Conrad's realization

Conrad was going to kill, Yozak. Why, oh why did he have to ruin everything?

Why did he have to make Conrad question his feelings for his Heika?

Did he have feelings for Yurri? Of course he did.

Well, he always had feeling for Yurri. Even before he was born, his soul had just connected with Conrads'. In fact, Conrad was sure that it was Yurri who pulled him out of the depression he had fallen into when Julia had died. And when he saw Yurri as a child, he felt such a rush of protectiveness and joy.

These feelings had intensified once Yurri had come to the Demon kingdom. But he had been ok with that, as he had felt that these feeling made him a better protector to the Maou. So he had enjoyed his closeness with the King. Enjoyed ever touch during their baseball games, every look he got from under those beautiful eyelashes during meetings, and every minute they spent together when they sneaked out from Günter's lessons. In fact, calling Yurri Heika had become a kind of secret joke between them. Yurri had managed to scale all of Conrad's defenses, by just being.

Conrad's world had been perfect, till he had agreed due to the monotony of their patrol one night to play, Yozak's stupid word game. Yozak had asked him to say the first word that came to mind in response to the words he said.

So there they stood, on top of the northern tower looking out at the kingdom, as it slept.

"Red", Yozak, said with a smirk

"Yozak - the one with the inflated ego" was Conrad's reply

"One word Captain, one word, and besides its 'Yozak- the beautiful'. Anyway, back to our game- Strong"


"Ah, yes the handsome Lord von Voltaire. I would think adorable would suit him better"

"Hey, stop hitting on my brother"

"Just saying, now what about 'Swift'"


"Really, hmm… strong and swift. Sounds delicious"

"Oh God, why did you have to put that picture in my head", moaned Conrad.

"You're a big boy, you can handle it. Mmm.. what about 'cute'"


"I would think spoiled, would suit better"


"Hey, calm down. I know how much you adore that Lord Brat". Conrad growled.

"Ok, ok next word 'Adorable'"


"I definitely agree there. 'Beautiful'"

"Yurri's eyes"

"Hmm.. 'soft'"

"Yurri's cheek"


"Yurri's Laugh"

Yozak was nearly doubled over with silent laughter at the pure love sick smile on the Capitan's usually stoic face. The man was a goner.


"Yurri's convictions"


"Yurri's Smile"



Yozak couldn't hold it in anymore and started roaring with laughter. "Capitan, do you realise what you just said"

Conrad looked white as a sheet. He replayed the conversation in his head and could not believe what he had just said. He started stuttering, "Of…of course I love him, like a bro…bro..."

"Can't even get the word out. Can you Capitan." Yozak, said quietly. In a quicksilver change of moods, he looked at Conrad seriously, "Didn't you think I'd noticed? Your face lights up when the kids around. I've known you for so long, and not once have I ever seen you get so caught up in one person. Why do you think I was so critical of the kid when I first met him? I knew even then, from the way you looked at him, that he was more important to you than anyone. Even me."

"Oh, Yozak. You know that you're my best friend. You're my confidant. You're family."

"I know, but what about the Kid?"

"It's nothing. For god sakes he's engaged to my brother. I have sworn my life to him. I will always remain by his side. That's it." Yozak wanted to shake Conrad, "But what about you? What about your feelings? Why should you always be the martyr? I am sure the kid feels the same way about you."

"No he doesn't" Conrad interrupted.

"Are you sure? He's grown up now Conrad. He's almost 18. Not once has he changed his view about the engagement to wolfram being anything but a mistake. Everyone knows he hasn't done anything about it because he doesn't want to hurt Wolfram."

In a desperate voice, Conrad said, "I don't know. Yozak, why can't you just leave it alone? We supposed to be patrolling here anyway, not standing around and talking."

"You know what, Capitan. I think I know what the problem is. You're Chicken."


"Bhak, bhak, Bhaaaak…..Chicken, Chicken"

Yozak started flapping his arms and running with Conrad hot on his heels. That had been hours ago. Conrad had eventually lost Yozak's in the gardens. But that time the fight had just drained out of him and he couldn't get over the sinking feeling that his world had just turned upside down.