Title: It Was For The Best - Part 2

Rating: M - though there won't be any smut.

Spoiler: New characters will appear, and someone will die.

Summary/Note: The story takes place about 4 years and 4 months after It Was For The Best ended. I know that with Sydney's two missing years, there's often been a question what year we're in, maybe mostly on the show. Well, I didn't really do too well in that area. I just went with the year the show ended, which was in 2006. The King of Thailand's 60th anniversary of his accession to the throne that Sergei went to take pictures of for a week, was an actual event. It took place in the middle of June 2006. But I know that if Sydney disappeared in 2003 when season 2 ended, then It Was For The Best couldn't have ended in September 2006. However, what year we're in is not that important. The months are important. It Was For The Best - Part 2 starts in January and will end on New Year's Eve the same year. Considering Jack and Irina renewed their vows in September, 4 years and 4 months later means that It Was For The Best - Part 2 starts in January with the triplets turning 8 years old in February. I hope all of this makes sense.

Disclaimer: I don't own Alias. It belongs to JJ Abrams, Bad Robot Production, and ABC.

Chapter 1

Jack got up after having just been knocked down. He barely caught his footing before Irina came charging at him again. She swung her fist at him at his face, but he managed to get his face out of the way, grabbing her wrist, turning her away from him and pushing her roughly away.

The minute she turned back around towards him, he came charging at her. He swung his arm towards her, but she caught it holding on to it. He tried kicking her in her ribs, but she was quick on her feet and kicked at his other leg, so that he fell. However, he yanked at his hand, which she was still holding onto, and they both ended up falling down.

She got up first and intended to kick him in the face. But Jack caught her foot right before it made contact with his face, twisted it a bit around and pushed Irina away, which caused her to fall back down again. He got back up and was ready for her next attack.

Irina got up quickly. She eyed Jack for two seconds before she drew her knife that she'd been hiding behind her back. Jack saw her pull out the knife and stared her down even colder than before. They walked around seizing each other up, seeing who would charge first, who would get an opening.

She lunged, the knife at Jack. She lunged, it from side to side, and finally saw an opening and went straight to his heart. He almost didn't catch her wrist in time. They wrestled with the knife from side to side, and Irina managed to push Jack up against a wall. He had a hard time fighting her off, and the knife was only a few millimeters from his throat. He finally got a better hold, and managed to get it far away from his face and any other parts of his body. He kicked at her legs, which made her footing a little uneasy. That helped him to get away from the wall and push them further away. They were still wrestling with the knife, but Jack succeeded in getting it out her hands and it went flying through the air landing far away from them.

Irina then tried to sweep Jack's leg away from underneath of him, but he was quicker and swept her legs away from underneath of her. She was caught off guard and landed on the ground on her back. He quickly got on top of her and pinned her down with his body. She tried to struggle out of his hold on her, but she couldn't. He held on to her too strongly, and she had no way of escaping.

They locked eyes, staring each other down, and if looks could kill, they would both be dead right now.