DISCLAIMER: I don't own Twister, or Beltzer or Haynes.

-After visiting some websites, I learned that Beltzer's name is Tim "Beltzer" Lewis. So that's why Haynes called him Tim. He called her Wendle because I couldn't find a first name for Haynes so I used the first name of the actress who played her.


"Hey Tim." Haynes said as she sat down next to Beltzer.

"You know Wendle," he put emphasis on her first name, "you're the only one who calls me that anymore."

She smiled. "I think you're the only one who remembers I have a first name."

"Well, I'm just smarter than everyone else." Beltzer mocked.

"Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that you're the brains here." She laughed.

"It's alright, just don't forget again." He smiled.

"So, about that tornado." Haynes stated.

"Oh God, please don't even go there. I need to get that thing off my mind. All I've heard all day was 'did you see how that tornado…' and 'wasn't it awesome when the tornado…' and if I even hear someone say 'the suck-zone' even one more time I think I'll throw myself in the next one that comes along." Beltzer said and placed his head against the side of the van he was leaning on.

"Hey, it was the biggest F5 ever. And now we have all the data to draw up since the readings from DOROTHY were astronomical." Haynes said.

"Oh don't remind me about the data. Thinking about that right now is giving me a headache." Beltzer said.

"Alright, so what are you thinking about then if it isn't the data?" Haynes asked.

"I'm thinking about taking a break for a while. You know, like a vacation. A very well deserved vacation." He said.

"Oh? Well, where ya goin'?" Haynes asked as her voice took on a slightly saddened tone.

"Home." Beltzer answered simply.

"Really? That doesn't sound like much of a vacation to me." Haynes smiled as she realized that he wasn't going to be far away after all.

"It sounds like an awesome one to me." He said. "No work, no tornados for a while. Just spending some time alone…man that sounds good to me."

"Being all alone sounds like fun to you?" Haynes questioned. "What am I supposed to do without my partner in crime?"

Beltzer stopped leaning on the van and looked at her. "Maybe you should take a little vacation too." He suggested.

"Nah, spending a week or two all by myself just doesn't sound like much fun." Haynes said.

"Well, you could always spend it with me." Beltzer said as he moved closer to Haynes.

"Oh I could, could I?" Haynes asked.

"Yeah. And then neither of us will be alone." Beltzer said as he closed the gap between the two of them.

"Well, I don't know…"

Haynes never got to finish her thought because Beltzer had pulled her against him and kissed her.

When the kiss was broken Haynes was the first to speak. "Alright, that sounds good."

Beltzer smiled. "I thought it would. Come on. Let's go tell the boss."