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Time warped around her and a girl fell to the ground, barely catching herself. She looked up through her black hair quickly to see if anyone saw her and was relieved when nobody was close enough to notice the flux. She wiped her hair out of her face and flipped into a tree behind her, searching for a specific chakra. Her senses picked out the one she was searching for and she turned, dashing off.

Sasuke walked home from ninja school in the afternoon planning on making a quick dinner before going to train. His graduation test was coming up in a couple days and he needed all the training he could get with some ninjutsu. He scoffed lightly and brushed his long bangs back. What was he thinking? He didn't need the training, but a little never hurt. Nothing else to do, right?

Sasuke sensed a quickly approaching presence and he turned just in time for someone to slam right into him. He and the stranger fell with a cry to the ground, tumbling over each other down the hill. They came to a rest at the bottom, groaning. Sasuke shook his head and sat up, glaring as the other person did the same. Sasuke felt his breath hitch slightly.

It was a girl. She had midnight black hair and pale skin not unlike his own. Sasuke, in a moment of stupidity, thought for a second that they might be related, until he saw her eyes. They were purple. Her outfit consisted of a purple tank over a fishnet shirt and black cargo pants.

The girl scowled and yelled, "Nice going, asshole! You shouldn't get in people's way like that!" She glared at the ground and rubbed her head angrily.

"You're the one who ran into me." Sasuke growled back. "You need to watch where you're going." The girl looked up and blinked in surprise.

"Oh!" She grinned. "I was looking for you!" Sasuke raised an eyebrow and the two climbed to their feet. "I'm glad I found you! You're Sasuke Uchiha, right?"

Sasuke nodded warily. "Do I know you?"

"No, but you will." She suddenly turned completely serious. "Listen, you probably won't believe me, but you're my dad." Sasuke stared and shook his head. This girl was cracked.

"You've got the wrong person. I don't have children and besides," He gave her an 'obvious' look. "You're only my age." It was true. The girl looked to be about twelve or thirteen.

"No seriously!" The girl said. "Look, my name is Arai Uchiha. I came back from the future to get a medicine to save my mom." Sasuke didn't believe her. First of all, a time-traveling jutsu? This girl came back from the past just to get medicine? He told her so.

She shook her head. "I'm not joking. I'm from eighteen years in the future. I stole a forbidden scroll so that I could find a medicine here in the past that's not available in the future so that I can help my mom from dying."

"And you expect me to believe this?" Sasuke asked. "How can you even prove any bit of this true?"

She sighed and thought. "Okay I'll tell you some details about your life. You were born July 23 into a family of three at the time. Your older brother Itachi killed off your clan and now you're seeking revenge." Sasuke scowled at the thought of his brother.

"Everyone of my fangirls knows this." He objected.

"But how about this?" Arai asked, an eyebrow raised mischievously. "Before Itachi left he told you to look under a mat in your house and you discovered the secret of the Uchiha Clan."

Sasuke eyes widened in surprise. Nobody knew this fact. "How do you know this?"

"You told me so yourself." She said. "Do you believe me now?"

He nodded once. "What do you want from me?"

She turned sheepish and rubbed her head. "Actually I need a place to stay since I accidentally over-shot it." Sasuke raised an eyebrow, not understanding. "I was meant to arrive a couple months into the future, but I arrived too soon."

Sasuke sighed in annoyance. "So you want to stay at my house?"

"Yeah." Sasuke was still suspicious. This girl, claiming to be his daughter, wanted to stay at his house because she's from the future? It didn't make sense, but right now he decided he would.

Sasuke nodded and begin walking towards his house. Arai smiled. Sasuke watched her though. He was going to keep an eye on her.

When they arrived at his house, Arai stretched. "Wow, you redecorated before I was born. It's like a bachelor pad."

Sasuke walked in behind her and walked upstairs. "I live by myself." He stated. Then he paused before turning. "If you're my daughter, then who's your mom?"

Arai straightened and walked upstairs past him, opening a door across from Sasuke's room. "You can't know." She walked inside the room.

Sasuke followed her in. "Why no-" He cut off however as he saw the girl, passed out cold on the guest bed. He frowned and left the room, closing the door. 'How did she know that there was a guest bedroom there?'

Sasuke woke up early in the morning feeling strange. What was up with his dream? A daughter from the future? What the hell? He shook his head. The things his mind comes up with.

He climbed out of bed and dressed quickly. He wanted to get a little extra ninjutsu training in before school started. He left without breakfast, but not without pausing next to the guestroom door. Should he...? No. It was just a dream. He turned and ran out the door, concentrating on his practicing.

He came back an hour later and took a shower before heading downstairs to eat. He had a few minutes of spare time. Sasuke walked back upstairs to grab his arm warmers too before he forgot. Again he remembered his dream and stopped next to the guestroom door. Just one peek wouldn't hurt, right?

He opened the door. Inside he saw a figure sleeping on the bed. This surprised him. The dream wasn't a dream? Then his daughter really was here? Sasuke walked inside and shook Arai. She groaned and rolled over, throwing an arm over her eyes.

"Five more minutes dad..." She murmured. Sasuke frowned and shook her again.

"I'm going to school. What are you going to be doing in my house all day?" Yeah he still didn't trust her at all. Then again, who would trust a seemingly deluded stranger in their house?

She removed her arm and blinked sleepy blue eyes at him. "Sleep. I used up too much chakra getting here. I'll probably be out all day. Perhaps tomorrow too." She rolled over again and threw the covers over her head. "So don't disturb me anymore. Night. Have fun at school."

Sasuke grunted and left. Great.

School was uneventful. Yes they did have their graduation test today, but it was simple doppelgangers. Sasuke hated how easy it was. He wanted a challenge, something to actually look forward to. The only thing that was slightly exciting was that Naruto failed the test and even then that wasn't much.

Sasuke walked home thinking of what he should do for the rest of his time while staring at his newly acquired hitai-ate. "Sasuke!" He paused with an inward sigh. He recognized that voice.

Sakura ran up and smiled flirtily. "Sasuke you passed too!" Sasuke nodded with a roll of his eyes. Of course he did. "Do you perhaps want to go out to celebrate?" She gazed at him hopefully.

"No thanks." Sasuke drawled and walked away. He wasn't looking for any kind of relationship right now. Sakura pouted and left, crestfallen.

Sasuke arrived home to find Arai passed out on the couch. Sasuke figured she must've come down at some point in time to eat. He scowled and stalked over to the couch.

He kicked it. "Up. You can't sleep on the couch."

Arai scowled and glared at him angrily. "What the hell! I told you not to fucking wake me up!" Obviously she wasn't a morning person either. Definitely an Uchiha.

Sasuke ignored the glare. "I use my couch and I won't have you sleeping on it. If you're going to stay here, then learn the rules."

She climbed up off the couch lazily. "I know the freaking rules. I thought I could get away with it now that I'm in the past but apparently you're just a bastard like mom said you were." She turned and went upstairs, but then paused, noticing Sasuke's headband.

"Oh you passed the graduation exam?" She asked.

"Yeah." Sasuke nodded. "It was too simple." He grumbled under his breath.

"Good for you." She congratulated and continued upstairs. There was the sound of the door closing and a small thump before you could hear nothing. Sasuke shook his head.

The next morning Sasuke woke to soft thumps downstairs. He got up and found Arai cooking breakfast. She noticed him and smiled. "Morning! Hungry?" She put a plate of toast and eggs down on the table.

Sasuke sat down slowly and took a small bite of the eggs as Arai sat down with her own made plate. He was slightly surprised. "These taste exactly like my eggs."

Arai grinned. "Of course. You taught me how to make them since mom absolutely sucks at anything relating to the kitchen. You don't let mom in the kitchen anymore." She laughed.

Sasuke grunted. "So I take it your chakra's back?" She flexed her hand.

"Not completely. I would like another day of rest but I've got something I need to do today." Sasuke raised an eyebrow in question so Arai shook her head. "You'll see." They finished breakfast in silence and got up. Sasuke got dressed upstairs and put on his headband before meeting Arai downstairs.

She grinned and tapped on his forehead protector. "Good luck. You'll be finding out your teams today."

"Teams?" Sasuke asked but Arai had already jumped on the roof and was off. Sasuke sighed. It was going to be a long day.

Sasuke sat in the classroom with an irritated Naruto and Sakura. He didn't blame them because he was angry too. What was taking their damn teacher so long? Naruto kept looking out the door.

"Cut it out Naruto!" Sakura said, sitting on the desk near Sasuke.

Naruto glanced back at them. "Why are we the only cell who's teacher hasn't shown up yet?!" Naruto complained. "All the other teams have already gone off with their teachers. Even Master Iruka gone!" He ran over and grabbed a chair and a chalkboard eraser.

"Hey what are you up to, Naruto!" Sakura said as he climbed onto the chair. Sasuke glanced over at them. Naruto laughed as he placed the eraser between the sliding doors and hopped off.

"It's what he gets for making us wait!"

"Grow up!" Sakura said with her hands on her hips. "I want no part of it!"

Sasuke scoffed. "No way could a superior shinobi get caught in such a simple booby trap!"

Arai walked down the ninja school hallway with a man by her side. "So you're sure you want to risk getting involved with the team?" The man asked.

"Of course!" Arai said, hands in her pocket. "I've got nothing better to do."

Kakashi 'hmphed' and opened the sliding door to where his team was awaiting him.

The three students watched as the door opened wider and a man popped his head in, his face covered with a mask and his left eye covered by his headband. The chalkboard eraser fell with a plop on his already silver hair.

Naruto laughed. "Gotcha! Good one!"

Sakura looked worried. "I'm sorry sensei. I tried to stop him but Naruto..."

Sasuke glared slightly at his sensei. 'So...this is our elite shinobi leader? He looks completely worthless!' Then he noticed with slight surprise that Arai stood behind him.

The man put a hand on his chin and looked up with what Sasuke guessed was a smile. "Hmmm...how should I put this? Based on my first impression I'd have to say...I hate you!" Everyone sweat-dropped as the temperature fell a few degrees.

Kakashi and Arai sat on the railing on top of the school facing towards Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto who sat on the steps. Sasuke and Sakura were obviously curious (Sasuke mostly about Arai) and Naruto appeared to be half drooling over the hot girl in front of him.

"Now I'd like you all to tell us a little about yourselves." Kakashi said.

"Whoa whoa wait!" Naruto said, pointing at Arai. "Why is she here? I thought they were three man cells?"

Sakura nodded. "I was wondering that too, sensei." Kakashi glanced at Arai, awaiting her answer.

"I'm going to be a student teacher." She said. "I graduated early at a very high level so they're trying something new. Anyway let's move on."

"Yes we have to give introductions first." Kakashi agreed.

"Like what?" Sakura asked.

Kakashi shrugged. "You know, the usual. Your favorite thing...what you hate most...dreams, ambitions, hobbies. Things like that."

"Help us out here, coach. You go first. Show us how it's done." Naruto said.

"That's right...After all you two are complete strangers to us...a mystery." Sakura agreed.

'Not to Sasuke.' Arai thought, amused as Kakashi spoke.

"Oh......me? My name is Hatake Kakashi. I'm the kind of person who doesn't feel like talking about his likes or dislikes! My dreams for the future are none of your business and anyway I have a lot of hobbies..." He trailed off as Arai tried to stiffle a snicker.

"Hey..." Sakura whispered to her teammates. "He said a lot but all we really learned was his name."

"Your turn." Kakashi said to Arai. All three students focused immediately on her.

"Me? Okay well my name is Uchiha Arai. My likes include my friends and family. Oh and ramen too. I dislike a lot of stuff so there's no need to get into that. My dreams for the future are to be stronger than both of my parents and my hobbies include training and taking walks with my parents." She said and looked up at the sky, her eyes growing distant.

"How is it possible you're an Uchiha?" Sakura asked, suspicious. "Sasuke-kun's the only survivor." Arai grinned and looked at her.

"My ancestors were Uchihas." She said bluntly.

"Now it's your turn." Kakashi said. "Starting with you on the right." He motioned to Naruto.

"Me, right?! My name is Uzumaki Naruto! What I like is instant cup ramen! What I like even better is when Master Iruka treats me to ramen at Ichiraku noodle bar!!" Kakashi was sweat-dropping by now. "What I hate is the three minute wait after I pour in the boiling water."

Arai sighed. 'Dad's right. Naruto ALWAYS has ramen on his mind...'

"My dream is to one day be a better shinobi than Lord Hokage! And then all the villagers will have to acknowledge my existence at last!" Kakashi and Arai smiled lightly.

'Naruto...' Arai thought.

"My hobbies are pranks and practical jokes, I guess." Naruto finished.

Kakashi scratched his head. "Next!"

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are plenty of things I hate, but I don't see why it matters, considering there is almost nothing I do like." Arai sweat-dropped.

'Jeez dad...' She thought.

"It seems pointless to talk about 'dreams' ...that's just a word...but what I do have is determination. I plan to restore my clan..." 'Which I do.' Sasuke thought. "and there's someone I have sworn to kill." Naruto looked nervously at Sasuke while Sakura looked star-struck.

"And finally...the young lady..." Kakashi said, getting them back on track.

"I am Haruno Sakura. My favorite thing is...well it's not a thing, it's a person. A boy...and that boy is..." Her blush grew more pronounced with each word Sakura said.

Arai sweat-dropped. 'And dad's also right about Sakura swooning over him when they were younger.'

"I hate...Naruto!" Sakura continued. Naruto looked horrified. "My hobbies are..." Arai decided it best to ignore the rest.

"Enough." Arai finally said, standing. "Formal training begins tomorrow."

"Yes, ma'am! What will our duties be?! Our first real shinobi mission!" Naruto shouted, excited.

"Our first project involves only the members of this cell." Kakashi said.

"What is it? What?" Naruto asked impatiently.

"Survival excercises." He said.

"Survival excercises?" Naruto asked, confused.

"But why would that be a mission?" Sakura asked. "Our school days were full of survival training!"

"But you'll have to survive...against us!" Arai explained. "It won't be your typical practice." Sasuke smirked, gazing at Arai. He had been hoping to fight her.

"Well then what kind of practice will it be?" Naruto asked. Kakashi chuckled.

"What are you laughing about, Master Kakashi?" Sakura grumbled.

"Oh, nothing. It's just that if I told you, you'd chicken out." He said, entertained.

"Chicken out...? Why?!" Naruto demanded.

"Do you want to do the honors?" Kakashi asked Arai. She grinned.

"Sure!" Then she turned to the group, serious. "Of the twenty-seven members of your graduating class, only nine will actually be accepted as genin. The other eighteen must go back for more training."

"The test we are about to perform has a 66% rate of failure." Kakashi added. Sakura and Naruto gulped. Kakashi and Arai laughed. "See? You're chickening out already!" Kakashi said.

"That sucks!!!" Naruto yelled. "We have been through it ALL! What about the graduation test?!"

"Oh! We wanted to eliminate all the hopeless cases from your ranks. The ones who are left are the only students who show true potential."

"SAY WHAT?!?!" Naruto screamed.

"Anyway," Arai said. "we'll meet tomorrow morning on the practice field so that I can evaluate each of your skills and weaknesses. Bring all your ninja tools and weapons. And don't have breakfast." She added.

"Why?" Sakura asked, scared slightly as Kakashi passed out the information.

"Oh because you'll throw up." Sakura immediately started to complain. "Memorize this sheet and don't be late!" Kakashi said.

Sakura and Naruto both studied it while Sasuke instead crumpled it up. "You all can leave." Arai said and Kakashi left as she walked over to the group.

"Student teacher?" Sakura asked. "How come you get it?"

"Because I'm stronger than any of you that's why." Arai said. "Come on, Sasuke." Sasuke followed as Sakura glared. 'Does she like Sasuke-kun too?' She thought, enviously. Arai grinned. Tomorrow will be fun.

Sasuke woke up to find Arai outside tossing kunai at a practice log. He frowned at how accurate she was. He also disliked the fact that she was supposedly his "student-sensei".

Arai looked up, sweat pouring down her face due to the early morning humidity and noticed Sasuke. She smiled. "Morning!" She pulled her kunai out of the log and placed them back in her leg holster. "Ready to go?"

Sasuke shifted his backpack and nodded. The twosome headed off towards the training field. Arai hummed to herself. Sasuke glanced at her, finally deciding to break the silence. "How did you get Kakashi to let you be a student-mentor?"

She shrugged. "I told Lord Hokage and Kakashi my story, had a quick fight with Kakashi to test my skill, then they agreed." She glanced at him. "But don't expect me to do anything. I'm not really a student-mentor. I'm only posing as one so that Naruto and Sakura won't get suspicious." Sasuke nodded.

'She's just lazy...' He thought. They arrived at the site and Sakura looked up with a grin.

"Sasuke-kun! Good morning!" Sasuke grunted and walked over to stand next to his teammates.

"Good morning Arai-sensei!" Naruto said cheerfully.

Arai smiled. "Don't call me Arai-sensei please. Just Arai or Arai-chan will suffice."

"Okay Arai-chan!" Naruto said then looked around. "Where's Kakashi-sensei?" Arai shrugged.

"Somewhere, I guess." She sat underneath of a tree and closed her eyes.

Half and hour later....
"Good morning, class!" Kakashi said happily, waving.

"YOU'RE LATE!!!!" Sakura and Naruto accused while Sasuke glared..

"Maa, so loud guys...." Arai mumbled and glared slightly at everyone. She was just woken from her dozing.

"No matter." Kakashi said and led them to where three logs stood in the ground. Arai sat on one while he put an alarm clock on another. He pressed the clock. "I've set this alarm to go off at noon." Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto looked up as Kakashi brought out a pair of bells. "I have here two small bells...Your challenge is to steal these from me before the timer sounds. And anyone who fails doesn't get any lunch. Instead you will be tired to that tree stump Arai is sitting on."

Everyone's stomach grumbled while Arai grinned at the starved looks her friends were making. "Yeah so that means while you're tied up I get to eat your lunch in front of you!" She said. She got three glares.

"All you need is just one bell apiece. But since there aren't enough to go around, one of you is definitely headed for the stump. And whoever that is will be the first of you to fail. One of you is on your way back to school...and disgrace." Kakashi said seriously. Naruto gulped.

All three had determined looks. "You may if you choose, use shuriken. Attack as though you mean to kill or you won't stand a chance."

"But...but that's so dangerous!" Sakura protested.

"You couldn't even dodge an eraser!! Sorry if I hurt you, Arai-chan!" Naruto taunted, grinning at Arai.

"Oh...I'm not joining in." She said, stretching.

"Whaaat??" he asked as the other two gave disbelieving looks.

"You mean that you're not going to fight us?" Sasuke asked, pissed when she nodded. 'Damn...I wanted to fight her.'

"Arai's right." Kakashi said. "She's here to learn and she'll do that by watching. She'll inform me if she finds you cheating."

"That's lame!" Naruto yelled.

"Only the weak speak loudly Naruto." Kakashi said, sighing. "Now, let's forget the dunce and we'll start on my signal."

Naruto growled and whipped out a kunai, about to attack when suddenly Arai grabbed the hand holding the weapon and swinging his arm around so that the kunai was instead aimed at the back of his head.

"No cheating Naruto." Arai said casually. "He didn't say 'go'."

Sasuke smirked. 'So...this is my daughter, huh? Interesting.'

"At least you struck to kill...so, it seems you've begun to respect me." Kakashi said. He laughed. "Maybe...just maybe...I'm starting to like you three." Arai removed her hand and Naruto lowered his arm. "And now...ready...steady...GO!!!" All five dispersed.

Sasuke his in a three not too far from the clearing Kakashi stood in. "The basis of all shinobi arts is to become invisible...eradicate yourself..." Kakashi was saying. The man looked around, searching for his students. Sasuke studied him, looking for an opening.

Suddenly Naruto appeared. "It's time for the match to begin!" He yelled, grinning. "Let's make it a real match, worthy of the greatest warriors!!"

'That fool...' Sasuke mentally sighed. 'Always doing things the wrong way.'

"I think you may be thinking of the wrong kind of match.' Kakashi mumbled.

Naruto charged. "The only wrong thing here is your hairstyle!" Kakashi glanced at him and sug into his pouch. Naruto froze and skidded to a stop. "Uh-oh!"

"Let me teach you your first ninjutsu skill!! Taijutsu: the art of the trained body!" Kakashi continued to dig and suddenly pulled out a book.

'Make-out Paradise...?' Sasuke thought.

".....? Is something wrong? I thought you were coming for me." Kakashi asked. Naruto stuttered, pointing at the book. "Don't mind the book. I've been dying to find out how this story ends. Carry on...It shouldn't make a difference in the outcome, considering who I'm up against."

Naruto snapped. "I'M GONNA FLATTEN YOU!!!" He attacked from the left, his fist getting blocked by Kakashi's right hand. He struck out with his foot but Kakashi ducked. Naruto again charged but stopped suddenly when his teacher disappeared.

Kakashi reappeared behind him, his hands together with two fingers on each hand sticking up. "Showing your back so many times is very poor ninjutsu...dunce."

'Impossible...now he's making the sign of the flames. That damned teacher wasn't just running around...' Sasuke thought incredulously.

"Naruto~~!!! Get out of there! You'll be killed!" Sasuke heard Sakura yell from somewhere. Suddenly Kakashi slammed his fingers into Naruto's butt, sending him flying.

"Konohagakure village's most secret and sacred technique!!! One thousand years of death!!"

Sasuke sweat-dropped. "...Huh! So they're both buffoons!" Naruto fell into the river. Suddenly two kunai flew from the water, flying at their sensei. Kakashi mearly laughed and caught them on his fingers.

Naruto came out of the water, coughing. "Well? What's the hold up? Get one of these bells before lunch or you'll have none!" The sensei taunted.

Sasuke's stomach growled again. 'Ugh...Why didn't Arai warn me?' Eight more Narutos jumped out of the river, startling him out of his thoughts. 'One...two...three...eight distinct bodies!! ...What technique is he using?'

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Arai watched, entertained with everything going on. First Naruto getting caught in TWO rope traps (the same one, might she add), Sakura getting tricked with genjutsu, and then her own father getting shown up with the groundhog technique decapitation. Then Sakura happened to show up just in the nick of time to faint at seeing 'her' Sasuke-kun's head 'cut off'

Arai suddenly sensed Naruto's chakra had stopped moving in the direction of where the lunch was. "I've got it, Kakashi." She said with a grin.

"Alright then." Kakashi turned and left to continued messing with his students. Arai ran quickly to the destination of where Naruto was near a grave.

"Even if I can't take those bells fair and square...I can deal with it. I'll just hang out here and eat everybody's lunch!" Naruto said as he sat, gazing at the lunches.

"Oh really?" Arai asked, landing on top of the grave stone.

"Uhhh...Just kidding!" Naruto said, sweating.

"Too late." She grabbed him dragged him back to the logs kicking and screaming.

"Hey...." Sasuke said, sitting next to the fainted Sakura. She awoke slowly.

"Sasuke!" She said when she saw him. Sakura hugged him tightly. "You're alive!!"

"Yeah...Fine...Okay...You can let go now!" He said and pushed her off, standing up. "Time's running out. It's almost noon. I'm off."

"Sasuke- do you honestly believe you can get one of those bells?" Sakura asked.

"I got close enough to touch them...This time I'll take them."

"What?!" She exclaimed. "Really! Wow...You're so amazing. Uh...I mean there's no more time and....even if we couldn't mangae it this time...I'm sure next time if we give it our all..." Sasuke glared at her and she cut off with a gulp.

Sasuke turned to walk away. "Only I can kill him." Sasuke murmured.

"Who?" Sakura asked, surprised. "You mean... Master Kakashi?!"

"He made me...cry..." Sasuke's thoughts were in the past.

"You cried...?"


"What...What are you talking about...?" Sakura seemed to realize Sasuke wasn't talking about now.

"My only goal is to have my revenge. I have to become stronger than he is...now." Sasuke said, forming a fist. The alarm clock ringing startled him out of his thoughts. "Oh...Crap! I should of saved my breath."

Sakura and Sasuke arrived back the logs ten minutes later to find Naruto tied up with Kakashi and Arai standing there. Arai was grinning.

"Thanks for the show guys!" She said. They glared as their stomachs growled.

"Oh, my. Listen to all the little stomachs growl!" Kakashi said. "I have an announcement about this excercise. None of you need to worry about being sent back to the ninja academy."

"Yeeah!!!" Naruto yelled as Sasuke 'hmm'ed. Sakura and Naruto began to celebrate as Kakashi smiled. "This rocks! It means all three of us..."

"...are hopeless." Kakashi interrupted. "More schooling would be pointless. Based on what Arai and I have seen none of you will ever be shinobi!!!"

"What do you mean give up?!" Naruto yelled, struggling against his bonds. Sasuke scowled while Sakura stood in shock.

"Because not one of you has what it takes!" Arai said, folding her arms. Sasuke had enough. Kakashi was one thing but his own daughter telling him he's a failure?! Hell no!

He charged. "Sasuke!!" Sakura yelled. Arai kicked him away effortlessly and Kakashi grabbed him, knocking him onto his stomach with Sasuke's hand bent behind his back.

"What you are is a trio of spoiled brats..." Kakashi said. Sasuke glared heavily.

"Don't step on Sasuke! Get off of him!!" Sakura yelled.

Arai scowled and glared, tossing a kunai so that it barely missed Sakura's face and implanting itself in the log beside Naruto's face. "Are you TRYING to make fun of shinobi with your behavior?" She demanded. "Well? Are you?" They stared at her. She sighed in frustration. "Did you ever stop to wonder for one moment why you're in TEAMS?"

"Uhh...excuse me?" Sakura asked as Naruto raised an eyebrow.

A gust of wind blew. "...I don't believe this." Kakashi said.

"Aw, come on, already! Tell us!!!"

"It's TEAMWORK." Kakashi said. Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto's eyes all widened with that realization. "If the three of you had came at me...together...you might have been able to take the bells.

"But wait! If we were expected to function as a team, why did you only have two bells? You're playing us against each other!" Sakura yelled.

"Of course. This task was designed to cause dissention in your ranks." Kakashi said. "You were supposed to put aside your interests and work together. Instead though, you Sakura ignored Naruto to focus on Sasuke though you didn't know where he was..."

"Naruto tried to do the work of three all on his own..." Arai said and sat down, pointing at Sasuke. "And Sasuke here decided to screw you all and play solo." Sasuke scowled again.

"You are a team!" Kakashi said. "Learn to act as one!" He got up. "I'm giving you one last chance. Eat but don't share with Naruto because he tried to cheat. My word is law." Arai turned with Kakashi and the two disappeared.

Kakashi and Arai stood nearby with their backs against a tree. "That was a little mean, don't you think?" Arai asked.

"Naruto cheated so…" Kakashi shrugged then he glanced at her. "You seemed to know exactly what I was going to say."

"My father told me many stories of his time with you guys." Arai said simply, smiling lightly as he saw her dad try to share his food with Naruto.

"And your mother?" Kakashi questioned with a knowing tone. Arai raised an eyebrow.

"What about my mom?" Kakashi shook his head and disappeared. 'Does he know...?' She thought.

Suddenly a huge explosion appeared in front of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura.

"What the hell?!" Naruto yelled.

Kakashi (looking quite evil) came out of the smoke. "You…" Naruto and Sakura yelled as Sasuke tensed, ready to fight. "…pass!" Kakashi said lovingly. He winked.

They stared in surprise. "We pass?!" Sakura asked. "But why?!"

"You three have just taken a giant step forward."


"Up until now, all any of you have done is listen unquestioningly to everything I say like mindless little drones." Kakashi explained.

"A true shinobi," Arai said, coming up behind them. "seeks for the hidden meanings within the hidden meanings. In a ninja's world, those who violate the rule and fail to follow orders are lower than garbage."

"However…those who don't care and support their fellows are even lower than that!" Kakashi finished.

"Oh!" Sakura said, smiling. Sasuke smiled lightly as he thought it over. It made sense.

"This exercise is now concluded! You all pass!" Arai said, grinning. "That's all for today, team seven. Your duties will commence tomorrow!!!"

"I…I did it! I did it! I'm a ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Ninja!" Naruto cheered.

"Let's go home." Kakashi said as Sakura and Sasuke headed back with him. Arai smiled and began to follow when she heard Naruto yell,

"Uh..Hey, guys? I'm still tied up here!" She turned and pulled out a kunai, cutting him loose.

"Congrats, Naruto." She said.

"Thanks." He rubbed his arms and beamed at her. "Do you want to go on a date, Arai-chan?"

Arai blushed and turned away to where Sasuke (and Sakura because of him) were standing, waiting. "Er…no. Don't you like Sakura?"

Naruto pouted. "Yeah…but I like you too." Arai bit her lip.

"Well sorry. I like older guys." She turned and smiled at him. "And you're a little too short for me." Naruto's cheeks puffed out in anger. He was about an inch shorter than her. She turned and joined Sasuke. "Come on, Sasuke. Let's head home."

"Home?!" Naruto and Sakura yelled, but the Uchihas ignored them.

A/N: So what do you think? It's an idea I wanted to do for a bit. I'm basically keeping it the same storyline as Naruto's, but I'm adding Arai into it. Sorry if you don't like OCs but she's not going to change much anything. R&R!!