mind on this night. Still, it was even a miracle that you and Ukita were still alive as was Mister Yagami. He came by the bed but didn't want to linger too long.

He thought," It does appear that she's all right but I can't expect her to wake up anytime soon."

Even as he looked at you , the thought of you being put in harm's way seemed to come to mind. He was not sure how he was suppose to feel about it but professionally, he knew that you would of had not probably survived if you had not made the choice to stay in the car. However, he had no idea that you told Ukita to drive into that building instead of running out. Ide had known that you were not the type to act irrational unless you thought it through in a sense but some thngs could not be helped. From what he had seen from you so far, he knew that you were taking action to prevent more deaths from happening even two officers had died that night. Still, he knew that you might of became one that night and he wouldn't of found out until later on.

He thought," I shouldn't worry because she will be fine but still, I should stop by tomorrow and find out what she plans to do."

He almost turned to walk away yet something stopped him. It was hard for him to even think of why he would be this worried about you. As far as others think of him, they see him as a serious officer without any feelings. Some that got to know him think otherwise and you were one of them considering that one time he talked to you when you felt a bit down. He was not sure what you even thought about him completely yet it did not matter to him. He was the one that became a good friend to you and was there when no one else really made an effort to get to know you.

Even now, he knew that L would probably send someone to come and get you and even he wondered if he should step in their way to prevent it or not. He didn't trust L and he knew that your life was already placed in danger because of what happened tonight. He wondered what you would of said after being forced into a dangerous situation like that. Sighing softly, he knew that he didn't want to linger but it appeared that there was some things on his mind. Tonight's events were still in his mind and considering that he did care what happened to other officers, he knew that it could of been way worse if the officers were unprepared.

He knew that it would be selfish for him to think that he was around just to get information about the case. He wondered what he was even feeling at this point. Usually he would focus on thinking but in reality, he started to wonder what he felt towards you. To him, you were merely someone that was doing your job but it was more than that. Maybe he had feelings that he refused to acknowledge. Still, he had been the one that was close to you and despite the fact that he thought his concern was mainly out of friendship, he could not help but wonder about some things. There was probably a few things that he had to take into consideration and take a good look at himself.

What he had seen earlier was fresh in his mind. He could remember the blood on his hand when he discovered your head injury. He managed to get himself to sit down in a chair. You had not been out a long time yet but it troubled him. Even now, he was just wondering if he should leave you to rest. However, fate had other ideas in store. A noise caught his attention as he turned his head which in turn caused him to stand up.

Ide spoke," Your name?"

He said that silently as well as there appeared to be a response coming from you. You opened your eyes slowly but your vision was blurred and it felt like you would get a headache. Ide kept close to the bed but did not place his face in your view. It was a huge relief for him that you were all right. He thought you would of been seriously hurt. He takes in a breath and sits down once more, waiting for you to become more aware. It took you several minutes but it did not take long to become aware.

Ide called softly," Your name."

You were going to move your head but his hand stopped you.

Ide told you," Don't move too much. I'll get in your view."

You did not move your head or anything as he did what he said he would had soon seen him and it was hard for him to remain serious. He had been concerned and he had no idea that you were even going to be there at the station.

You weakly said," I..Ide."

Ide reminded you," Don't move too much. You had apparently got hurt when you were at the tv station."

He wondered what happened because you had been clearly hurt. You could recall that Ide was calling to you before you passed out at the station. He watched you with some curiousity. Even if he wanted to ask what happened, he didn't want to risk causing any harm to you when you just been through a big event.

Ide continued in a soft voice," The doctor told me that you are being kept in over night. Maybe there will be a clearer answer in the morning."

You wanted to move but knew that you were in no condition to. From what Ide told you, it was clear that it was uncertain if you recieved a concussion and that doctor was probably tired as well. Ide tried to keep serious but remained rather casual with his body position. He nearly touched the sheets as he made sure that he did not move too much. You blinked your eyelids while your head did bother you a bit.

Ide told you," You don't need to talk about what happened now. There is still a chance that you could of recieved a concussion but the doctor told me some caution is advised."

You said," I see."

He would not force you to make any choices on whether to leave L or rejoin the Kira case. He didn't want to appear forceful. However, he knew that if you got in danger like that, it could get only worse from there. However, it was your choice to work with L. You made a even harder choice to go with Ukita which has resulted in him being alive. You blinked your eyelids.

Ide spoke," I don't know what happened but I will try and come in tomorrow. The doctor allowed me a few minutes to come visit you. I don't know when they might call me to leave but it felt important to check on you after you collasped bleeding from your head.

You replied weakly," My head...Ukita hit the brakes and my head hit the door. Felt so fast."

Ide was listening as he touched the sheets on the bed.

Ide spoke," I should let you rest now, your name. If you need me, let me know. I will try and stop by tomorrow."

You didn't want Ide to leave as you tried to move. Your sudden attempt to move caused Ide to stop you physically. He placed his hand by your shoulder.

Ide told you," Don't strain yourself. You need to get your rest. I promise that I will come here. You're in no condition to go anywhere so I don't think L will send anyone to pick you up."

You spoke softly," I'll...try but don't really want you to go."

Ide assured you," It will be all right. The doctor will test you in the morning. I am sure that it isn't serious but like I said, I'll come by. The same things have been happening at work and all I been doing is some paper work anyways."

He moved his hand away and gave a bit of an assuring look.

Ide spoke," I better go before I get kicked out for staying. I am sure you will feel better tomorrow."

You replied," Th..Thanks."

He knew you were thanking him for being here and for getting you to the hospital.

Ide told you," Your welcome."

You tell him," Goodnight Ide."

Ide replied," Goodnight, your name."

He excuses himself with a simple nod of the head as you were left alone in the hospital room. It was getting late either way as you knew that you were fortunate to survive a crazy crash like that. You hoped that Ukita was all right. More likely, you and Ukita would get lectured for being wreckless but it was worth it because you saved Ukita from losing his life that night. For now, you slowly gave into sleep.