Fae King Gelana, addressing his court.

Your old Queen lies slain. And what a beautiful death it was, killed by the last heroic act of a warrior saving the life of her potoge. Why, such a story almost makes our defeat this day seem worthwhile.

But alas, we no longer have our savage thralls to conceal our presence. But perhaps it is time for that chapter of our story to end. The deception was amusing while it lasted, but perhaps it is now time for us to fight under our own banner. Those barbarians' minds were fulfilling in their own way, but now we have the chance to take so much more.

We all felt the thoughts of the knights we faced on the battlefield today, but one of them, I found irresistable. The girl who lives because my predocessor was salin. Such a mind is too precious to waste in Creation.

I felt her mind only briefly, but aiee, such dreams I saw! Dreams of valour, of heroic deeds and conquests.

And so the path for this host becomes clear. We shall take vengence on the warriors who defeated us, and I shall take that girl as my prize. With the aid of one of their own, we shall ride upon them tonight, laying siege to their stronghold in such a manner that no mortal can stand against us. And the few Terrestrial Exalted that remain shall be a reward to my most loyal servants.

And now, young warrior, tell me of their defences. And remember, you will never find me wanting in generosity to those who serve me well...