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Author notes: I own nothing. Takes place seventh season of Buffy

Andrew's eyes darted about as he flattened his back against the wall, looking furtively around himself and listening hard for the sound of approaching footsteps. One hand stuffed in his pocket, clinched protectively over its contents, he waited for a few moments, his heart thudding. Wishing he had supersonic hearing, or maybe the gift of invisibility, he waited several more seconds- but still no sight or sound of the Undesirable Foe. It seemed he was in the clear.

Taking a deep breath, looking around quickly one last time, Andrew stepped forward, beginning to almost jog down the hall toward the bathroom, where he could be guaranteed temporary privacy. Even though Giles had taken the Potentials out for a field exercise, he knew others were lurking about- including the Undesirable Foe- and might just be waiting, biding their time to stop him. He would have to move faster than a speeding bullet- with more stealth than a-

"Hey, Andy," drawled a rather husky female voice behind him, and Andrew screamed, jumping forward in total shock at the sound. "Whatcha got there?"

It's too late, Andrew thought wildly, his eyes widening, she's already seen me, she's already got me…I'll never get away now, my sneaky plan of genius measure is ruined…

"Stop trying to edge away, you're not gonna outrun me, and you know it," Faith said, snorting in amusement, and she slunk around to face Andrew, taking her time in maneuvering herself before him. Andrew gulped, his eyes doing a jerky glide down the length of her scantily clad form before hurrying back up to look at her widely grinning, rather amused face. His hand tightened further around the contents of his pocket as he hoped to himself and whatever forces currently surrounded his being that she wouldn't notice the convenient location of his hand.

But of course Faith noticed. Faith always noticed things like that.

Her grin widening, eyebrows rising further, she leaned in closer to Andrew, almost in his face as she said again, "Soooo… let's try again. Whatcha got there, Andy?"

"Nothing!" Andrew said quickly, his voice rising, and he tried to look away from Faith's steady gaze, but he was too intimidated to actually try to back away from her. "I have nothing…there is nothing that I have, most especially in my pocket-"

"Right, because I so believed you the last time you tried that," Faith cut him off, rolling her eyes. "You know the rules, man. You got 'em around me, then you're gonna be sharing, or else I'm gonna have to knock you down and snatch 'em outta your hand so you don't have to share at all, since you won't be /getting/ any at all. Sooo…which one's it gonna be?"

Pouting, mumbling in agitation to himself under his breath, Andrew very reluctantly withdrew the small yellow package from his pocket. He hesitated, his fingers still wrapped around it protectively; in response to Faith's impatient throat clearing, he tore open the M&Ms, very unhappily pouring half into her cupped hands. Faith grinned again, giving him a cheery nod of the head, eyes glinting.

"Thanks a heap, Andy!"

Stuffing them into her mouth all at once, she swaggered down the hall, and Andrew looked down unhappily at the remainder of candy in his bag. She had taken all the blue ones, and she KNEW those were his favorite…how did she always end up with the blues?