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30 – the final journey

The Midnight Sons watched as Yugi collapsed after Atemu had used his powers to call upon the three gods of the shadow realm to destroy and defeated Zarathos. Finally it was all over. Pegasus walked over picking up the unconscious teen.

"The mystic items belong to you. If you ever truly have any children, pass the items onto them. That way if Atemu ever needs them again, he will be able to call upon the next generation for the power of the Midnight Sons." stated Pegasus. Merik used his magic to transport everyone home.

"I will stay with you Caretaker in order to help Yugi and Atemu." stated the sorcerer.

"Thank you Doctor Strange." replied Pegasus as Merik opened up a portal back to Caretaker's place.

ONE WEEK LATER...Yugi regained consciousness feeling sore and stiff. A smile stretched across Yugi's face as he had finally completed the prophecy. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he could see a dark magician who just nodded his head at Yugi. Tears began to streak down Yugi's face as he watched the dark magician vanish. Yugi couldn't understand why he was crying for.

*I can't believe that he became the dark magician. I guess even after death he was still keeping his promise of looking after me.* Atem stated in the back of Yugi's mind.

*Wait are you telling me that was Mahad? The first Caretaker?* asked Yugi.

*Yes it was Yugi. Now that the prophecy has been completed and we have become whole, I am not certain what to do anymore. But I can still feel the need to protect the innocent and to avenge the innocent blood that has been spilled.* stated Atem.

*That is your calling as the spirit of vengeance. Probably not here but somewhere out there somebody still needs you. I say that we leave Domino City and travel in order to help as many innocents as we can.* stated Yugi.

*Are you certain Yugi?* asked Atem knowing that the teen would be leaving his grandfather behind.

*I am certain that grandpa will understand.* replied the teen.

*If you are sure about this then I won't argue with you.* replied Atem.

It took Yugi several days more to recover. Before he left, he thanked Pegasus for everything. Yugi then went home to tell his grandfather his plans.

"If you and Atem are certain that you want to do this then I won't stop you. I am proud of you Yugi and what you are doing. Most would have shrugged from this duty and destiny. But you didn't, you embrased it." Solomon stated hugging the teen. Tears fell from Solomon's eyes knowing that he may never see Yugi again.

"Grandpa, I love you and I was happy during the time that I lived here with you. I won't ever forget you." Yugi stated as he went to pack his things for the road. After bidding his last farewell, Yugi set out. Yugi stopped to see several of his newfound friends and allies thanking them for everything.

They say that the spirit of vengeance never dies. If you happen to see a trail of Hellfire and feel something hot breathing down your neck. The chances are that you have just had or are about to have a close encounter with the spirit of vengeance. Whenever innocent blood has been spilled and the innocent needs to be protected you will find him. He is known by many names. The spirit of vengeance, the Dark Rider, Atem but his true name will forever go down as Atemu, the savior of the innocent!