1 – Introduction

Hey fan readers I wanted to give you a little back ground on this fan fiction story. This story is sort of a fusion of Yugioh and Ghost Rider. In no way shape or form do I own the characters associated with Marvel and/or Yugioh. Here is the break down of the Yugioh cast and whom they will be portraying in the story. Playing the part of Ghost Rider will be Yugi Moto/Atem Yami – a spirit of vengeance whom punishes criminals whenever innocent blood is spilled. Playing the part of Caretaker will be Maxamillion Pegasus – a stranger whom acts as a guide and instructor whom seems to know a lot about the spirit of vengeance. Playing the part of Punisher will be Seto Kaiba – after loosing both of his brothers due to a gang shooting and desperate for vengeance against the criminals, the Punisher uses his vast resources to punish criminals. Playing the part of Doctor Strange will be Merik Ishtar – once a brilliant young doctor whom lost the use of his hands after a fatal accident, he became desperate to regain the use of his hands. He sought the aid of a mystic whom told him that he was destined to become the sorcerer supreme teaching him the mystic arts. Playing the part of Blade will be Bakura Ryou – born half human/half vampire, he hunts down killing vampires in order to protect humans. Playing the part of Daredevil will be Joey Wheeler – being blinded by unknown radioactive chemicals, he kind of developed a 'radar sense' which combines all of his enhanced remaining senses allowing him to see without seeing. And playing the part of Wolverine will be Duke Devlin – a mutant with extraordinary healing capabilities and a laced adamantium skeleton with extendable adamantium claws, he also possess heightened senses. The villians that will appear will be various Ghost Rider villians from all of the comic book series (from past to present). I will appreciate any and all comments as I hope that you will enjoy this story!