Chapter one:

Chapter one:

I'm on the plane back from visiting my dad for the summer and it is raining heavily. The clouds look like a puff of a smoke coming straight from a lit cigarette. The sky has leaked water over America for the last day and a half. The normal sunny California has been battling of strong winds and has turned into one big flood. And I'm scared silly because as I said before, I'm on a plane and flying in these weather conditions was a mistake that I'm sure I'm going to regret.

My seat belts on and we have just reached full height. On the way up – though the turbulence was hideously bad, shaking the plane so much I thought it would break – I was calmer than to be expected of a fourteen year old girl. A pregnant woman called Marie was sitting next to me. She was eighteen and was flying to England to live with her grandparents for a few months after the baby was born. She was seven months and doctors had only allowed it for a reason unknown to me.

She was exceptionally beautiful any one could see that. She was slightly tanned with flawless skin. Black curl's waved down past her shoulder somehow making her face seem that much prettier, it was the way it shaped it.

She talked to me trying to soothe me and I have to admit she succeeded as I felt a lot better. I found out that the other reason she was staying with her grand parents is because her great grandmother Vera had just passed away and her grandfather Henry was very upset about it. I have a small but quant family and when my aunt Vanessa had died, we all very nearly fell apart.

The pilot just said that we have to have an emergency landing. Uh oh. I think we may have a slight problem on the way down. No scratch that we are going to crash!

"Hey calm down. I'm sure it's fine honey." Maria smiled at me. I nodded already beginning to cry.

The lights turned of and we were spiralling out of the sky towards the city of New York bellow us. Screams were heard through out the cabin. The overhead compartments flung open and bags went flying everywhere. After a minuet everything seemed to go in slow motion. A trolley that the air hostesses use for the food was coming straight for me. I feel blood splurging from the huge gash in my head.

Screams were getting more panicked as the plane lurched forward and plunged into the icy lake. As the water rushes from every angle I can't help but wish for death. Anything than the sharp piercing pains from the water that is rising quicker and quicker by the second, would be better than this. Drifting up out of my seat I try to pry the door open. I swim tying to find another way out, having to swim over dead bodies. Then a broken part of the tile gives weigh. It flies through the air and lands. On me.


"Ugh, what's happened?" I asked as a woman in a nurses uniform worked over me.

"Sweetly let me get your father."


After my father had explained that day about the accident I knew my life was over. I panicked when a blonde thin woman came in the room and kissed my dad. I screamed telling her who did she think she was? I was the told he was her wife and she had been for a year and a half.

The doctors had done more tests on my memory structure and had come up with a heart shattering discovery. I can't remember anything from the last two years. My life is over. How can I go on when I can't remember anything else?

A few months on I occasionally see something that would trigger a flash back – though it never fails to shake me up – it gives me more of my life, the part that I'll never get back fully.


"Why do I have to go?" I moaned to my mum that morning. It was Monday and we had moved to Forks, Washington the week previous. Today I was supposed to be starting the only high school, the only high school within a ten mile radius.

I'm a junior and have been one for a total of six months if I wee in America, but because I come from England I was in my last year, year 11 though I can't remember most details. A few months ago there was a plane crash. I was on that plane flying back from New York, where my dad lives, to London, where my mum lived. Well used to. The plane crashed, my life almost lost. I can remember the flight, the most detailed thing I remember from the past two years.

It wasn't that I was worried about going to school it was the fact that I was the sole survivor, the miracle, so of course that could gain unwanted attention. The pregnant woman only survived long enough in hospital for the baby to be delivered safely. The baby girl has now been adopted, by my step-mum, Kelly. Amanda, the baby, is now my new little sister. I hate seeing her, she looks so much like her mother and every time I see her it's like she knows that I was there and it was somehow my fault I lived and how her mum didn't.

"It's school! That is why you have to go!" She shouted, losing her temper. Mum through my car keys at me and practically pushed me out of the door.

"Thanks!" I said rolling my eyes. I step in to my Audi TT, and put it into drive. The car is something way out of my price range. The compensation money covered this. I've still got about eight thousand from the money left over and then another three thousand from saving every penny I have had since the day I was born. No lie. Though I'm not aloud to use it unless in emergencies and that is why it's stored safely in my bank account. It was very, very hard to get my drivers licence as I wasn't an American citizen.

Pulling up into the car park of my new personal hell, I get out. I instantly feel out of place. My car is the only nice looking car here. The baby blue paint stands out big time, it might as well have a neon sign saying, NEW GIRL HERE! The only other flashy cars here are a red convertible, a Volvo and a sweet yellow Porsche turbo. Hmmm, maybe a future investment could go into a Porsche... Or maybe not. That money is getting added to as soon as I can get a job and move straight back to London and get out of here.

After I got my schedule that I still can't seem to understand because the school systems are different in England, I would have been leaving school this year, but now I have another year and a half. I went to my first lesson. Art.

Everyone stared at me not bothering to hide it. I had to sit next to a girl called Angela Webber. She was very polite asking questions but not prying at all.

"Tory what have you got second period?" She asked quietly.

"English, I think. Sorry these are so different from the ones back home." Everyone's head snapped to me once again.

"What?" I asked looking round.

"It's your accent, hardly anyone knows someone English. Sorry." Angela explained then apologised unnecessarily for our classmate's behaviour.

After morning lessons, painfully slow, it was lunch. I went straight for the food. If I don't eat I get faint. It another weird side affect I guess.

"Hey, I'm Tyler." A hot boy said coming up to me in the lunch cue. He was tall, tanned with amazing brown eyes and a little muscular.

"Hi, I'm Tory Keller." I said waving awkwardly. I brought chips and coke. People here call chips fries. And chips are crisps. They have some fucked up system, but who am I to judge? They probably think that I am crazy thinking they have the fucked up system.

Tyler asked me to sit with him so I did. On the way we walked past a table full of beautiful people and one plain girl.

I got a flashback. I'm in the hospital talking to my dad, who's a doctor and I'm arguing with the girl. Suddenly I'm back in the cafeteria. I start shaking and walk quickly to the table Tyler is at.

"Hey." A number of people say. The say there names but I don't want to hear them. I'm always shaken up by my flashbacks.

"This is Tory Weller." Tyler says jerking his thumb at me. A girl, Lauren I think, gasps as the table looks at her weirdly.

"Aren't you that girl who survived that plane crash?" Her eyes light up.

"Yeah I am." I said sighing.

Every person at the table that I had the flashback faced me, all except for the plane girl. I gulped and ate a 'French fry'. Everyone wanted to know about the crash until a blonde boy called Mike (?) told them to back of. I am grateful for that.

I had gotten a lot of attention the whole time in every lesson. Finally it was last period, and I had History. Somehow through the day I had lost my map. And I was left stranded in a hallway.

"Do you need help?" A sugary sweet voice came from behind me.

She was beautiful, like a model straight out of vogue, a body to die for and clothes that were out of this world. If she had worn a black sack she still would have worked it.

"Yeah..." She took my schedule and started walking down the hall way. I followed not knowing how to talk to her.

"I'm Alice Cullen by the way." She turned round in a way that it made her sharp black spikes go wild. I would kill to look like her, that's how pretty she was.

"Here you are." She smiled as we were in front of a door.

"Thank you. Everyone seems so keen to ask me questions but don't give care when I need help to go to class." I babbled.

"Well, then they clearly aren't your friends, tell them to piss off next time it happens. Ok?" Alice said smiling brightly. I nodded and walked into my classroom.


I was still in a daze when I walked to the car park. Across the sea of cars were the people from the table earlier.

"Staring at the Cullen's?" A disapproving voice came from behind me. I held in a sigh when I saw that it was Jessica Stanley the two faced cow.

"Who are the 'Cullen's'?" I asked suppressing an eye role.

"The people you were just staring at. The hot gorgeous one with the tousled bronzed hair is Edward Cullen. Then we have Jasper Hale the one who is in pain by the looks of it, and is girlfriend Alice, the short one that is incredibly thin! Then there is Emmett, the big muscular one and his girlfriend Rosalie Hail. They are all adopted by Mr. Cullen and his wife. They are so young. Alice, Emmett and Edward are all siblings and Rosalie and Jasper is twins. They were fostered by Mrs Cullen and never left. They moved here from Alaska two years ago." She shrugged her shoulders.

"Who's the brown haired girl?" I asked not bothering to comment on the Cullen's and Hails life.

"Bella Swan." Jess said in a slightly bitter tone with her eyes narrowing towards the plane beauty. "She is Edward's girlfriend they've been together for months now. Don't see what anyone would want her for." She said in resentment. That is it! I have had it up to here with her.

"Will you shut up!? It's so clear you're jealous of her. It's a very good thing you and Mike are together. You're both the same a freaking perfect match, both lusting after people that will never want you. Get a life!" I shout finally losing my temper. All day I've noticed how they glare at their 'love rivals'. God they really need a life, seriously!

The Cullen's were now looking at me again and so were a lot of shocked people standing around us. There was an icy silence until Jess huffed and stormed of across the car lot.

I rolled my eyes and got into my car. All the way home I couldn't stop thinking about the flashback I had. Maybe it was a coincidence? Oh well tomorrow is another day and brings many new possibilities.