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Night of Wonder

Chapter 1

As I lie here in bed next to Sora's warm, softly-breathing body, I can't help but wonder how the hell I got here and how things progressed down this path. Just last week, I never would have dreamed that this would happen. But everything changed the day Kairi convinced me to go to Tidus' Halloween party.


Exactly five days ago, I was lying face down on Kairi's bed, grimacing at the idea of dressing up for a kid's holiday. All the students from our school were going to the party, even Sora, who was conveniently missing today, making up some excuse about a project being due in two days.

Maybe I was disillusioned by the idea of Halloween because I knew the truth about what lurks in the darkness. I experienced firsthand what it was like to be a monster, not just a kid in a costume. Maybe I was uncomfortable with the idea of spending an extended amount of time around people I didn't really consider friends. People like Selphie and Tidus and Wakka. It went without saying that Sora and Kairi were the only two true friends I had, but after spending a couple years away from home, a rift formed between me and all my former friends; the ones who didn't go through the same hell that the three of us went through.

Plus, I haven't been trick-or-treating since I was 12. It's so juvenile.

"But it's not trick-or-treating, Riku," Kairi insisted from her desk. "It's a party! There's gonna be apple-bobbing, pumpkin-carving, games, and most importantly, drinking!" I grimaced again. Teens and alcohol didn't mix well in my mind. I'm not much of drinker and I hate hanging out with others who do.

"I'll pass, thanks," I muttered, flipping on my back. The thing was Tidus didn't have the courtesy of inviting me to his own party himself. He had Kairi do it for him, and maybe that's what really made me uncomfortable about this whole party thing. Maybe no one actually wanted me there but they were inviting me out of pity. No one but Kairi and Sora knew what happened to me over the last few years and even then, they only knew the bare minimum. I preferred to spare them of the gruesome details.

"Stop brooding, I can feel it all the way over here." Ah, I forgot my perceptive princess could sense every little moping session I've ever had, internal or otherwise, even when she's not around. As soon as the negative thoughts would begin, I'd get a phone call from wherever she was at the time and she'd tell me to knock it off and remind me about all the good things in life.

But this was one of those things I wasn't going to indulge in.

"I'm not going," I stated firmly, hoping it would leave no room for arguments. "I'm not a little kid and I don't drink, so I won't fit in."

"Oh c'mon," Kairi begged. "You don't need to drink to have a good time. And what's wrong with clinging to a little bit of your childhood?" Because the last few years of my life have ripped that childhood away from me, leaving the scars still fresh. I don't belong with those happy teens. "Stop brooding…" I mentally gave myself a shake. I promised myself that I wouldn't let my dark past get in the way of living my life. I was stronger than that, but every now and then, I couldn't help thinking pessimistically. It was just the lingering darkness, I'd tell myself, and it'll pass in time. Every teen goes through a temporary fit of insanity where angst and drama seem like daily occurrences, but when you get older, you realise just how insignificant those problems were. Sure, being possessed by an evil Heartless and used as a puppet is a big deal, but who knows, in five years I might look back and think, 'That was nothing!'

"Are you sure Tidus even wants me there?" I mumbled, still clinging to just a bit of teen angst.

"Everyone wants you there! They wouldn't have invited you if they didn't want you! Look…" She straightened up, meaning what she was about to say was important and if I didn't listen carefully, she was going smack me. "A lot of people look up to you. When you came back after being missing for a year, a lot of the kids in our classes thought it was coolest thing – you were suddenly this mysterious celebrity – but they haven't had the courage to speak up because you've been so distant and closed-off. You should spend more time in social situations! Ease back into being a normal teenager."

I sighed dramatically, seeing that I was going to lose this argument one way or another. "I don't have a costume…" It was a last ditch effort, but with five days left until Halloween, I figured it'd be too late to buy anything. But judging by the mischievous look in Kairi's eyes, she had already planned for that rebuttal and had just the counter-suggestion in place.

"I just so happen to have a Mad Hatter costume at my disposal." I did manage to look surprised without having my mouth hanging open like an idiot.

"How?" I asked incredulously. "No one on this island even knows who the Mad Hatter is!"

"I made it myself," Kairi said, beaming proudly. "I made matching costumes too! Sora and I are dressing up as Alice and the Cheshire Cat!" Now my mouth was hanging open.

"How long have you been planning this?" I asked suspiciously.

"I'm a fast seamstress."

"And what makes you think I'll agree to any of this?"

"You wouldn't turn down this look would you?" She made the saddest puppy-dog look I'd ever seen in my life, so strong and heart-wrenching that I just couldn't say no.

"Alright… fine. I'll go." The sad look evaporated into a happy smile as Kairi embraced me in a hug.

"Oh thank you!" And just like that, I lost the fight. Looking back, though, maybe it wasn't the puppy-dog look that caused my downfall. With her arms around me and her face buried in a spot between my neck and shoulder, I allowed my thoughts to drift to what she said. Sora was going to this party and he was going to be dressed up as the Cheshire Cat. Somehow, this thought made my face feel warm just a little. I wondered how his costume would look…


All week at school, whenever I'd mention the party or breathe a word of Sora's costume to him, he'd clam up and change the subject or immediately stuff his face with food if we were in the cafeteria at the time. It got me thinking that maybe Kairi had conned him into playing along with her little scheme and that maybe she even had a bit of dirt on him that she was using to blackmail him with. That got me thinking even more crazy thoughts that maybe Sora had some deep dark secret he was keeping and I became very much interested in finding out what it was, at which point I had to remind myself that Sora was the cleanest-cut kid I knew and the idea of him harbouring dark secrets was absolutely absurd. I went back to my original assessment that he was simply embarrassed at the idea of dressing up as a pink and purple striped cat.

The night before the party, Kairi showed up at my place with my costume in tow. She had me try it on to make sure it fit and everything looked fine. For the most part, it looked like an assortment of clothing bought from a second-hand clothing store and altered to look like a brand new outfit, but there were interesting accessories, such as the clockwork Keyblade charm necklace she made for me and the top hat with a slick decorative ribbon running inside the brim holding two cards in place – an ace of spades and a joker card. The rest was a fine tailored tailcoat, a pinstripe vest with a white shirt underneath and a tie, and a pair of matching dress pants. I had to admit, I looked rather sharp. Kairi was certainly a talented seamstress.

"You look fabulous!" she squealed when she saw me step out of my room dressed in the full costume. She immediately circled me, adjusting things here and there, preening over her handiwork. "Look at you!" I admired my reflection in the full length mirror conveniently placed in the hallway. I practised a few poses, awkwardly, I might add. I was unsure what kinds of things the Mad Hatter would do, since I only got to meet him briefly.

"So you hang on to the costume," Kairi instructed when it was time for her to leave. "Meet me at my place tomorrow at around 7 and we'll all walk over to Tidus' place." I nodded in understanding and shut the front door behind her as she left waving madly.


That night, I dreamed about wandering around Wonderland, lost in a maze of oversized flowers and mushrooms. There was a voice calling me somewhere down the path, but it was so hard to see where I was going. A pair of gleaming teeth materialised out of thin air right before my eyes, causing me to stumble backwards. The teeth grinned at me before a set of eyes appeared, a striking shade of blue, and a few seconds later, an entire body was standing in front of me, a body belonging to none other than Sora. Dressed in purple and pink stripes, he had a cat-like quality to him, eying me like he wanted to pounce. I regarded him warily, unsure of his intentions. He was fixing me with a peculiar smile, like he knew something I didn't. And he said something I didn't understand.

"What do you think this is? A masquerade?" he asked, inching closer to me while his tail swished back and forth. "You've got the wrong guy."

I bolted upright in bed, drenched in a cold sweat. That dream left me feeling weird. It's not unusual for me to dream about Sora – often times, it'd either be memories of our fight against each other just before I lost complete control over my actions; or it'd be the final battle we fought side by side against Xemnas; or very rarely, it'd be one with less-than-noble intentions that left me feeling flush and, um, stimulated – but this dream was just strange. Plain fucking weird.


At 7PM on the dot, I rang Kairi's doorbell and waited patiently for her to answer. The door flew open and Kairi eagerly pulled me inside, giving me a crushing hug for a girl her size. I gasped as the air was forced from my lungs and laughed at her enthusiasm. When she pulled back, however, I was surprised to see cat ears protruding from her hair. Then I took in the rest of her appearance. She was wearing a purple pink striped tank top, arm warmers, a purple pink skirt, and matching purple pink striped stockings. There was a cat tail hanging behind her attached to a belt around her waist and a spiked collar around her neck with a leash dangling from it. If I didn't know any better, I would think she'd dressed up as…

"How do you like my Cheshire Cat costume?" she asked with barely contained excitement bubbling up. My eyes widened as I put two and two together.

"Wait… if you're the Cheshire Cat, then Sora is…"

"SHUT! UP!" a voice boomed from the stairs. I looked up to see Sora descending from the top of the staircase, and my jaw would have hit the floor if it weren't attached to my face. I would never have recognized it was him without that voice and those blue eyes looking down at me. He was wearing an extremely short blue dress that left little to the imagination, a white apron with frilly lace, white knee-high stockings, a blonde wig, and a delightful shade of red on his face, thoroughly embarrassed. I have never seen Sora look so… sexy… It was a dangerous thought, but damn, that whole outfit was dangerous. It took me nearly thirty seconds to catch my breath and hope to God I wasn't getting hard.

"Doesn't he look cute?" Kairi giggled. I opened my mouth to speak but stopped when Sora fixed me with a dark glare that would have made Maleficent shake in her shoes.

"Not a fucking word," he warned, pointing his finger at me. I played the innocent and pointed at myself as if to say 'Who me? Never!' and I grinned. The glare never left his face. "Kairi made me do it." And he left it at that, no room for arguing or further explanation. I looked at Kairi just in time to catch her winking at me. At least I think it was a wink. It could have been her blinking mascara out of her eye.

When Sora reached the bottom step, I noticed he was only an inch shorter than me when normally he was a good three inches shorter. I looked down and noticed he was wearing a pair of Mary Jane heels, making his legs look longer and shapely.

"Did you shave your legs?" I joked. Sora hissed warningly and raised his fist to strike me.

"Hey!" Kairi snapped. "None of that! You'll ruin your make-up!"

"Make-up?" I burst into laughter. True enough, I noticed a hint of blush and eye shadow on Sora's face, accentuated by a tinge of pink on his lips, mascara on his lashes, and eyeliner around his eyes. It made his eyes look even bluer than normal and for a moment, I stopped laughing and simply stared, despite the heated angry glare he was still giving me. He looked gorgeous and I hated to admit it because of the implications, but he looked so tempting as well. All I could think was no other guy could pull off this kind of beauty. His glare wavered for a second and I could have sworn I saw a flicker of something, like he was looking for approval, but it was gone just as quickly as it appeared and he was back to fuming.

"Let's get this show on the road," he muttered as he pushed by Kairi and me out the front door. It took me a few seconds to shake myself out of my stupor. His skirt was so short that I caught a glimpse of something frilly underneath, like a petticoat or fluffy bloomers. I quickly averted my gaze before I got too… excited.

Thank God it's cold outside.

We arrived shortly at Tidus' house where we could already hear the music pulsing from outside. His front lawn was decorated with carved pumpkins and Styrofoam tombstones. There were a few guys set up on his porch, dressed up as various athletes, having a few beers, and when they saw us approaching, they hooted and hollered at Kairi and Sora.

"Glad you ladies could make it," one guy said, standing and waving his arms in a grand gesture towards the front door. Kairi rolled her eyes at the attention, but Sora scowled, clenching his fist.

"Easy, there," I whispered in his ears. He visibly relaxed when he heard my voice and turned his head ever so slightly to the source, as if unconsciously trying to get closer to the sound or something. I took him by the arm and gave the jocks a warning glare, pretending that Sora was my girlfriend and they'd be making a big mistake if they tried anything on 'her'.

We went inside and took our coats off, dumping them in the messy front closet where dozens of other coats had been left. It was quite loud inside and the number of people roaming around made me instantly regret coming here at all, sexy Sora or no sexy Sora. I could imagine having a headache before long, even without drinking.

"Hey guys!" a voice called out. Selphie pushed through a few younger teens until she was standing in front of us. She was dressed up as a sexy soldier, wearing short camo shorts, a camo button-up blouse that was left unbuttoned revealing a black tank top underneath, with a military cap on her head. Her eyes lit up when she saw me. "Riku! You made it!"

"Hi Selphie," I said awkwardly. She looked me up and down, and then looked at Sora and Kairi.

"Sora, is that you?" she laughed, covering her mouth in shock and delight. Sora groaned and nodded reluctantly. "What are you all supposed to be?"

"We're from Wonderland!" Kairi piped up. "Sora's the princess Alice, I'm the enigmatic cat companion Cheshire Cat, and Riku's the Mad Hatter."

"Ooh," Selphie said, enunciating the word. It was clear she had no idea what Kairi was talking about, but she sounded genuinely interested. "And did you make that up? It's really cool!" Kairi nodded easily, taking credit for making up the story. It was far simpler to say it was a work of fiction than to explain the concept of another world existing where giant rabbits ran around proclaiming how late they were and how crazy people celebrated their un-birthdays.

Soon, Tidus was making his way through the crowd to make his greetings. He stopped when he spotted Sora, whistling loudly.

"Looking hot," he joked as he nudged Sora in the ribs with his elbow. Sora hissed disapprovingly. "What's the theme here?" Kairi re-explained the idea behind our costumes. "Cool, cool. Riku, man, it's good to see you. I was kinda worried you wouldn't show. Hey, grab a beer and make yourself at home." He clapped me on the shoulder and went off to make sure the rest of his guests were doing okay. As he left, he shouted over his shoulder, "If I don't see drinks in your hands when I get back, I'm bouncing you!" I smiled while Kairi giggled and Sora sighed, trying his best to loosen up and make the best of his revealing outfit.

"Ladies, shall we?" I said, offering my arms to my two companions. Kairi, took my arm, and surprisingly, so did Sora without complaint or scowling. I led them to the kitchen with Selphie trailing behind us, engaging in a conversation with someone I didn't recognize. Wakka was in the kitchen manning the beer keg. He smiled goofily at our costumes, giving a catcall.

"Hot stuff, coming through, ya!" he cheered. Sora sighed and pretended to fan himself, batting his eyelashes in an exaggerated way. He was starting to fall into the role a little more now. "Three beers, coming up!" He poured some beer into three red plastic cups and passed them out. I looked over my shoulder and noticed Selphie already had one. Everyone around had a drink of some kind. I felt the peer pressure creeping up on me and figured one sip wouldn't hurt. As long as I kept this cup with me with at least half the beer in it, Tidus would leave me alone.

Just as I was about to take a sip, Kairi raised her cup to Sora and I. "A toast," she said quietly to us. "To adventures past and to new ones yet to come." I smiled at her toast and nodded, holding my cup up. Sora raised his and we tapped them all together and took sips in unison. It tasted bitter on my tongue but went down smoothly. I forced my brain to think it was ginger ale just so the aftertaste wouldn't bother me. When I looked up, I saw Sora still gulping at his drink.

"It's gonna take a lot more booze than that to forget you're wearing a dress, Sora," I joked. He flipped me off while still forcing the alcohol down his throat. Wakka made an impressed noise when Sora presented his empty cup.

"We got a champ drinker here, ya!" he bellowed happily, refilling Sora's empty cup.

"I may look like a princess," Sora declared loudly. "But I don't drink like one!" Everyone around chuckled and I grinned while I nursed another sip from my beer.

We wandered into the living room where the music was the loudest. It was a song I didn't know, but then again, I hadn't been around for a while, so I wasn't familiar with what would be considered popular modern music. There were at least a dozen teens dancing and grinding in the centre of the room. Two couples occupied the couch, making out with their respective partners. On the TV, a horror movie was playing but no one was watching it.

I decided I'd find a nice quiet corner where I could avoid conversations and interactions, but Kairi would have none of it. She pulled Sora and I out to where the others were dancing and shook us into some semblance of a dance. On more than one occasion, I was almost sure she was trying to push me into Sora, but she'd always giggle an apology and shrug. I took a moment to look around at what other people were doing. There were a variety of costumes around me ranging from vampires to fairies to sexy versions of anything under the sun. Inevitably, my attention was drawn to Sora, in that impeccably short dress, his hips and torso moving in a hypnotic way. I had no idea he knew how to dance.

"Hi Riku," said a voice. I turned around and saw Rinoa from my History class. She was smiling sweetly at me with her hands clasped in front of her. She was wearing a white dress with little angel wings sticking out the back and a fluffy gold halo sitting on her head. I smiled back to be polite.

"Nice angel costume," I said. I noticed Sora beside me stopped moving. Rinoa smiled shyly and made a quick turn.

"I threw it together at the last minute. The wings and halo were on sale, but the dress is mine. I wore it for my brother's wedding last fall."

"It's cute," I offered. It was cute in the sense that she didn't look like any of the slutty girls around her. Rinoa beamed at the compliment.

"You, uh, you wanna dance?" She held up one finger. "Just one dance, I promise." I considered it briefly. Kairi did say to try easing back into being a normal teenager. But what was normal about me? I wield a Keyblade representing the twilight in my heart, half dark, half light. I have a sinister Heartless residing in the bottom of my heart that could repossess me if I'm not careful. I hardly think it's that easy to pretend I'm normal.

"Sure," I finally said, taking Rinoa's hand. Her smile widened and she followed me to the centre of the room. I swear I felt Sora's eyes on the back of my head as I left.

After leaving my party cup on the coffee table, Rinoa and I fumbled for a few seconds as we found a comfortable position for dancing and slowly picked up the rhythm of the song playing. Another tune I wasn't familiar with, but she seemed to know it and picked up the rhythm easily, sliding her hands down my sides and getting rather close. I did my best to not look uncomfortable. Sure, she seemed like a nice girl, but being intimate with girls was like being intimate with my sister – it was just wrong in my mind. I humoured her and played along, placing my hands on her hips and swaying to the music. She grinned and put her hands on my chest, leaning forward. Oh jeez, not good.

"I like your top hat," she whispered. I was rather amazed I could hear her over the music. "Are you a Victorian nobleman?" I chuckled. Somehow it came back to History class. She was the top in our class and knew just about everything there was to know about history from the dawn of time to now.

"Yeah, sorta." I guess the Mad Hatter was a Victorian, but certainly not a nobleman. The beat of the music quickened and Rinoa's swaying sped up. She took my hands in hers and spun herself around so her back was to me but my arms were criss-crossed over her torso, and she pressed her back against my chest. Okay, things were starting to get a little out of hand. I'm not an idiot. I could tell she was coming on to me. There was nothing worse than leading a girl on, so I subtly pulled away and let go of her hands.

"That was two songs," I said quietly in her ear, keeping it light and friendly. There, Kairi, I'm being nice. I'm trying to be a normal teen. Rinoa turned around to face me and nodded happily. It looked like she was expecting a little something more, but I wasn't going to give her anything. "I better check on Sora." I'm not sure why that was the first thing my brain thought to say. I could've said I needed to check on both Sora and Kairi, but instead, I just said Sora. As I turned to leave Rinoa, I saw him on the other side of the room, his eyes still trained on me. We locked eyes for a split second, but he turned away and took a long drink from his cup. Suddenly, I felt guilty and I didn't know why.

I wandered up to Sora, playing casual. "What's up?" I asked, grabbing my cup from the coffee table. At least I think it was my cup. It's not like it mattered since I wasn't actually going to be drinking out of it. Sora regarded me with a blank expression before he threw on a rather cheap smile.

"Nothing!" he said, the smile never quite reaching his eyes. "It's this wig. It's irritating my scalp." I smiled sympathetically.

"So how'd Kairi get you in that thing anyway? Is she blackmailing you?" The smile dropped off his face and he punched me in the arm. "Oh, so she is blackmailing you! What's she know that I don't?"

"She's not blackmailing me," he grumbled sourly. "I made a promise to do a matching costume with her a month ago and this is what she came up with." Ah, so the truth comes out. Sora never breaks a promise if he can't help it. I decided to leave well enough alone and stopped pestering him about the dress. I certainly wasn't complaining.

"Drinking game!" someone shouted from the kitchen. "Fall in, troops!" I looked over to see Tidus corralling anyone he could into the kitchen. Sora grinned mischievously and gave me a look that said 'Let's do it!' I shook my head in protest, but he was already dragging me to the kitchen with the rest. Tidus was explaining what was going on. "Okay, so here's what we're doing." He side-stepped and behind him was a large bucket of apples floating in water. "We're apple-bobbing! You have twenty seconds to grab an apple or you do a shot. Line up!"

A make-shift line formed in front of the bucket and the person at the front of the line, Wakka, was already dipping his face in the water and trying to fish out an apple. Tidus was timing it on his stop watch, counting down out loud. In the last ten seconds, the assembled group began a countdown, but Wakka had yet to retrieve an apple.

"Five! Four! Three! Two! One!" The crowd burst into laughter when Wakka emerged from the bucket dripping wet and apple-less.

"It's harder than it looks!" he laughed, towelling off and getting a shot glass off the table. Tidus poured a brown coloured liquid, which Wakka snapped back effortlessly. He made a face and quickly took a swig of his cola.

The next person up was Selphie. She tied her hair back, took off her green hat, and launched into the tub, twisting her head back and forth trying to catch an elusive apple. Every three seconds, she'd come up for air but wouldn't have an apple in her mouth. She was giggling madly, probably making it harder for her to concentrate and grab an apple. At the end of the countdown, she came up and laughed merrily, taking the offered shot glass.

"It really is hard!" she said, pouting in a joking way. Suddenly my stomach was doing back flips and I didn't want to participate in this stupid drinking game. How was anyone supposed to win at this game? I wasn't in the mood to make a fool of myself and be forced to drink, so I turned to exit the kitchen. Kairi appeared out of nowhere and pushed me back in line next to Sora.

"And just where do you think you're going, mister?" she asked. I gave her a cool smile that said 'You little sneak'. She shot back an innocent look, like she had no idea that she was putting me in a tough situation but in reality, she was well aware.

The line moved and Sora was up next. He leaned forward to dunk his head but stopped when the blonde hair of his wig fell forward and obscured his vision. He used one hand to try holding back the strands, but I could tell he was having trouble.

"Hey, let me get that for you," I offered, stepping forward to hold his hair back. He smiled gratefully at me, clearly not used to dealing with long hair like I was. My fingers shook a little as I brushed them against the back of his neck, getting a firm grip on the locks. He seemed to stiffen, then relaxed, and then leaned forward to try bobbing for an apple with both hands firmly on the counter. The way he was bent over gave me a full view up his skirt and although I couldn't see anything except layers of white tulle and cotton ruffles, it was still enough of a view to make me suppress a groan. I watched intently as his head bobbed around for a few seconds, surfacing every now and then for air. Suddenly I felt very nervous and aroused as I imagined him doing that to me. I could see his tongue darting out to latch onto an apple but they were floating out of his reach. It was so suggestive! I desperately tried to imagine Xemnas in a prom dress to keep my thoughts from getting too dirty. Oh God, Xemnas in a prom dress? Jesus Christ, augh!

"Time's up!" Tidus called, clicking his watch. Sora emerged from the bucket with an apple in his mouth. The teens around us let out triumphant cheers. I breathed a sigh of relief, letting go of Sora's hair and backing away a safe distance. Sora pulled the apple from his mouth and took a bite, grinning proudly. "Riku, your turn!" A hush came over the crowd and I couldn't help but feel like all of their eyes were burning my skin. I turned around and faced the bucket, eying the apples with disdain. I hoped I'd have good luck like Sora did.

"I'll hold your hair back if you like," Sora said, still standing next to me. He removed my hat and then carefully ran his fingers through my hair until he had a grip and gently pulled it all back out of my face. I almost started purring, savouring the feeling of his fingers through my hair, but the sensation was gone and I reminded myself that I was standing in a crowded room with all eyes on me. I took a deep breath and put my head down, thankful that no one could see how red my face had turned. I moved around in the water, nosing at an apple until I had it cornered. I could barely hear the voices around me counting down. I had five seconds left to get this apple. In a quick movement, I forced the apple down to the bottom of the bottom of the bucket where it had nowhere else to go and I sunk my teeth into the skin. I pulled up just as Tidus shouted, "Time's up!"

I presented the apple to the blond and my peers, earning a collective cheer and a few claps on the back. Sora chuckled as he passed me a towel to dry off while I took the apple out of my mouth and set it on the counter.

"Nice work," he said as he used a napkin to get the water droplets off my forehead. "You really know how to work your mouth." He laughed even harder at the blush that spread across my face. I can't believe he just said that.

"Aw, Sora!" Kairi called as she approached. "You ruined your make-up! I need to fix it!" Sora gave me a pleading look, but I merely shrugged. Kairi latched onto his arm and dragged him away to the bathroom where she could beautify him again. I laughed heartily, at the same time thankful for a moment to recuperate. Oh damn, I was gonna need a cold shower after this night was done. I was going to need more than a shower; I'd need a freezing waterfall to settle down.

Why the hell would Kairi put Sora in such a tempting dress anyway? Worst idea for a costume. Ever!


A/N: Chapter 1 is done! Originally, this was going to be a one-shot, but when I finished writing it, it was over 12,000 words long, so I split it up into two chapters to save people's brains when they read it. The second chapter is on its way. I wanna thank my lovely beta-readers, CloudofLeon, Kishira-sama, and La-fee-de-morte. This story was a complete mess before they came along. :D