Adventures of The Scribblenauts

By Raven Rose Knight

Chapter 1: Encounter


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Maxwell- 12 yrs old


Scritch-scratch. Maxwell wrote the word "DOLPHIN". The dolphin appeared in front of him, in the saltwater cove. He jumped on the dolphin and went across the cove to the other side, where he grabbed the cat sitting there, and went back to the other side, to give the cat to the waiting little girl. The little girl squealed, and took the cat.

"Thank you, you're a really nice guy!" the little girl said.

"Anytime." He said.

The girl ran off, and Maxwell sighed. He hadn't been through very much excitement, and he was really like the local superhero. They always called him for everything, even things they could do themselves, just because he was a Scribblenaut, able to write anything and have it appear immediately. It was rather boring, I mean, he liked helping the people sometimes, but he had not even left his town.

"I think I may want to leave this town, go on an adventure, help other people! Yeah, I'm gonna do that. I might even see another Scribblenaut! Nah, that won't happen. I think I'm the only Scribblenaut. It would be nice though…" Maxwell thought.

Later that day, Maxwell got everybody in town together. He received a lot of requests for everyday things he should do for them, but he shook his head and said.

"I'm leaving this town. Today." He said then pulled out his notebook. Faster than anybody could react at, he scrawled out the word, "WINGS". A pair of wings appeared and he put them on. He immediately started flying away, receiving a lot of "boo's", "Come back here!"s, and some crying, mostly from the little girl he helped earlier.

He flew off, until the town was smaller than he could see, and he couldn't hear their pathetic cries. He knew nobody would miss him though. He had no parents, siblings, or even a girlfriend. He was all alone.

He continued to fly until he got tired and decided to land. He took off the wings and destroyed them by drawing a line through the word "WINGS". He started to walk around until he heard something.

He took out his notebook and pen, and was going to defend himself, when he looked right of himself. He was in the middle of a forest, and trees were everywhere. He opened his notebook and prepared to write "SWORD". Then he heard a slicing sound. Then a "thwoing!" noise. Then he looked up and saw a girl flying through the air, holding onto a notebook and pen, and laugh-screaming. He then heard a thud. Maxwell ran over to the place where the girl landed, and was shocked to see the girl was ok.

Well she should've been, as she landed on a mattress.

Maxwell looked at the girl. She had short brown hair and eyes that were like melted chocolate, her skin was tanned and flawless. She was wearing a purple camisole, a purple skirt, long purple starry socks, and purple shoes. In short, she was a cute girl who loves the color purple. She looked about ten or eleven years old.

"Whoo-wee! That was fun! I'm gonna do it again! Ah…" She started to say, but then saw Maxwell.

"Um, who are you?" She asked.

Maxwell looked around. There was nobody there but him and the girl.

"Me?" Maxwell asked.

"Yes you, who else would I be talking to?" She said.

"Oh, erm, my name's Maxwell." Maxwell said.

"My name's Mika, nice to meet ya!" the girl told him.

"Mika. That's a nice name. Is that a notebook and pen you have with you?"

"Yeah, I just got it a month ago. What's it to ya?"

"Look," Maxwell pulled out his notebook. " It looks just like mine!"

They stared at their identical notebooks. Then Mika asked,

"You're a Scribblenaut, aren't you?"

Maxwell was not surprised to find out she knew this word. He was shocked to know there was another Scribblenaut, just like him, except she was a cute girl! But then he thought of something.

"Wait," Maxwell said, "How did you get that notebook? You look about ten, but I thought it said in the front cover of the notebook that these notebooks only appear to certain children on their 12th birthday. I got my notebook early this year, but how did you get yours?"

Mika looked angry. "What?! For you're information I am twelve years old, and I got my notebook on my birthday last month. I woke up and it was in my hands."

Maxwell thought that over a little bit. She woke up with the notebook in her arms, just as he had woken up on the morning of his birthday with the notebook in his arms.

"Prove it." Mika said.

"What?" Maxwell asked.

"Prove it. Write something down. Unless you've exceeded your par." Mika said.

Maxwell pulled out his parmometer. It kind of looked like a thermometer, but it was supposed to check how he was doing on how much ink he was using. The ink may flow from his pen, but the pen's everlasting ink would eventually run out if he wrote too many things at one time. Anyway, the parmometer was at "0" so he was able to write at least three things.

He pulled out his notebook and wrote the words, "TURKEY SANDWICH". A turkey sandwich appeared in his hand. Mika was impressed. He handed her the sandwich, and she took a huge bite out of it. She chewed, then swallowed. Maxwell's parmometer dropped to "0".

"Ok. You're a real Scribblenaut. See that catapult over there, I wrote that, and the mattress I landed on, wrote that too! See?" Mika opened her notebook and showed her the words she had written.

She then crossed out the word "MATTRESS" and the mattress disappeared. She then pulled out her purple parmometer and watched the it drop to "1". That was because the catapult was still there. She crossed that out, and the parmometer dropped to "0", and the catapult disappeared.

"So what are you doing here?" Maxwell asked.

"I ran away from my village, the people in there wouldn't stop asking me to do things for them, so I left to find my own destiny. What about you?" Mika asked.

"About the same as you." Maxwell said.

"Well, wanna join up? I mean, two Scribblenauts are better than one…" Mika asked.

Maxwell said,

"Ok. I'll join up with you. Maybe I can find out about my past while we are traveling."

Mika smiled and said, "OK. Let's go!"

The two Scribblenauts left. One to find her destiny. One to find his past. Little did they know, that they were more alike than anyone could imagine.


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