*** Preview***


Ed swore silently as Spike's voice cut into what he considered to be a vital train of thought. "Not now, Spike, I'm talking to Keach."

"But, Ed…"

"Spike, concentrate!" Ed barked. "I'm worrying about the boss-"

"This is about the boss, Ed!" Spike retorted. That Spike had raised his voice was enough for Ed to put his phone conversation on hold, adjust his headset, and ask, "What do you got, Spike!"

With the affirmative from Ed, Spike led off with "go ahead, guys. Patch into Keach's phone as well, if you can." When a male voice answered, "got it," it was heard by everyone, including Keach and Ed.


Ed cringed when the response came through. "Ed, it's Silvia. What the hell is going on?"

"Tamory, what the hell-"

"Keach, shut up," Silvia snapped, causing everyone's eyes to go way wide. "Eddie?"

"Greg's been kidnapped in connection with a ten-year-old case. Here's the name." As he read off the name, Ed could hear her reciting it back to someone. "The file's sealed."

"No shit," came the reply. "Keach, what happened that night?"

"What makes you think-"

"Why the hell would you still be talking if you couldn't tell us?! For God's sake, Keach, just tell us what happened!"

"There's a reason that files are sealed, Silvia!"

There was a pause, then a new voice came on the line. "Hello?"

"Who's this?"

Silvia took a deep breath. "That, Keach, is the sound of the young man who will be hacking the file to find out what happened if you don't tell us yourself."

"You've got to be kidding me!"

"No, sir. She's not. If you don't tell us, I can technically hack in and crack open the file."

"And why," asked Keach, slowly and carefully, "would you do that?"

"Not that it matters, sir, but I really would like to make sure that my old man gets out of that warehouse alive."

This time, following the silence, it was Ed who spoke.