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Chapter 3

"Wake up, sweetie wake up. Please?" I heard a small magical voice say. It hurt to listen if I'm honest. I hadn't felt this bad since... the accident. I groaned wishing I could stay asleep for ever.

"Come on now." I felt cold arms lift me up and I shivered at the touch of it. I was placed onto an uncomfortable bed with rustling sheets. I opened my eyes just in time to see Alice Cullen walk away sadness filling her eyes. Jasper, I think, and Emmett, walked away with her hurriedly, as if they weren't breathing.

I was in an ambulance and the sirens were blazing to drive the ten minuet drive to the hospital. There was no need as I was fine. I fell down the hill after ... The truck? ... Hit me? I should remember this! Oh, Lord please don't tell me I've lost more of my life, I thought to my self, suddenly feeling really emotional at the fact more of my life could have been lost.

I was so embarrassed, they all squeezed round me trying to 'fix' me but I was fine. "I'm fine so there really is no need to rush around." I said annoyed. I didn't try to tone my annoyance down either.

"You're bleeding ma'am." A young boy said to me, while trying to stem the now painful river of blood flowing freely out of my head. Uh! Only I would get in an accident on the second day of school.

The door's to the white ambulance swung open and the frosty air hit me square in the face. I wanted to inch under the scratchy cover but I was frozen in place.


After they cleaned me up they said a doctor would be up soon, to stick it up and to give me medication. Like I needed more than I already had. The doctors had already given me tablets to stop awful headaches, the stomach cramps, and to stop my bowels getting worse, so another set would be taking the piss. A beautiful pale white man, with large golden eyes stepped onto the ward I was on. ON his hideous doctor coat was a name tag. Dr. Cullen. This must be the Cullen's adopted father. Well of course he was!

"Hello Tory, I'm Doctor Cullen." He said as he got to work with the fairly large gash on my forearm. "How much medication are you on at the moment?" He asked putting dressing over my arm.

"Huh?" I asked confused. He should know it should be down on the chart. "It should be on the chart, right?" I finished with a question.

"Small time hospitals are slow so we don't know how much to give you, that will mess up the drugs your already taking." He explained smiling softly at me.

"Oh. I've got to take a tablet when I wake up and before bed to stop the headaches. Eight a day for the stomach cramps. The new ones for my bowels means I have to take three in the morning and one at dinner. So ... 2 ... 8 ... 10 ... 13 ... 14. Fourteen tablets a day. It's a lot better as I had to day around forty a day when I was in the hospital.

"Dear me that is a lot. Have you felt differently since the change in medication?" He asked me, studying my face quickly.

"Yeah, I get mood swing often I guess, and the flash backs are far worse although, they have nothing to do with my meds I don't think." I burrowed my eyebrows wondering if it was the medication to blame for my outburst earlier today.

"Hmm, well if I give you a Nurofen capsule box for you to take home you can take them whenever you feel ... unwell." His teeth gleamed as he smiled. He is one sexy man. "Well I hope you feel better. Oh and your mother is outside with your car." He walked of, rendering me speechless.

I slumped of to the waiting room with the box the Doc, had slipped into my bag. I sighed when I saw my mother's panicked expression. Why don't people just through me to the lions? It would be better than having my mum care for me. Again. She over worries, then gets herself in to such a state she'll be like it for ages.

"Mum, I'm ok." I held my arms out and twirled round for her to see I was fine.

"You certainly are not fine! What's underneath that bandage then? Hmm Tory? I'm waiting for an answer." She tapped her foot. I saw my keys in her hand. I took them and walked out in to the parking lot.

"Bye mum, see you at home." I didn't hear her call after me but even I wasn't dumb enough to know I'd be dead by the time I got home.

I get in to the warm dry Audi and sit back on the seat for a while. Not long after I drove out of the lot having no clue as to how to get home. My injured arm was stinging painfully so I had to be careful. After a while I managed to get to the school. Now I knew where to go, I pushed the pedal further down as I got more daring with my arm.

I got home and had a quick bath. Then taking my meds, including the ones the Doc, gave me, I curled down in front of the TV and ordered pizza. When the mushroom pizza arrived I scoffed it down hurriedly while watching The Note Book on DVD. I have watched it loads of times but it never gets old.

After the last line of each character was said, I cried at the sheer romance of it all. I don't think I ha ever cried at a film so much before. Well maybe I cried more at Marley and Me, but in a different way.

That's the sort of love I want to have one day. The beauty of how it makes any doomed relationship work and that in the end, through all the up's and down's they're still there for each other. I really wouldn't mind being in love like that, though because God is cruel to me, I know that I'll never get it, any of it. I just really hope that Forks could be an opening to love, and with the amount of flashbacks I've been having it could help me get that part of my past back. Wish it would hurry the hell up though!


I woke up feeling sick but thought nothing of it. I grabbed an apple and ate it on the way to school as I was in a hurry. I still have no idea what happened to whoever's car that was and if he/she was ok. Guess I'll find out today.

I walked into Art and find Alice Cullen sitting next to my place. Since when was she in this class? I didn't even think she took art. I sat down, careful of my arm and started on the project that the teacher had written on the board. We had to get into pairs and come up with some sort of collage of different things that makes us, us. Danni was already in a pair so I looked around while I nervously fiddled with my pencil.

"Hey, Tory, can I go with you?" The same sweet voice said. I looked up and smiled. Why someone like her wants to be my Art partner, I have no idea.

"Sure. I have no idea what so ever as to do our collage on so... yeah." I laughed shrugging my shoulders she joined me with her musical laugh.

"I was thinking we could do a sunset or something like that." She smiled brightly.

"Yeah and have an African theme, so like a lion in front of a tree of some sort and then the sun set in the back?" I made it sound like a question as I was unsure.

"Yeah that's great." She smiled sweetly once more before we got to work.

Today should be so bad after all!


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