Hi there, Layman speaking.

I had this idea one day that I think I should follow up on, but I wanted to see what all of you out there in fandom think of it. You ready?

A Maximum Ride parody of Higurashi; no Naku Koro ni.

I mean if you think about it, all the ground work is already layed to assimilate the characters from MR into the quaint little demon town of Hinamizawa.

Let me explain....

(For the record, some of my choices are based off of the Max Ride Manga, [which is a must read for anyone who likes both Maximum Ride and manga], and others are based off the books. FYI)

Max=Mion/Shion. If you think about it, this would really work out perfectly (Can anyone say Max II?). All you really have to do is give each of them different clothes and hairstyles and you would be set. Oh, and they have to act differently and have different interests.

Fang=Keiichi. Another shoe-in, seeing as how Fang most closely resembles the main portagonist of the afore mentioned Romance/Comedy/Horror series. His emo factor is going to be turned down a bit, but for the most part I still plan on making him the same old Fang.

Iggy=Tomitake. Hmm, how can he be a photographer and still be blind? Well, he can't, so he'll be able to see in this.

Nudge=Rena. If there are any die-hard Fax fans reading this, or if you're Keiichi/Rena, don't get the wrong idea. (I'll expain more in a minute.) As for the character, here's why; excitable, like cute things, somewhat clueless, among other things.

Angel=Rika. Does this one really need an explanation? Fine, I'll give you one; both cute, like to comfort others, and have things going on inside their heads that no one on earth can understand or even fathom.

Ella=Sakoto. Devious, not touched upon much in either series, I guess it could work.

Dr. Martinez=Mrs. Meabara. Because we need a motherly figure in here, that's why.

Jeb=Detective Ooishi. Is mostly a background character, can't easily figure out what his part in everything is, and because they're both the guys who you just love to hate.

Brigid Dwyer=That nurse that hang out with Tomitake all the time. Arm candy.

Gazzy=Satoshi. Starting to run out of paralels here. Let's just say that both he and Satoshi are older brother to one of the mains in their respective series. (Gazzy/Angel, Satoshi/Sakoto.) Other than that, he's the last of the mains that didn't have a roll yet.

As for the plot, it's going to follow the same general structure Higurashi; no Naku Koro ni-Onikakushi and Wantanagashi; begins in small, out of the way town, possible romance buds, discovers gruesome secret beneath quaint facade, friends become enemies, many gruesome deaths, and finally the conclusion that makes you stay awake for nights on end waiting for it to happen to you.

By the way, Fang, Iggy and Gazzy will be using the names Nick, Jeff and Zepher respectively.

So what do you think of all this? Well, there's a little button beneath this paragraph that will let you speak your mind, so use it liberally people! And if anyone wants to help write this, use said same button to drop a line. (If you don't have an account, send me a private message with your Email enclosed so I can respond).

The first chapter should be up soon, so keep your eyes pealed. (And by that, I mean put this story on alert, people!)