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Often people don't understand how powerful words are, if words are so powerful how about thoughts? Something you can't control, what if people could see them, there would be no secrets, no lies and everyone would know everything. If you ever thought if someone could hear your thoughts no one would care enough to listen, you were wrong.

Hinata stared in amazement at Tsunade as she was explaining what Thetters were, the concept amazing and scaring her.

"So basically your main thoughts will be projected using these, it's a little social experiment we're going to do, your letters will change in time as they get used to your personality, any questions?" Tsunade was standing on a tree stump with Shizune down on her right as she spoke to the rookie 9. Kiba raised his hand. "Yes Kiba"

"Why do we have to do this stupid thing?" he was standing casually with the others, it was a hot day so everyone was more spread out than usual. Tsunade's eye twitched as she glared at Kiba.

"Because I said so! Now come collect them!" She shouted, Kiba hesitantly went over and took the 9 square boxes from Shizune. "Very good, I shall be off now, choose wisely. Kiba decided that his team could choose first and went over to where Hinata and Shino were standing, Hinata clad in summer clothes, she was wearing her usual 3 quarter length shorts with her weapons pouch strapped on but just a white tank top with lavender flowers on it.

"Aren't you hot Shino?" Kiba asked seeing the boy with his usual jacket on, even Kiba had taken off his Jacket to reveal a white short sleeve shirt and was also wearing shorts.

"Not really" Shino said as he took 3 boxes from the top of the pile Kiba was holding and made a hand movement for Kiba to move on.

"What? Aren't we even going to choose?" Kiba gave him a puzzled look but Shino just shook his head.

"I think Tsunade planned this a bit more then she lead on, give them to team 7 next okay" Kiba walked over to them, Sakura in her normal dress and Sasuke in his usual dark blue Uchiha attire, both their outfits already suited for the heat, Naruto had blue shorts on though and left his jacket at home, leaving just his white short sleeved shirt. Kiba took Shino's example and gave them 3 boxes off the top.

"Hey I want to choose mine!" Naruto shouted as Kiba started to walk away, Kiba just kept walking as Sakura held Naruto back.

"Naruto you ninny look at what's in the boxes" Sakura being as smart as Shino had already figured it out. Ignoring Naruto's whines Kiba went over to team 10, handing them the last boxes, no one had even bothered getting changed for the weather, he handed them the last three.

"Hey how come we get the last ones?" Ino spat at Kiba.

"Because you're annoying" Was all Kiba said before walking off leaving a fuming Ino behind. He went over to his group, eyeing the boxes that they hadn't even bothered to open yet, despite his attitude he really was excited.

"Ok Hinata ladies first" Hinata hesitantly went over to the pile of square green boxes left on the dry grassy ground. She picked up the first one, nearly dropping it due to the weight. She fumbled opening the little latch and pulled the lid up, inside were the letters 'A' 'B' and 'C' stuck together so that they looked like something that would be hanging on a child's wall or door, the letters were white with tiny barely visible lavender coloured blossoms, she pulled them out, they seemed to be made of metal and were very broad and the font was 'Copperplate Gothic Bold'. She looked at the other members of her team who were staring at the letters in amazement. Suddenly the letters started to move and separate, they were now floating in front of Hinata 'Cool' she thought and the 'A' and 'B' disappeared and new letters formed in the air spelling 'Cool' Hinata smiled and Shino and Kiba eagerly opened up their boxes. Kiba's letters were in the font 'Bradley Hand ITC' and were quite skinner compared to Hinata's, they were grey with tiny white paw prints on them. Shino's pattern was bolder than the others, his font was 'Book Antiqua' and had black bugs pictures on the cream letters.

Soon the whole team had letters floating about them displaying new things every time they were thinking of something strongly. They looked around to see that the other teams were done and decided to go see what they had picked. Sakura had red letters with pink cherry blossoms on them and her font was 'Curlz MT'. Naruto had orange letters with faint blue swirls on them his font was 'Rockwell Extra Bold'.

Ino had purple letters with yellow roses on them in 'Matura MT Script Capitals' font. Choiji had Green letters with small chips on his with 'Tohoma' font and Shikamaru had grey letters with white clouds on his in 'Baskerville Old Face' font. Hinata looked over to where Sasuke was leaning against a tree and gasped when she saw his letters, they had to be the best ones they were Uchiha blue (I'm now officially making that a colour) and had the Sharingan symbol in blood red, he had 'Harlow Solid Italic' as his font and his letters were floating around him as he ignored them, they spelt out 'I really don't want to be wasting my time with this, I should be training' Hinata frowned, 'He always has training on the brain'. She walked over to where Naruto was standing.

"H-hey Naruto I like your letters" she said quietly, blushing and pushing her fingers together. Naruto gave a trademark grin and put his hand behind his head sheepishly.

"Thanks Hinata-chan" 'She's so nice' upon seeing this Hinata's blush heavied and Naruto grinned more as they both stood there in awkwardness. 'Oh what do I say now, he's so cute!' Hinata's eyes widened as her letters changed and she quickly threw her body across them.

"HINATA! COME ON WE'VE MISSED OUT OF ENOUGH TRAINING FOR TODAY!" Kiba yelled from the other side of the group where Shino and Akamaru were waiting with him. She quickly nodded and ran over, waving goodbye to Naruto in the process. 'That was too close, I'll have to watch what I think from now on' Kiba and Shino were holding back their laughter having seen the look on Hinata's face when her Naruto thought came up.

"Come on Hinata lets go!" Kiba said as he and Shino grabbed her hands and the three walked off together, echoes of Kiba's voice and Hinata's laughter soon was the only sign that they were in Konoha.

"Hey Sasuke let's get going to" Naruto jogged over to where Sasuke was leaning against a tree, he saw Sasuke's thought and laughed. "Looks like someone has a crush" Sasuke glared at him, trying to hide the blush that was on his face.

'She's so adorable I can barely stand it' quickly changed to 'I'm going to kill you Naruto' Upon seeing this Naruto's eyes widened and he gulped, backing away slowly until he accidently bumped into Sakura and knocked her into Choiji.

"NARUTO!" There were screams of pain as Sakura started to beat up Naruto, Sasuke sighed and walked off.

'I really have to be more careful about what I think'

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