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Summary: Olivia is admitted to hospital after being injured at a crime scene. Whilst recovering in hospital she quickly realises all is not right and female patients aren't getting any better, instead they're getting worse, meaning they're staying in longer. For what reason? A certain someone's, sick pleasure…

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Chapter 1

It was a cold, windy and miserable day. The rain pelted the floor and the strong winds forced people to stay inside, those who had the choice at least. Elliot and Olivia were among those who didn't have the luxury of choice. They had to stand out in the rain as they waited for a suspect, in a current case, to let them into their apartment building.

Finally the buzzer rang and the door was unlocked and they were able to go inside out of the harsh weather. Inside, they made their way up five flights of stairs, all the way to the top floor, before finally coming to the suspects apartment. It was Olivia who knocked. "Mr Miller, open up. Manhattan SVU." she called through the door.

They heard banging and clattering and even a bottle smash before three locks were turned and finally Mr Miller opened the door.

Mr Miller was a medium height very, very well built man. He was dirty looking, unshaven and stunk as bad as his apartment did; of stale booze and cigarette smoke, among with some other foul smells.

Both Elliot and Olivia flashed their ID badges to him. "Detective Stabler and this is my partner Detective Benson," Elliot said, "Mr Miller, we'd like to ask you some questions about a rape that occurred within the building." Elliot said.

"I don't know anything about any rape." Mr Miller protested un-cooperatively.

"Well we'd just like to ask you some questions so that we can clarify that for ourselves." Elliot continued, already hating this guy but trying desperately to keep his cool and composure.

"Can we come in?" Olivia asked, using the 'good cop' technique, as opposed to Elliot's more forceful 'bad cop' technique.

They both noticed Mr Miller check Olivia out, taking the time to look her entire body up and down; a smirk plastered on his face. He even took the time to lick his lips. Elliot was ready to cuff the guy now but Olivia used his roaming eyes and obvious attraction to her benefit. "So can we come in?" she said sweetly with a big smile.

Mr Miller stepped aside and held his arm out and welcomed them in. "Be my guest." he said.

Olivia flashed another big smile before walking inside, immediately losing the smile and showing her repulse as soon as she had her back to Mr Miller. She had to quickly force another smile as he shut the door and she turned to face him once more.

Elliot began wandering around the apartment, Mr Miller was so focused on Olivia that he never even noticed Elliot scanning the entire messy apartment. Looking for anything he could.

"So where were you on Wednesday night, Mr Miller?" Olivia asked.

"Here in my apartment." he said, "Alone."

Olivia just smiled, before asking "Anyone who could support that?"

"I just told you, honey, I was alone. Being a lonely bachelor and all."

"Did you leave your apartment at anytime, for any reason or any amount of time?" she asked, losing the sweetness more and more.

"Might have done." Mr Miller said, becoming less 'nice guy' and more annoyed by Olivia's questions.

Olivia suddenly became a little nervous, Elliot had disappeared into one of the other rooms and Mr Miller was becoming slightly unpredictable. He'd moved himself almost right in front of her, he was just arms length away from her. She hadn't even realised she'd moved into a corner in the kitchen and was now trapped in by him. Slowly and as subtly as she could, she began moving her hand nearer to her belt, nearer to her gun.

"You women are all the same, showing off what you have so you can get what you want, then when you have it, you shut us out. You all think you can do it!" Mr Miller growled quietly, so as not to alert Elliot.

Olivia wasn't saying anything. She had done just that, flirted till she had gotten the questions she needed out of him. She was now just praying Elliot would walk in. She suddenly noticed a big kitchen knife lying on the counter in the small gap between her and Mr Miller, she could see he had noticed it too. She hated that she hadn't picked up on it earlier, how could she have been so stupid. They both looked at each other, then the knife, then quickly back at each other before they both reached for the knife.

Mr Miller was quick, quicker than Olivia had thought he would be. He swung his arm out, hitting her face with the back of his hand, hard. Smack. Olivia fell into the cupboards, she wasn't prepared as Mr Miller grabbed her arm and whipped her round so she was facing him, she was even less prepared as he thrust the knife into her stomach. All she could do was scream as blinding pain hit her all over her body.

Elliot, who was in the bedroom, having found evidence, items that the victim had reported missing; that Mr Miller had taken as souvenirs. His blood ran cold as he heard Olivia's pain-filled scream. He quickly ran back into the main area of the apartment, only to see Mr Miller swing the knife at Olivia again, this time he stuck the knife in just below her shoulder, in her chest.

Elliot didn't hesitate in pulling out his gun and aiming it right at Mr Miller. A clear shot to his shoulder had him collapsing on the floor, on his knees. Elliot ran over to him and pulled him away from Olivia, leaving him to fall onto the floor, lifeless.

Elliot caught Olivia as she fell into his arms. She was gasping and whimpering in pain. Elliot fell onto his knees, holding onto Olivia as he lowered her to the floor. He quickly ripped his jacket off and scrunched it up before placing it on the bleeding wound on Olivia's stomach. She cried out in pain as he grabbed her other arm and pushed her hand down onto the wound. "Liv, add pressure." he told her.

He quickly placed his hand over her other wound whilst, using his free arm, he pulled out his cell phone and dialled 911. "I need a bus now! Officer down, she's been stabbed, hurry…!" he said frantically before reeling off the address and then placing his cell down on the floor and pressing his now free hand down on top of Olivia's, adding much needed pressure to her bleeding wound. "Hold in there Liv, you're gonna be ok, I promise you you'll be fine…"

He prayed he was right.


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