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Warning: Rated T for strong language and mature situations all involving teens.


"Bella wait up," I called. That girl was the most fearless thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Thunder roared in the distance and the rain continued to pour. I had no idea why I had agreed to go out in the middle of the night. Oh, right. Isabella Swan.

We raced down to First Beach. The friction in the air was so palpable. The sun was trying to peak over the horizon but the pestering clouds and constant rain eluded it.

It had taken us all night to reach the beach. Bella had come up with this wonderful idea of watching the sun rise, and yet she seemed to forget that Forks was not an ideal place to see the first light of day. It was a miracle we had made it here all in one peace. Bella seemed to be a magnet for danger.

"Come on Slowpoke! You're going to miss it if you don't hurry up." Bella squealed with excitement as her feet hit the shore's edge.

Even at ten years old, Bella had a confidence I had only known in my mother. In her large, yellow raincoat and polka-dot boots she looked like an angel. She was daring and strong. I had come to know her so well in these past few months since I moved from Chicago. I spent every waking moment with Bella Swan. We shared our secrets and fears with one another. She was my best friend.

But now as I watched her face light up in anticipation, I wanted more.

"Bella…," hesitantly I reached for her hand. "I could marry you some day."

Bella let out a peal of laughter. "Edward, why on Earth, would you want to marry me?" Her face scrunched up into a look of disgust.

She pointed to my face and said, "Boys are smelly. And I love you as my best friend. I don't want to end up like Charlie and my mom. Do you?"

There was the age old question. Bella constantly threw that one around. After her parents split, shortly after she was born, it seemed marriage was a plague. But I wanted it.

I leaned down, as she turned to gaze at the mountain peaks, and softly pressed my lips to her cheek.


I awoke with a jolt as the alarm started going off. I had fallen asleep at my desk, again. I scraped my unfinished homework into my book bag and slowly stood up.

I turned on my stereo and tried to find some decent music to start my dreary day. "Muse, Elvis, Mozart…," mumbling as I searched for something sound. I settled for Mozart not ready to deal with the heavy sounds of Muse or the tune of the king.

I picked up my jeans off the floor and grabbed a white t-shirt from the dresser. I looked into the mirror, running my hands through my hair. Fuck it. My hair was impossible after the long night of studying and frankly, I didn't give a shit.

As I studied my reflection in the mirror I caught a glimpse of the window next door. Pacing back and forth around the room, throwing clothes and shoes everywhere, she looked so distraught.

Wait, why was I caring about Isabella Swan? Why was I dreaming about a past that was long forgotten? Bella Swan was no longer my best friend. Hell, she was no longer my friend.

The quicker I got the fuck out of here, the quicker I could push these pathetic feelings aside. Bella and I were over before we ever started.

"Fuck! What time is it? Where the fuck is Alice and Emmett?" The clock said it was eight o'clock. It looked like those motherfuckers decided not to wait for me, so much for my brother's keeper.

I ran around the room looking for my shoes and ran into the bathroom to finish getting ready. I darted out of the room, out to my silver Volvo, and off to Forks High.