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Chapter 1:The Beginning

February 23rd, 1980

Lily Potter entered the hall of Potter Manor and sat down in her favorite armchair as Dorea Potter walked into the room.

"Hi Lily. Where's Charles?" Dorea asked, as she sat down on the sofa.

"Not sure. He was with your son," Lily replied as Dorea started to frown

"Goodness knows why I married that man. Forgetful to the core he is! We were going to start deciding on the designs for the new part of the East Wing," Dorea explained.

"Umm...Dorea, I need to tell you something hugely unexpected and very exciting. Well...umm I am pregnant!" Lily squealed.

Without giving Dorea Potter a chance to reply, another person entered the room. He was handsome with hair springing up in all four directions, round glasses and soft hazel eyes. He strode across the room in a flash, picked Lily up and grinned as he twirled her round and round until...

"JAMES CHARLES POTTER! You put me down this instant before I hex off your bits!" Lily shouted.

You're pregnant! We're having a baby! Mum...Lily's pregnant! This is great! This is good," James cheered as Charles Potter rushed down the stairs.

"Congratulations Lily, I heard you all from all the way up there! Boy oh boy, I am a Grandpa! Aren't I too young?" Charles said.

"No, you're fine, just fine, and I haven't had the baby yet. There are still around 6 months!" Lily exclaimed.

"This calls for a celebration. A non-alcoholic one, of course," Dorea announced, grinning.

James and Lily's Bedroom

"James,, are you happy?" Lily asked,, looking up at him.

"Yes,, I am. Why are you so worried, honey?" James replied.

"It's just that I know you're not too eager on having a baby in the middle of the war." ," Lily answered as she cupped his face in her hands.

"No, I'm not too eager on having a baby in the middle of this war. But what if this war doesn't end for another twenty or thirty years? What if one of us dies like your parents did right after our wedding? He's targeting us Lily and I am sure it's because we rejected him. I want this child as much as I want this war to end, Lily and no matter what happens, one of us will always be there to take care of our baby." James said fiercely as he caressed her hands and looked deep into her piercing emerald green eyes.

"Yes, we will and we'll always have Charles and Dorea. Not to mention Padfoot, Moony and Wormtail. We're almost the safest we could be." Lily agreed, grinning as James pulled her close for a tight hug and leaneded down to capture her lips with his as her he slid his hands up her shirt.

"Let me make love to you tonight, Lily," James said, looking deeply into her eyes.

"Have I ever said no?" Lily asked. Those were the last pair of words that they uttered that night.

"What's up, Prongs? Why have you invited us here?" Sirius asked in an accusing tone as he entered Potter Manor.

"Invite us here? We practically live here, Padfoot," Remus said, rolling his eyes.

"True, my friend. But seriously what's the good news?" Sirius continued.

"That's for me to know and you to find out." James answered.

"Where are Charles, Dorea and Lily?" Peter asked.

"Follow me." James he led them into the living room where Dorea, Charles and Lily were standing.

"Sirius, Remus, Peter!" Dorea squealed, hugging each of them as they came into the hall.

"Hi, Mum." Sirius said, winking at Remus.

"No, thank you, Sirius. I already have one troublemaker and I am going to have another one soon. I don't need you as well." Dorea replied, causing James to shout 'Hey!'

"What do you mean you're going to have another troublemaker, Dorea? James married Lily six months ago." Remus said, returning Sirius' wink and wincing as Lily cuffed him on the head.

"When are you going to tell them the news?" Charles asked.

"Yeah, don't keep us waiting," Peter added.

"Well, as you all know, James and I have been married for six months now," Lily began, causing James to turn scarlet and run his fingers through his genetically messy hair. "I think it's about time, but I am pregnant."

Dorea and Charles grinned as Sirius and Remus picked Lily up and spun her round and by one.

"Put me down, you idiots!" Lily exclaimed, grinning as they put her down and kissed her cheeks in turn.

"C-congratulations, Lily. But I ought to go. M-mum wants me home by ten o'clock today." Peter stammered and left the house without waiting for a reply. A loud crack told them all that he had gone.

"He still has curfew? I thought we grew out of those ages ago!" Sirius exclaimed, breaking the silence and causing everyone to laugh at his incredulity.

"Peter has been acting strange recently." Charles said.

"That he has. Anyway, I am quite sure I heard a few rumbling stomachs so let's go to the Dining dining Roomroom. Dotty and Daisy have made quite an elaborate meal, I hear." Dorea suggested.

They entered the Dining dining Room room just as the food was being served. Then the six adults and two house-elves began to tuck into the delicious pot roast.

"Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Alice's baby is due around the same time as mine." Lily announced.

"Really? I bet Alice is glad. She has wanted a baby so badly for ages." Dorea commented.

"Mmm...This is the stuff. I wish I knew how to cook like this." Sirius murmured.

"Daisy could teach Master Sirius if he wishes." Daisy suggested.

"Nah, I'm good. I've got Jenny staying over for a week, so I am all set." Sirius replied, grinning.

"Jenny? What happened to Melissa?" Remus asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Melissa. Oh, she's old news." Sirius said, grinning as Lily and Dorea exchanged exasperated glances.

"Right, so Prongs, can I crash here tonight?" Remus asked.

"Yeah sure, Sirius?" James said.

"I'm going home to make love to Jenny." Sirius replied.

"Before you go Sirius...Lily and I would like to ask you to be the godfather of our first baby." James said.

"I'd be honoured, Prongs." Sirius answered, blinking back tears. Sirius hugged everyone before he left.

"Remus, would you be so kind as to fill in the place of an honorary uncle?" Lily asked.

"Damn right, I would." Remus said as he embraced her.

"Good night, everyone." Dorea said as she took Charles' hand and led him up to their room, grinning as she thought of her devilish plan to seduce him.

Lily and James hugged Remus one last time before the three of them went to their respective rooms to sleep.

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