Story: One Honest Heart

Category: Smallville

Authors: Glassangels2008 & Jonathan Fan

Pairing: Chloe and Olliver


Disclaimer: We do not own the Original Characters of Smallville, just the plot of this story.


Chloe's Pov:

Clark Kent had just walked out of her life again. Chloe stood there watching her best friend walk out of her life again. And she didn't understand completely why. Why would someone give up so easily on themselves and their friends and loved ones? She couldn't ever depend on Clark to always be there for her. Whenever she needed him the most, he would always go running to save Lois or even Lana. But now, Clark couldn't even save himself much less a whole city of helpless citizens of Metropolis.

Clark was gone. So was Davious, and now had died a gruesome death right before her eyes stabbed by Davious himself. Clark had felt guilty that he wasn't there to save Jimmy in time. Clark had so many of his own demons to fight and Chloe couldn't help him with that. Chloe felt like the only reason Clark kept her around was so she could be his sidekick.

Well, she wasn't going to be his sidekick anymore. Chloe wanted to be her own person and not someone's sidekick. Everything she tried to do for Clark never seemed good enough. Chloe decided to put more hours into the Isis Foundation to help young people learn to deal with their abilities. Going over personal files in the lounge area, one girl caught her attention: has telekinses,can start fires for no reason. Her name was Alexis Grace and she was age 20. Chloe decided that she wanted to help this girl. So she made a mental note of doing so. Then she began to lock the place up.

On her way to her car, Chloe for some odd reason, felt nervous tonight. Maybe it was the fact she was alone;or maybe it was because she sensed someone was watching her. Maybe both. Pulling her jacket close, she hurried to the car getting the keys her hands shook. That's when she was grabbed from tried to scream but then a gloved hand went around her mouth.

Oliver Queen stood on the ledge dressed as the Green Arrow. Since Jimmy's funeral earlier today he couldn't get over the numbing guilt over what had happened. Clark had been right and he and the rest of the people Clark called friends had just stomped on his ideas as if they didn't matter.

If they had worked as a team they could have removed Doomsday from Davis and contained Davis before he harmed Jimmy. The pain on Chloe's face when Oliver and Dinah had walked into the house that Jimmy had bought as a wedding gift was going to haunt Oliver's dreams.

Oliver heard a scream that woke him from his reverie. He had remembered when two years before he and Lex had gotten into a fight and he had said he was trying to be a better person. He figured now was a good time to remember what he had said.

Looking down he stared. Chloe was down there! A man had grabbed her from behind trying to snatch her purse. Oliver swung down. "Let her go," Oliver ordered calmly. It was then Oliver got a good look at Chloe's face in the streetlights. Her face was battered and bruised and blood ran from her nose.

The man tossed her aside and pulling a knife out charged at Oliver.

Chloe was so terrified that the man was going to kill her. And he probably would have if the Green Arrow hadn't showed when he did. Chloe's face was full of didn't even want to know how she looked. All she cared about was how she was going to get out of this alive. Getting beaten up by some madman wasn't her type of fun at all. Just as Chloe looked down, blood dripped on her hand from her nose. She wanted to do something about that, slowly she grabbed some tissues from her purse and then dabbed it at her nose. When the man tried to take her purse, Chloe had told him she was broke and had no money. But he refused to believe her and began to beat her. Now when he tossed her aside, Chloe was too sore to get up but she could see the fighting scene before her. Instead of going after her now, the man was after Green Arrow the one who had gone out of his way to rescue her. Chloe looked and saw the man holding a knife and he was charging towards Green Arrow. She had to warn him!

"Green Arrow!" she yelled with whatever strength she had left. "He's armed with a knife! Be Carefull!" Chloe tried to get up again but a wave of dizziness washed over her and she had to lie back down that's when she noticed the stab wound. The man had stabbed her! HE had stabbed her in the side the wound looked minor, but she couldn't saw that the blood was still dripping from the knife and it had boodstains on it. Her Blood.

Oliver hadn't needed Chloe's warning. He had seen the knife before she did and he dodged it before the nab could stab him like he had done Chloe. After knocking the thug out he hurried to Chloe's side. She was nearly unconscious and her shirt was covered in blood on one side.

Chloe moaned as he took her in his arms and she opened her eyes the briefest slit. "He didn't hurt you," She said thickly and smiled weakly as he stood with her still in his arms. She weighed nothing more than a child and she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Just relax, Chloe," Oliver whispered softly as he injected her with some of the gas from one of his sleep arrows. He would take her back to the loft and let Dinah sew up her injury. He only hoped it wasn't as serious as it looked. If he didn't hurry she could bleed to death. Also if she lived it might be a good idea that she didn't see that Oliver was the Green Arrow. He didn't know if he could trust her with his secret or not.

When Oliver brought Chloe up to his loft, Dinah's cell went off while she was at a local Diner nearby having a Donut and some coffee. Oliver told her he needed help with Chloe, who had been injured in a robbery murder told him she'd be there. Soon, she was in Oliver's loft. She saw that he laid Chloe down on his big king size bed. He had taken off his Green Arrow outfit probably before he brought Chloe to his bed. Dinah studied Chloe. The poor girl was in rough shape. Good thing Oliver had been there and saved her soon. Dinah went ahead and tended to Chloe's injuries. She had managed to stop the bleeding from the knife wound, she put some medicine on the wound,then she began to stitch it ,she put a big white bandage on Chloe's wound. She even told Oliver how to keep putting medicine on her wound and to keep it clean.

And to always apply fresh bandage after so many hours. Next, Dinah told Oliver that Chloe's wound wasn't as serious so she didn't need a hospital. Just Oliver's closewatch and supervision. Dinah also examined Chloe's cuts and bruises on her face. Nothing was broken, but Chloe would be sore for awhile she told Oliver. "But since her injuries are only minor, she should make a full recovery". Dinah got up and left leaving the medicine and then left Oliver on his own to look after Chloe.