Hello dear readers, its the Layman speaking to you. Unfortunately though its to bring you some rather dissapointing news.

OK, here goes; about a week or two ago the hard drive on my computer absolutely crashed, drestroying all documents that I hadn't posted yet. In short, most of my ongoing stories are now indeffinately suspended until such time that I feel the muse strike me to write for them again.

Pretty much the only one of my stories I'll be continuing (and this is becasue only one half-finished chapter for it was lost) is my Bleach fanfic "Cold Fuzz". Along with that I'm writing something for a good author friend of mine, Alex McMullen; I'll also try to be reconstructing that.

Anyways, I'm immensely sorry to all of you following my other stories; no one is more distraut over their suspension than me, and I hope to eventually return to them and continue their (mis)adventures. (Though I wouldn't hold your breath for that to happen soon.)

Most sincere apollogies, The Layman.