Okay, this time I'm really on crack. But then again, I've never wrote a bleach crossover fic circling primarily around Sasuke before. So everyone, read, relax, pull out popcorn and a drink, and enjoy.

He stood before her gravestone, the freshly dug up earth already moist not with his tears, but the rain that fell in plentiful bursts, soaking him to the bone. His newly transplanted eyes had already cried until the well that was his sorrow ran dry.

"The fourth shinobi war....he mumbled angrily. "Madara, akatsuki, the bijuu...damn, I just don't understand any of it."

Even so, he was dimly aware of the fact that he had been here for several hours. He was also well aware that he couldn't stay here for long, otherwise he'd be captured and for such

Idly, he touched a hand to his pale eyes, and choked back a sob.


Briefly, he became angry, rage welling up within him for what felt like the thousandth time. The Sharingan formed, the three tomoe glinting angrily in the thunderstorm that strangled his voice and deafened his cries.

"YOU STUPID IDIOT! I NEVER ASKED YOU TO SAVE ME!" He screamed more furious with himself than her, for her death. War was war, after all, he'd told himself this countless times in the beginning, but seeing a comrade, even an ex-comrade die before your eyes, it left a mark.

Lightning arced through the sky, and the thunder mingled with his agonized scream.


Collapsing to his knees, he swore and spit at her gravestone, the tears falling freely once more. He had about five minutes until the next patrol came, but he didn't care.


He moaned her name, his new eyes burning with the hot tears, leaking water, for without them, he would have been blind, the light of the world, the day, and all things lost to him forever.

As the wail escaped him, he mentally cursed whatever deity there was for ripping her away from him. War was like that, it destroyed everything precious to you, even if you didn't know how precious that person was.

'What an idiot I am. I screwed up, big time....

Oddly enough, a strange even took place just, then. A peal of thunder, louder than the last, louder than any natural thunderstorm should be, shook Konoha with such force that the streets split and some of the more damaged buildings collapsed in on themselves.

Yet he knew nothing of this, as you are told things he does not yet know. Lightning rumbled in the clouds, likely threatening another infrequent strike of electricity on the far off horizon. But this, this was a bolt unlike any other.

From out of the blue, a bolt of lightning arced down. This one was a bright purple, lighting up the dark night, then all of Konoha, with its bright radiance, as if it were a bright spring afternoon, and not a miserable stormy night of July.

Its path was set from the moment it was launched-

Right between him and the gravestone.

The anguished avenger never saw it coming, not until it was far too late.


With an explosion of light and sound, he was forecfully flung from the gravestone, stars exploding before his vision as lightning crawled over his skin, setting his very veins afire. Snarling the shinobi released an electric current of his own to offset the powerful charge, but by doing so, his body cringed in protest.

No wait, that was another voice he heard. He could feel something on top of him as well, his eyes opening painfully to see who or what had landed atop him in the ensuing explosion. What he saw elicited a curse, and immediately, he cut the current.

A girl. A girl of about sixteen or seventeen was resting on his chest, curled up into a ball, almost as if she were sleeping. Like him, she too was soaked by the rain, her dark violet hair plastered to her shoulders, clad in what looked like...

A kimono?

No, as he gave her a once over for any sign of injury, and immediately frowned. She had cuts and scrapes all over her cheeks, but her legs were the worst by far. It looked like teeth marks there, as if something had been trying to grind off the flesh.

What on earth could've happened to her? He'd been the only one in the graveyard for hours now, thanks to that genjutsu he'd thrown up around the cemetery, and it was clearly still functioning, so how could someone have stumbled in here?

Momentarily forgetting his grief, he extricated himself from beneath her, and as carefully as he could, scooped her up in his arms, using a body flicker to bring himself safely out of harms way before the next patrol could realize that a missing nin had infiltrated their village.

He couldn't very well leave her here with a clean conscience, now could he? However, getting to the hospital undetected was another matter entirely. It was one of the few buildings that hadn't been demolished during Pain's attack, and as such, it was under near constant guard.


He glanced down, aware of the girl stirring. Now was not the time for this, but if she made a ruckus, then there was no possible way for him to escape, not without leaving a body count in his wake. Then again, he didn't want to risk knocking her out. With her wounds, she might not wake up again if he-


Skidding to a halt on the nearest roof he could find, Sasuke Uchiha, nearly dropped her. Another peal of thunder deafened him, but he was certain that he'd heard this mystery girl mumble his name. Now, as his momentum nearly threw him off the rain soaked rooftop, he found her staring back at him, silently.

"How do you know my name?"

She blinked up at him, amber irises reflecting confusion, as she reached a trembling palm up to cup his face. He made no move to resist, for his eyes now strayed to the streets, where there was a sharp cry of surprise sounded the alarm.

"I don't...know."

Sasuke jerked his gaze back to the strange girl, who was now trembling in his arms, incoherently babbling the same senence over and over.

"I don't know! I don't remember anything!"

With that, she passed out, going limp in his arms.

"Oi! Teme! What're you doing here?!"

Sasuke swore again as a familair voice punched through the air, followed by a hail of shuriken. Not pausing to think, he sprinted in the opposite direction, doing his best to stabilize himself as one of the throwing stars found its place in his back, then another, and another, as he abruptly lost balance, the cause being as a blur of orange and black, tinged by with red, swept his feet out from under him.

Snarling in frustration, Sasuke whirled on his attacker, fixing him with a menacing glare as he was thrown into the very hospital he'd been trying to sneak into. Granted, he hadn't exactly planned on entering through the wall, but now, as a menacing growl assaulted his ears, he had other problems to worry about.

Naruto stepped through the hole his impact had created, three tails of angry red chakra swirling around him. Sasuke warily rose to his feet, but found himself swatted aside as if he weighed no more than a feather, losing his hold on the girl in the process.

Papers and martini glasses spilled and shatter over the desk as the Uchiha skidded across the countertop, cutting up his arms and already beleagured back.

Spitting out a glob of blod, he rolled under the next stirke, his eyes giving him just the slightest edge as the claws raked across his ribs. It felt like a vat of acid had been poured into his stomach. His eyes locked with the Uchiha's, and spoke of only one thing.


Sasuke cursed his luck. He'd been spotted, now he was injured, and was being assaulted by Konoha's biggest blockhead turned killer during their war with akatsuki. Naruto had blamed him for Sakura's death pending the battle with Madara, and anger had stained his promise to her, warping it from a sacred vow to a vicious vendetta.

He was out for blood. That was the reason Sasuke stayed away from the village. Naruto had flown into a berserker rage as he watched Sakura take what had been meant as a death blow for the Uchiha. Now, his menacing gaze swiveled across the room, fixating itself upon the girl.

"Naruto!" Sasuke roared loudly, hoping to steer his attention away. He regretted his actions immediately, as the kyuubified blond raised a claw and pinned him against the wall. The force of the blow was much greater than last time, his ribs breaking from the impact as the murderous vice tightened further.

Helpless to do anything but save himself, Sasuke raised his eyes to meet Naruto's.


Immediately, the kyuubified chunin stiffened, but it was too late to pull his gaze away, as Sasuke's chakra boiled into him. Screaming in agony, the kyuubified Naruto recoiled, releasing Sasuke to claw at his eyes as he was hit with his worst fears and nightmares.

Seizing the opportunity, Sasuke tried to get back up, but found to his dismay that he could barely so much walk, let alone sprint. At that exact moment, Naruto recovered, lashing out blindly with one of his tails.

Just as his head started to turn, the red tip of a tail slammed through Sasuke's back, six inches of blood-covered bone protruding from his stomach. Gagging on his own blood, the Uchiha fought the urge to scream as his vision began to dim.

Naruto pulled the tail out of Sasuke's midsection. Sasuke stumbled forward, trying to keep his feet under him, but fell to his knees, bending his back, pulling the wound open farther as he caught the desk with his free hand.

He took another, lurching, stumbling, half step forward, putting himself squarely between the girl and his out of control teammate. To his horror, he was afforded the view of the deadly fourth tail beginning to form, along with Naruto's skin peeling away. Even now, a bitter smile crossed the Uchiha's face.

'Che, I guess I'm gonna die after all.'

And just like that, everything went white.

Looks like I arrived just in time. Alright you two, of to the Seireitei you go.


Sasuke felt himself falling, rocketing into the ground as if they'd been launched from a cannon. He opened his eyes, but all he saw was the earth rushing up to greet him. Colliding hard with the ground, he rolled with it to reduce the impact. Rubbing his head and groaning, the Uchiha could only push himself to his feet. .

There was another dull thump, and he whipped himself around to see the girl from before land in a jumbled heep beside him. Checking her vitals, Sasuke was slightly irritated to see that she was still sleeping soundly, heck, she was even snoring.

Dusting himself off to make sure his sword and the rest of him was still in one piece, he looked around to see wooden huts and open vendors, and realized he was on a dusty street. The only thought that went through his mind was:

'Where am I?'