Jack cast the line out over the water. It fell with a satisfying plop in exactly the right place. After a moment, he reeled it back in.


He pulled his arm back, ready to cast again, when footsteps behind him attracted his attention. Glancing back over his shoulder, he found Matthew standing in the doorway to the living room. His hair stood up unevenly on one side and he was rubbing the sleep out of one eye with a fist.

Jack put down the Wii Remote and the attached Nunchuck and turned to give the boy his full attention. "Hey, short stuff. Have a good nap?"

Matthew nodded, yawning sleepily as he did so. "Uh-huh." He padded across the thick rug and stopped next to Jack who lifted him up and perched him on his knee. Once seated, Matthew glanced at the TV in front of the sofa. "Whatcha playin?"

"Bass fishing."

"You winning?"

"You tell me. Look at the score."

Matthew did, and giggled. "Daddy, you can't catch anything."

"It's not funny."

"Yes, it is. Can I have a turn?"

Jack grabbed the controllers and handed them to Matthew. Then, as the boy began to play, he remembered: "Oh, I almost forgot… I got an email from your Mommy while you were sleeping."

Not taking his eyes off the screen - or the fish he was already reeling in - Matthew asked, "What'd she want?"

TO: gonefishin


Don't have much time, it's been crazy here today. When is it not? Forgot to ask Matthew this morning which he wanted me to pick up on my way home tonight. Pizza or Chinese?

Gotta go.

Love to you both ,



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Pizza. Pepperoni or there'll be tears.

LA - J

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