Revy and Rock sat opposite one another in the hallway just outside the office. They were both indulging in what might have been the last smoke they'd get in this life.

"So what now?" Rock asked.

Revy exhaled a mouthful of smoke, "We stick to the plan. We go to the docks and try and get the fuck out of here."

"What about Dutch?" Rock asked.

"If we're going to find him now, it'll be at the docks."

"Could he have gone to the Yellow Flag for us?" Rock asked.

"Hard to say. I'm gonna bet that he'd count on us making it outta there." Revy replied as she began to reload her cutlass.

A few moments of silence passed and Rock asked, "Are you okay?"

Her cigarette hung from her lips as she clicked the slide locks. Her cutlass loaded, she nodded and took another drag, "I just…"

"What?" Rock asked.

"When I was younger, after I'd watch a zombie movie I'd find myself thinking about what it might be like to be in a situation like this. I thought it would've been a party; a twenty-four/seven shooting gallery with no rules. Now that it's here, all I know is that three of my friends are dead and we're running out of ammo."

"Not as fun as it looks in the movies huh?" Rock asked.

"Nope." Revy replied as she snuffed out her cigarette between her fingers.

She looked over to his gun and said, "C'mon, let's fill up a couple mags and get the hell out of here."

Rock assisted Revy in loading several magazines for his rifle and before long they were up and about. They descended the indoor fire-escape and once again, Revy cracked the door open to look out. Many of the zombies had scattered away from where she had thrown the two grenades earlier. She took in their surroundings for a moment and put together a plan.

She quietly closed the door and headed back up the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Rock asked.

"I've got an idea, c'mon." Revy shouted.

At the top of the stairs was a small window. Revy tilted the window open and ordered Rock, "Gimme the rifle."

He handed it to her without question and she quickly pulled it tight to her shoulder and took aim down its sights. She counted up the zombies and again checked around her intended path. Looking out onto the roof tops, she could make out a path through the alleys that would lead them to the docks. Finally, she locked onto the thirty closest zombies she could see, a single round for each of them.

When the gunfire ceased, none of the others had taken note of the gunshots, they merely continued to wander and stagger about. She handed the weapon back to Rock who was waiting with a fresh magazine.

Revy filled Rock in on the plan as she headed back down the stairs, "That oughta buy us some time. Just stick as close to me as you can and keep your eyes peeled."

They paused at the door and Revy asked, "You ready?"

Rock pulled the slide back on his rifle, "Ready."

"I'm gonna take the right, you take the left." Revy ordered receiving a nod from Rock.

She pushed the door open and they quickly headed off towards an alley. Neither of them fired off a round unless a zombie was closing in which led them to only spend 10 rounds between them.

"You alright Rock?" Revy called as she darted into the alley.

"Right behind you!" Rock replied.

They continued through the narrow corridors, Revy following the path she had seen from the window. Every now and again scattered gunfire could be heard as they came upon the occasional zombie. With just a few turns left, they were finally coming on the docks when one turn led them to an alley teaming with zombies.

They quickly ducked back behind a wall, Revy quietly commenting on the situation, "Fuck!"

"Did they see you?" Rock asked.

"I don't think so." She checked her bag revealing a single grenade, a belt of rounds for the M4, clips for her cutlass, several empty magazines and a roll of duct tape. A smile formed on her lips as she began to assemble a bizarre contraption.

Rock watched on as she wrapped the belt of ammo around the grenade and tied it off with duct tape, "What are you doing?"

"Stay the fuck back, this is gonna make a mess." She replied as she pulled the pin and threw the device into the alley.

Revy grabbed Rock by his shirt and pulled the two of them further down and away from the alley crossing. Within seconds the grenade burst, firing all of the ammo on the belt at once. The blast from the grenade and the randomly ejected bullets laid complete waste to the zombie horde. Revy and Rock got to their feet and cautiously approached the alley.

Looking upon the carnage, Revy smiled, "Now that's more like it." She turned back to Rock, "It's clear, c'mon let's move."

They continued down the alley and after rounding two more corners, the ocean and the Lagoon were in view.

"There she is." Revy stated with her back to the wall of the alley.

As she went to look out at the street, Rock put his hand on her shoulder bringing her to ask, "What, what is it?"

"Let me. You've stuck your neck out enough for me." He helped her along as they changed places, "My turn."

"Be careful and don't do anything stupid." Revy ordered.

Rock looked out only to find several zombies standing not more than three feet away from him, luckily with their back to him.

He turned back in a panic and Revy asked, "How bad is it?"

"Just three or four but they're right there." He replied.

Wearing quite the look, Revy said aloud, "Is that it?!"

She pulled him out of the way, walked into the street raised a single gun and fired four shots. All four zombies dropped in half a heartbeat and she stood motionless in victory for a moment as Rock looked on her.

"Admit it, you're fuckin' impressed." She said proudly of herself.

"I usually am." He replied, "Now let's go."

Revy and Rock ran off toward the Lagoon without any further incident. They jumped on deck and quickly descended to the cabin, locking the door behind them. For a moment they stood in what they knew to be a safe haven. Surely no zombie would be getting in the Lagoon now.

Revy quickly collected herself and called out, "Dutch!"

They began to look around the ship, checking all of the rooms on their way to the bridge. Revy holstered one of her guns and Rock slipped his rifle across his back as they progressed. Finally they came onto the bridge and immediately noticed cigarette smoke in the air and Dutch's bald head just above the top of his seat back.

They both sighed in relief and Rock walked around the chair to greet their boss. As he just rounded the chair, Revy noticed a pool of blood at its base.

"WAIT ROCK!!" She shouted as Dutch leapt from his seat, tackling Rock onto his back.

She raised her gun but she was too late. The zombie Dutch had become sank his teeth into Rock's neck ripping a massive hole in his flesh, an unearthly wail escaping his lips. After absorbing the severity of what had just happened, she took a single shot putting Dutch down, his limp body falling on top of Rock who was now writhing as he tried to stop the bleeding.

Revy ran over to Rock and pulled Dutch off of him. She forced her hand to his neck to try and slow the bleeding but she knew it would be hopeless. He'd been bitten and in a matter of minutes, he too would be the walking dead. Her eyes quickly filled with tears as she observed Rock's convulsing body.

"Is…it…bad?" He asked through his cries.

She choked back her tears as the last of her crew lay on the ground before her. She struggled with her mind, desperately trying to think of something comforting to say to her colleague.

Unfortunately she was unable to come up with anything of the sort, "It's fuckin' bad. You've been bit, and soon you'll turn into one of them."

Rock chuckled slightly at her lack of bedside manner, "So much for our date huh?"

She laughed through her tears, "No, just…" She tried so hard, "…just shut up. You're gonna be fine, alright?"

"Liar." Rock replied with a laugh.

He pushed her away from him, "C'mon. Get it over with. In a minute I'll be trying to kill you too."

Her tears ran down her cheeks, "It'll be fuckin' easier then."

"Revy, you said it yourself; I'm already dead."

She blinked her tears free and raised her cutlass, "I'm sorry Rock. I'm so fuckin' sorry."

His life fading by the second, she thought for just a second of how he had kissed her that morning. That he didn't want to die never knowing what it would be like and she didn't want him to die without it being real. She knew she might become infected, but with all of her friends either dead or dying, she had nothing to lose as she pressed her lips to his.

She pulled away and he was all but gone as a weak smile came across his face, "So long Revy."

Once again her tears ran free and within seconds, Rock's head fell to its side followed by his hand. Before he could be reborn, Revy pressed the M92 to his forehead, tightly closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. Without thinking for a second of her next action, she pressed the shrouded barrel to her chin forcing her head back.


Revy's eyes opened and her body jerked upright from a bed in the upstairs of the Yellow Flag. The first thing to hit her was her hangover. Her brain was pulsating violently in her skull. The second thing she would come to realize was that she wasn't wearing a shirt, and sure enough, beneath the sheet that covered the lower half of her body, no underwear either. She looked around the room to find Rock lying on his stomach beside her.

As she became more awake, cognizant and aware of her body; she knew what had happened between them.

Her face fell into her palms as she quietly uttered, "Ah fuck…"

Her hands fell to her sides and she stood from the bed, wrapping herself in the sheet. She walked to a window in the room and looked out onto Roanapur. The sun was just coming over the horizon and she saw people walking the streets, driving cars and in true Roanapur fashion, beating the hell out of one another for no apparent reason.

A slight smile came across her face and she returned to the bed. She lay on her back and tossed the sheet over her and Rock. Even through her massive headache, she continued to smile while she retrieved a cigarette from the table at the side of the bed. She lit the cigarette, screwed it into her lips and folded her arms behind her head.

She exhaled a mouthful of smoke through the corner of her mouth and said quietly, "We're not in fuckin' Kansas anymore."

And that's that. If you made it this far I hope you enjoyed it : )