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Gwendal looked around and felt like pulling his hair out. Last minute preparations for the King's Birthday ball to be held later that evening, was taking place and maids and footmen were running helter-skelter. All the pains he had taken to see that the castle ran in a smooth and efficient manner had gone down the drain. The only person who seemed to know what was going on was Gunter, who sailed around wringing his hands and occasionally looking longingly at the gardens, to which Gwendal had banished the king as he had been more of a pain than a help.

The boy seemed even more excited about the party that Gunter, if that was even possible. What was going on in his head was a mystery. One thing was plain as daylight though- the king was happy. His face shown with such joy and contentment that it was contagious; everyone in the castle was running around with maniac smiles on their faces. It freaked Gwendal out. Even Wolfram hadn't been given a chance to sulk; Yuuri had dragged him everywhere and had cajoled him out of his dark moods. If Gwendal hadn't already thought highly of the king, the care Yuuri showed his youngest brother would have done it.

But the person who seemed most affect was Conrad. Never had Gwendal believed that one person could change your entire life, till now. Thankfully, Conrad didn't go around grinning like a maniac. He was still sober and quiet but when he smiled it reached his eyes. For the first time since their very early childhood Conrad was truly happy. He went about his duties as always but his steps were lighter, you could catch him teasing others and monkeying around with Yozak more often, even his appetite seemed to have improved. Though there could be other reasons for the last one, Gwendal was not going to think about it.

Like he would not think about the fact that all of a sudden the baths would warm in the middle of the night, or that at odd times of the day, when both Conrad and Yuuri were missing, there would be a light drizzle and the most beautiful rainbow would stretch across Shin Makoku. It would seem that the Maou's powers were increasing due to the blossoming relationship- which he was NOT going to think about it.

Gwendal turned and looked out the window, just to see Conrad and Yuuri kissing under a blossoming peach tree. With a disgruntled shake of his head he turned to go lock himself up in the safety of his office.


Under the peach tree Yuuri rested his head on Conrad's shoulder and gave a content sigh. "I am so happy. This is the best birthday ever, thanks to you Conrad."

Conrad pulled Yuuri closer, "I am glad to hear that, Yuuri. Happy Birthday once more."

"Your happy too, aren't you Conrad?"

Conrad slowly held Yuuri at arm's length and looking into those lovely eye, "How could you even ask that Yuuri? How could you doubt that I am anything but happy when I am with you. Is this why you've been so nervous today?"

Yuuri turned and walked a few feet away and picked up a peach blossom. With his back to Conrad he shrugged his shoulders and said "I was just wondering, you know. Here I am this gawky person, with nothing really special to offer, why would someone as wonderful, loving and handsome as you want me, when you can have anyone? Why should I mean anything to you?"

In two strides Conrad reached Yuuri, spun him around and caught him close. Yuuri looked up and saw Conrad's eyes burning with emotions, with no barrier what so ever. In a voice rough with feeling Conrad said, "I love you. I love everything about you from your laugh, to your convictions, to that tiny mole you have at the small of your back." Conrad pulled Yuuri closer and kissed him passionately.

Slowly the kiss gentled, Conrad lifted his head and traced a loving finger down Yuuri's cheek. In a soft voice he said, "I love you more than life itself. I have already promised you my life and my service. Now I promise you my heart, my soul and my body. I do this selfishly because being with you makes me feel whole. I am nothing with out you. I cherish every second with you and am so happy with you. As long as I live, this time with you will see me through whatever life may throw at me. I love you, Yuuri."

Yuuri slowly pushed out of Conrad's arms and then taking a deep breath raised his arm and slapped Conrad on his left cheek. Then Yuuri knelt on one knee, took out a ring from his pocket and looking lovingly up at Conrad and said, "Will you make me feel complete Conrad? Will you please marry me?"

"Y…Yuuri. I thought…I thought that I had you for just a little time."

"Well if you say yes, it's going to be forever. Come on Conrad, what do you say I'm dying here?"

With a joyful laugh Conrad scooped Yuuri up and spun him around, "Yes, Yes, YES."

Yuuri grabbed Conrad's shoulders and kissed him deeply. When he raised his head, he grinned from ear to ear. "I feel like I've scored a home run. Whoopee!"

Conrad laughed aloud and slowly set him on his feet. Yuuri picked up Conrad's left hand and slipped the plain gold ring onto his ring finger. "I love you, Conrad." And he snuggled into Conrad's waiting arms. "Thank god, you said yes. I told Gunter to make a formal announcement at today's ball and to inform all the nobles beforehand."

"That sure of me, were you." Conrad teased.

"Well I hoped and prayed. I love you so."

With arms around each other the two turned and walked towards the castle to begin there lives together.

The end.


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