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Chapter 8

Elliot shut the refrigerator door using his foot. He then walked through Olivia's apartment holding a tray. On it was some chicken and salad sandwiches and a fruit salad he had prepared for her, as well as some ice water.

He balanced the tray in one hand and knocked on her bedroom door and then waited for an answer. He stepped back when a nurse stepped out of her room. "All done?" he asked her.

"Yup and I'm pleased to say that all signs of infection are gone, she's healing up great. Must be all the care you're giving her, you and the rest of your squad. She should be up and running next week, then maybe you can sit down and she can run about after you." the nurse said with a smile.

"As soon as she is up and running she will want to be back at work, believe me." he said with a smile before he walked into the bedroom and over to the bed.

"See you tomorrow!" the nurse shouted as she left.

Elliot walked right up to Olivia who was sat up in bed, looking fresh and most importantly healthy. "Were you flirting with my nurse again?" she asked him playfully.

"I've told you Liv, it's her who flirts with me. She has her eyes on me. If she was my nurse I would be worried." Elliot said, suddenly hearing the words in his head. "Oh shit, Liv I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that."

"El, it's fine." she said. "Speaking of, has Bauer been found yet?"

Elliot looked at her. It killed him to have to tell her no, "I'm sorry, Liv, no. No one has any idea where he's gone and his mother still isn't speaking."

Olivia nodded and began picking at the sandwich he had made her. "He could be anywhere by now." she said knowingly. It scared her to think of who he could be hurting.

"Liv, wherever he is, he won't get away with what he's done. The son-of-a-bitch is going to get what's coming to him." Elliot said.

He had no idea just how right he was.


London, England. 2 months later.

Lydia Simmon's had been administered to the Royal women's hospital just under a week ago. She'd been mugged walking home from the bar she worked at and although her mugger had only snatched her bag he had stuck a kitchen knife into her side to stop her from running off to find help.

A kind Samaritan had however drove past and took her straight to hospital. She had liked the hospital, the nurses were lovely, all doing as much as they could to help her recover. There was just one person she didn't like, her Dr, Dr Mercer. He was hot, no doubt about that but she had instantly thought something was off about him. The way he limped made him seem even more creepy.

Then one night something happened that made her skin want to crawl right off her body. She was half out of it from pain medication but she had woke to a throbbing between her legs and could only watch in silence as Dr Mercer limped out of her room, zipping up his trousers. She'd woke up to find her breasts bruised some mornings and now this. She knew instantly what he'd done to her, what he had been doing to her, and there was no way in hell that he was going to get away with it.

The next night she tongued her meds and spat them out as soon as the nurse had left. She had a vase of flowers next to her bed. She wasted no time in getting up off her bed and emptying the flowers into the sink in her small private room. She then poured out the water in the vase and returned to her bed only to pull one of the blankets off it.

Next, she crouched down, the movement hurt but determination kept her down. She swung the wrapped up vase against the floor and felt it crumble in the blanket. It had smashed without making any noise that could attract attention.

She opened up the blanket and took out a large shard of glass, she tucked the blanket under her bed. Then, after preparing herself she climbed back into bed. It seemed like she had just lay down and pulled the blankets over herself when the door opened, in actual fact it had been a little over an hour, she was somewhat groggy from the sleep she had fallen into. She shut her eyes tight again, thankfully the darkness of the room meant that Dr Mercer hadn't seen her do so.

He walked in and quietly shut the door behind him. She heard him walk over to her bed, his limping leg making a shuffling sound as he moved closer and closer. She would love to know how he had come to have a limp so young.

She listened as he picked up her chart, flipping the pages, she presumed without reading it. He returned it and made his way round to the side of the bed. Her heart was pounding, it was sooo loud, she prayed he couldn't hear it. She had the piece of glass hid under her hand which was lay flat on the bed next to her.

She felt a sudden draft as Mercer rolled the blankets down. She wanted to move now but she couldn't yet, she knew evidence would be vital for what she was about to do, so she lay perfectly still as he climbed up onto the bed, straddling her.

She remained still as he pushed her gown up and pulled her panties aside. She forced herself to stay still when he thrust himself into her, but suddenly fear began to take over, she felt frozen, she wanted to stop him but she was scared out of her wits. Her plan would fail because she was scared frozen.

"You filthy bitch!" Mercer muttered as he thrust into her again and again, his American accent strong.

His words pissed her off and she opened her eyes, staring straight into his. It shocked him, he now froze. He wasn't expecting her to move so didn't react as her arm moved beneath him, he just made a quiet yelp as he felt something sharp stab him, right in his groin.

Lydia pushed herself up, pushing Mercer off her, he landed on the floor, making an odd gurgling sound as he held himself, blood quickly pooling around him. She got up and pushed her gown down. She then ran over to the sink and grabbed the flowers. She ran back over to where she had stashed the blanket with broken glass in earlier and shook it, sending the glass crashing nosily to the floor, she then threw the flowers down on top of the glass.

To anyone else it would look like a struggle had occurred, the vase had been knocked off during the struggle and that she had grabbed some glass that had landed near by to use as a weapon.

"Help!" she screamed before pushing the emergency help button above her bed.

"Bitch!" Mercer aka Dr Bauer muttered to her, his voice weak.

"Go to hell!" she muttered back. "Help me!" she screamed again.

Three nurses and another Dr suddenly ran into the room, they all froze seeing the sight in front of them.

"Please help me," Lydia begged as she stumbled over to the nurses and Dr, purposely stepping on the broken glass, cutting her feet and so adding to the drama. Her hand had also been cut when she had stabbed Mercer so she held it out, bleeding, as she fell into one of the nurse arms.

"He was raping me, the vase broke I stabbed him. I just wanted him off me." she cried, tears streaming down her face.

"Oh my god!" the nurse cried, "Come on Sweet-heart, come with me. You're safe now." she said leading her out of the room.

The other's ran over to check on Mercer but it was already to late, he had lost too much blood and after a few more gurgles he died.

As the nurse led her into another room Lydia was smiling, but only on the inside. She'd stopped a monster, she'd also put on a good show, she was quite the actress. Her drama class would be proud.


4 days later.

Elliot walked into Olivia's apartment. He had come to give her a lift into work but he had also come with news that Cragen had passed onto him, believing him to be the best person to tell Olivia.

"I'll be two minutes, just gotta find my jacket." she said. "How was the drive over? Traffic bad?" she asked as she walked into her bedroom.

"Typical New York traffic." he replied.

Olivia walked back into the living room where Elliot stood. She had her jacket half on when she saw the look on his face.

"What?" she said as she finished putting her jacket on.

"Sit down." he told her as he did.

"Elliot, what's up?" she said, not sitting down as he had instructed.

"It's about Dr Bauer." he told her.

She looked at him, biting her bottom lip suddenly. His name made a cold chill travel down her spine. After a minute she sat down on the chair opposite him. She wanted to say something but didn't know what to say so instead Elliot just carried on.

"Liv… Dr Bauer's dead. He was discovered in London, England. He attacked a woman, she stabbed him and he died." he told her, watching her face.

"Is she okay?" she asked.

"She'll be fine. It's being classed as self-defence."

"He moved straight onto somewhere else and pretty much picked up where he left off, that son-of-a-bitch!" she said with tears in her eyes, threatening to fall.

Elliot looked at her. "You said you hoped what he got coming to him. Let's just say if he had survived the stabbing, he wouldn't have been able to rape anyone ever again."

Olivia looked at him, confused until it clicked in her head what he meant. "Oh…Ouch." she said, unable not to laugh. "I'd like to shake this woman's hand."

"Yeah, like wise. At least now we know he can't hurt anyone else."

"True. I think part of me would have liked to have seen him rotting in prison." Olivia confessed.

"Well, he's still going to rot. In a cold, wet grave." Elliot told her.

Olivia wiped a tear that had stayed down her cheek, she then sighed. "We're late. We should get going."

"Cragen told me to take you for something to eat."

"Really?" she said with a smile.

"Actually no, he told me to take you for coffee but I'm hungry so you can come with me to get something to eat."

"Does that mean you're buying."

"Only if I can drive." he said as he got up and walked over to the front door, holding it open for Olivia who stepped through.

"Sure, if you promise not to drive like an old woman." she smirked as she walked past him.

Elliot just smiled at his best friend and partner as he pulled the front door shut.

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