Title: Waiting For a Girl Like You (1/1)
Author: StrangeVisitor

Rated: R
Fandom: Supernatural, Smallville & Highlander.
Verse:Immortal!Dean in the Firefly Universe
Characters: Dean Winchester, Richie Ryan, Chloe Sullivan and Duncan MacLoed
Pairing: Dean/Chloe
Disclaimer: The characters you know and love all belong to their respective creators.

A/N: Chloe in this 'verse is borrowed from pen37's Chloe and the Immortals verse

Summary: After finding Chloe again, Dean is still trying to figure out exactly what they mean to each other.

Chapter 3 by StrangeVisitor: Waiting For a Girl Like You

Duncan hated goodbyes, most Immortals did. Sometimes it seemed like life was one long series of goodbyes. Knowing that Chloe and Methos were leaving today, he'd slipped out early to make a restocking run for the Impala.

As he approached the ship, he was surprised to see Richie standing on the ramp to the ship with duffel on his shoulder.

"Going somewhere, Rich?"

"Thought I'd travel with the old man for awhile."

Duncan let his surprise show. "You and Dean have a fight I don't know about?"

"Nope," Richie quipped, a big smile on his face.

Duncan was missing something. He stared at Richie who tilted his head down the road and it became clear why the younger Immortal was taking off. Dean was approaching; he had one arm wrapped around Chloe's shoulder and the other pulled a rather large piece of luggage. "About damn time Dean got it right."

Richie laughed. "No kidding. But I have no desire to fly around the verse watching those two get better acquainted."

"Duncan, you're back," Chloe said as she approached the two Immortals. "Did Richie tell you we're swapping places?"

"He did, but are you sure you want to spend more time cooped up with this guy?" Duncan pointed a thumb at Dean.

"Hey! You've spent the better part of the decade 'cooped up with me'," Dean reminded him.

"And Duncan still has his sanity. Amazing," Chloe snarked. "I think I'm safe. Besides it'll be good for Methos break in a new sidekick."

"I am not a sidekick," Richie protested. But it was clear his three friends were trying very hard not to laugh. " Hoo-tsuh . I'm not!"

"Hate to break it ya, Rich, but you've always been ours." Dean threw a knowing smirk at Duncan

Richie looked at Duncan who nodded his approval of the moniker. "Chur ni-duh, Mac," he snapped before swinging his glare to Chloe.

"Welcome to the club," she quipped.

"Chloe, you traitor."

"Just remember the hero can't escape the villain's lair with out his trusty sidekick. Or in Methos' case, rebuild his own engine."

Richie sighed, reluctantly acknowledging his status in the Immortal hierarchy. "I'll remember that." He stepped up to Dean holding out his hand. "Until the next crisis."

"Take care of yourself, dude." Dean clasped Richie's hand.

"You coming, Mac?" Richie asked.

Confusion crossed Duncan's face. "Riding around the 'verse with the old man? I don't think so," he laughed

"You sure, Mac?" Dean pushed. "I mean, Chloe and I would love to have you – "

It was very clear from the look on Dean's face that he actually wouldn't love to have Duncan tagging along. Mac felt like smacking his forehead as he recognized his potential third wheel status and backed off from his earlier declaration. "On second thought, Methos does need someone to keep him honest."

"Very true," Chloe agreed. "He needs people around to annoy him; prevents him from becoming Mr. Antisocial-Crankypants."

Mac looked back at the hover car of supplies he was toting. "Help me get this stuff offloaded and I'll be out of you hair."

"I'll just go tell Methos you're coming too." Richie gestured over his shoulder as he backed away from them.

"Hey, no shirking you duties!" Dean called after him.

"I'm not your sidekick anymore, Dean."

"Jien tah-duh guay! Get back here and help, Richie."

Laughing, Richie gave a cheeky salute before hurrying toward Methos' ship.

"He makes a good point," Mac said as he headed up the ramp leaving the cart parked in front of the ship.

"Now, where are you going? You have to help me unload the provisions."

Duncan shrugged like it was obvious. "Gotta pack."

"But – " Dean point to the pile of supplies.

"Not your crewmate any more," Duncan laughed.

" Hwoon dahn !"

"If you want, I can stay. I'm sure Methos doesn't need both me and Richie annoying him." Duncan paused on the ramp waiting for Dean to concede.

Sighing, Dean waved a hand at him to keep going. "Kwai chur hun-rien duh di fahng."

"Thought so," Duncan quipped as he headed in to the bowels of the ship.

Dean had spent the better part of an hour securing the supplies for take off while Chloe unpacked her stuff.

He walked down the corridor surprised to see the hatch for Richie's old bunk open. "Chloe?" He called down into the opening.

"Down here." She stepped closer to the small metal ladder that led up to the passageway so he could see her. "Just finishing up."

"Yeah, that's great." He hesitated. He'd just assumed that when she's agreed to travel with him that they'd be sharing a bunk. He wanted to ask her what she was doing in Richie's bunk but chickened out from confronting her and instead he gestured over his shoulder. "I'll just go make us some lunch before we take off."

Dean was hoping she would stop him; explain why her stuff wasn't in his bunk. Instead she just nodded and with a bright, "I'll be right there," stepped out of view.

Feeling a little confused, Dean headed into the galley. He grabbed some tubers from the bin and began chopping the vegetables; using the mindless activity of food preparation to help focus his thoughts.

It's not like he expected to find her lying naked on his bunk…Ok maybe he hoped he'd find her lying naked on his bunk…but he certainly didn't expect that they'd go tooling around the verse as platonic friends, which was what her choice of residence implied. Gorammit he didn't want Chloe as that kind of friend; he had Duncan and Richie to hang out with if all he wanted was another buddy. He wanted more from Chloe. In fact, he wanted the full complicated relationship treatment.

That thought should have scared him but somehow it didn't. He'd spent the past centuries hopping from bed to bed. He'd never really had anything that could be called a meaningful relationship. Even his one time affair with Amanda had never been more then two people enjoying each other's company in bed. Besides he suspected she'd only done it to make Duncan jealous.

Dean shook his head trying to get his thoughts back on track. Chloe – Relationship –Those two words felt right together. But suddenly it appeared that Chloe didn't feel the same way and if she didn't, why had she kissed him and why had she agreed to travel with him?

"I think you've beaten them into submission," Chloe said as she walked into the galley.

Dean looked down at the pulverized vegetables and grimaced when he realized he'd practically pureed them in his frustration over the situation. "Guess so," he admitted.

She walked over and leaned against the counter to look up at him. "Maybe I should take over."

Dean put the knife down, threw his hands up and stepped away. "It's all yours."

Chloe didn't move; she just stood there a quirky smile on her lips like she had a secret. If she was waiting for him to figure it out, she'd be waiting a long time because he had come to the conclusion that he had no clue as to what she expected of him. As the silence stretched between them, Chloe's grin broadened and he was sure she was enjoying his discomfort.

"So," he said clearing his throat. "You all settled into Richie's old bunk?"

"My stuff is."

Dean didn't quite understand her reply. Did she mean that because she was standing here, she wasn't in the bunk? Was that supposed to be some kind of pun? "Yeah, I guess those quarters are kind of small compared to your place on Methos' ship."

"Yours is actually bigger, but I found plenty of space for all my stuff." Chloe continued to smile at him.

What did that mean? he wondered. The woman was driving him crazy. Was she flirting with him or simply trying to establish platonic boundaries? He hated these games and maybe that's why he'd avoided relationships in the past. Knowing or caring what the other person wanted had never been his strong suit. He always knew what he wanted. And right now he wanted to sweep her off her feet, carry her to his bunk and find out what she looked like naked and writhing under his touch. But as for what Chloe wanted – well, he'd never been a mind reader.

Dean needed to escape; to get away from her before he acted on those impulses which would probably send her running back Methos. He backed away toward the cockpit. "I guess...I mean if you're making lunch, I should get the Impala into the black."

Her smile fell a little. "Oh…sure," she said quietly as she turned back toward the counter and the ruined vegetables. "I'll be here, if you need me."

Suddenly, Dean wondered if he'd missed some hidden meaning in her words; what she'd really been implying with all that talk about her stuff. He walked up behind her and laid a hand gingerly on her shoulder. She immediately reached up to caress it with her own as she leaned back into him.

Everything about her body language told him she wanted him close, but she was still a bit of a mystery. He steeled himself for a disappointing answer as he asked, "Why did you put you stuff in Richie's bunk?"

He felt her straighten and she spun around to face him. "Because you didn't leave me any drawers in yours."

It took him a moment to register her words and that the mirth had returned to her eyes. "You mean…that is - " he hesitated hoping she'd fill in the blanks, but she obviously wasn't going to make this easy for him. "You'll be sleeping in my bunk."

She placed a hand on his chest and trailed it suggestively up to his cheek. "I kind of hoped we'd be doing more than sleeping."

Finally a straight answer. He moved his arms around Chloe's waist pulling her to him. He captured her mouth in his and she willingly responded, allowing him access.

Her arms reached up to circle his neck. She moaned as he deepened the kiss and that was all the invitation he needed to continue to plunder her mouth. He felt her melt into him as he ran his hands down her back resting them around the curve of her bottom.

He needed her naked now. When he broke the kiss, Chloe looked a little disappointed and confused until Dean spun her in his arms and lifted her easily from the floor. As he maneuvered them out of the galley and down the corridor, Chloe threw her arms around his neck and began showering his chin and cheeks with gentle kisses.

When her kisses reached his lips, he slowed his steps to return her attention and focus on the feel of her tongue intertwining with his. Upon reaching the hatch to his quarters, he ended the kiss and reluctantly set her on her feet, knowing he couldn't carry her down the ladder. She gazed up at him, lips swollen, a slight flush to her skin and a hungry look in her eyes. She was beautiful. He smacked the button to open the hatch.

"What about dinner?" She teased.

He pulled her close. "Dessert first."

"I think –"

Dean crushed his mouth down on hers. He didn't want to know what she was thinking; thinking was not allowed. He finished the kiss. "No more talking," he said as he guided her to the hatch.

Chloe just nodded and quickly moved down the access ladder to his bunk. Dean smiled as he watched her disappear. Within in five minutes they would both be naked and living out the fantasies he'd been nurturing for weeks. At this rate they might never make it off Persephone and really that wasn't a bad plan either.

Some Firefly Slang
Chur ni-duh. – Screw you
Hoo-tsuh – Shut up - No Way!
"Jien tah-duh guay!" – Like hell!
Hwoon dahn – Jerk
Kwai-chur hun-rien duh di fahng – Go far away very fast – Just leave