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What did I do last night? Juliet screamed in her head as she rolled over.

She was naked and her hips ached slightly. The room was a royal mess, clothes thrown everywhere, over lamps, on the dresser, over the ceiling fan.

As she attempted to untangle herself from the black silk sheets she realized something else was pinning her down.

The long, muscled arm of Mark Hoffman was slung over her waist. He was unconscious behind her, breathing slowly.

She followed the outline of his arm on her naked skin through the covers with baited breath, and then back up and over her shoulder.

Suddenly, she was face to face with a living, breathing, sleeping Sex God.


Some fifty metres from this scene, Peter Strahm was having a very similar experience.

He woke up with a smooth thigh wrapped around him and soft breathing in his ear.

Tilting his head to the side slightly to the left, he saw that a naked Genevieve was straddling him.

A smug grin took over his face. He stroked back and forth over her thigh a few times before letting his fingers stray slightly further up.

She awoke with a slight hitch on her breath, staring him down sleepily.

"What the…fuck?" she whispered softly at him, running a hand over her red curls.

"Sure," he shrugged, leaning across to kiss her. He assumed dominance over her quickly, trying to claim every part of her with his hands, her neck, her chest, her waist, her hips, her legs...

She broke the kiss long enough to assume a straddling position over him and grin seductively down at him.

"Calm down, Strahm. It's my turn," she whispered huskily, the sleepy look not yet gone from her deceptively sweet features.


Back in the Witch Queen room, Hoffman was making quick work of his wakeup scene with Juliet.

Her resistance to his advances had been minimal and a tease at best, so he quickly had her panting and screaming (louder than the previous night, if possible) once more.

In the middle of it all, Juliet's small red and black phone began vibrating on the nightstand.

"Oh God, what?!" she shouted, halting Hoffman's movements momentarily to answer the call.

"What!?" She yelled into the receiver, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

"This is John. You, Hoffman, Genevieve and Strahm are to meet for breakfast downstairs in five minutes, no excuses," John's breathy voice sharply sounded, followed by a click and the dial tone.

"Who the hell was that?" Hoffman asked, rolling onto his back.

"Kramer. We're due downstairs, and we have to go get Genevieve an—"

"Strahm," he finished, the both of them sharing a wide-eyed look of panic.

They dressed in a frenzy and ran down the hall to the other's room.

Juliet put a finger to her lips and craned forwards, her ear to the door.

Her brown eyes widened to a near impossible size and she withdrew her head, coughing quietly.

"You do it," she mumbled, shuffling her feet.

"Do what?"

"Open the door. You do it."

"What th—okay…" He pushed open the wooden door and recoiled as he was met with the sight of a naked screaming Genevieve straddling an also very naked, groaning Strahm.

Genevieve stopped mid scream and pulled the sheets up with a loud squeak. Hoffman and Jules both stared at their feet, not knowing what to do or say.

"Yeah, breakfast is…" Juliet started, looking up and back down quickly.

"In…five…breakfast…Uh…" Hoffman mumbled into his hand.

"Yeah," Juliet concluded. Genevieve let out a loud, exasperated sigh.

"Listen, you two. Either join in or get out," she growled.

The door was promptly slammed and Hoffman and Juliet tripped over each other fleeing for the stairs.


Well this is awkward. Genevieve mused, poking at her pancakes with a fork.

The six of them sat around the same table as last night, all refusing to make eye contact with each other.

Okay, that's not strictly true. Hoffman and Juliet made frequent subtle eye contact and Strahm stared conspicuously at Genevieve's chest while she ate.

It was mainly Timothy not looking at anyone or saying anything, his face clenched into an ugly expression.

Juliet had a sleepy expression on her face, not yet fully awake.

"Pants," Hoffman whispered at Juliet. She faltered and looked up at him.



"What about them?"

"…You forgot to put them on, Jules."

Her face rapidly turning red, she looked down at her exposed thighs.

She had put on Hoffman's shirt, mistaking it for a dress and belting it to her middle as they had dressed hurriedly this morning. It fell just low enough to cover her (barely) when she stood up, but as she sat, it rode up to reveal her thighs and the beginnings of her purple underwear.

Her purple lace underwear.

She pulled ineffectively at the garment, whimpering quietly.

Why does this always happen to me?! She wondered, looking around at her friends, fully awake. Oh, hang about.

She looked across at Genevieve, who was wearing a snappy looking black jacket.

Without a top on underneath.

Her friend sat there, a lace bra being the last thing between her and total humiliation.

"Bra." Juliet mouthed at Genevieve.

"What?" She mouthed back.

Juliet gestured rapidly to her own cleavage, prompting her friend to look down at her own, rapidly pulling her jacket closed and smacking her forehead against the table.

"Juliet and Snake had sex!" Timothy blurted out suddenly. All eyes turned to him. "So did Geni and Strahm…" he trailed off.

For a minute or so, there was a very uncomfortable silence among the group.

"And if you listen closely," John began, his head resting on his hands, "you'll hear the very acute sound of no one, no one except you Timothy, caring."

"Retard," Amanda scoffed at him, jamming her fork into his hand lightly.

"Ow!" he squealed, grabbing his hand and inspecting for blood. There was none, but he began wailing nonetheless.

Juliet rose and gestured for Genevieve to join her at the bar.

"Do they serve drinks this early in the morning?" Genevieve wondered out loud.

"It's 1 in the afternoon, and this is a theme motel. What do you think?"

"Two Cosmos it is then." Genevieve chirped at the bored looking bartender.

"So, you had sex with Strahm," Jules began slowly, sipping at the pink liquid.

"Yes, and it was amazing. Way better than the fantasies."

Juliet scoffed and brushed a curl behind her ear, looking to the side.

"…What about you and Hoffman then?" Genevieve prompted.

Juliet's eyes snapped back to full attention and glinted with excitement.

"It was epic," she explained, fiddling with the shirt.

"He bruised your hips…" Genevieve mused, looking down at her friend's hips.

"What?" Juliet exclaimed, staring down at the blue-ish purple-ish marks on her hips. The approximated the shape of a big hand.

"Wow, so he's rough is he?" Genevieve smirked into her drink.

"Wild is the term, Miss Hickey," her friend retorted.

Gen inhaled some of her drink and began spluttering.

"Are you shitting me?" she choked, pawing at her collarbone.

"Well…they're more like bite marks. But whatever."

The girls looked back at the breakfast table, their eyes widened in morbid curiosity at what kind of marks they might have left on their men.

Right on cue, a dark spot of what appeared to be blood appeared through the back of Strahm's shirt. Juliet gave her friend a knowing smirk.

"You scratched the shit out of him. Nice move, Cat Woman."

"Oh shut up." Genevieve snapped. "I take issues accepting criticism from people who are not wearing pants."