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The day after receiving Thetters-

Hinata ran like crazy, she was training with Shino and Kiba and her Thetters always gave her hiding place away. 'This is no good, what am I going to do?' she quickly ducked around a tree, a kunai barely missing her head. She started breathing heavily as she tried to hide, they would have seen her by now but she was too tired to move. She quickly did a transformation Jutsu into a flower and disguised her scent with paprika she had in her pocket for that very purpose. She kept very still as Kiba and Shino flew past, she sighed and transformed back into her original form, it was so difficult trying not to think of things so that she could disguise herself.

"KAKASHI YOU'RE LATE!" Hinata heard Naruto shout in the distance, she followed the sound of his voice until she came across Team 7's area of the training ground.

"Sasuke aren't these Thetters great? Now everyone will finally see that you blowing me off is just a façade and you really love me!" Sakura shouted as she latched onto Sasuke's arm.

"Hn, get off me Sakura" Sasuke said as he yanked his arm free.

"Now let's see what your thoughts really say Sasuke!" Everyone glanced at Sasuke's Thetters to see 'she is so annoying! I wish she would leave me alone' Sakura went off to pout and Hinata decided it was a good time to make her presence known.

"Hello e-everyone" Hinata gave a shy smile and walked up to them. Sasuke just acknowledged her presence with a nod and Sakura was off in her own sad world so she didn't notice Hinata.

"HEY HINATA-CHAN! Say hi Kakashi! Wait, WHERE DID HE GO? I'm going to go find him!" Naruto shouted making both Hinata and Sasuke cringe at his volume and left to go find Kakashi.

"So I see you still like the dobe" Sasuke smirked as he gestured to Hinata's Thetters 'He is so passionate, how adorable' Hinata's eyes widened when she saw the Thetters she tried to hit them to make them go away, the letters moved in the direction her fists were forcing them but seconds later returned to their original form. She glared at them; so far she didn't see anything good about these things. "I don't think glaring at them will change them" Sasuke chuckled and Hinata's Thetters changed 'How embarrassing' Noticing it was lunchtime and wanting to get the attention off her Hinata asked.

"Hey Sasuke are you hungry?" Sasuke shook his head but his Thetters said otherwise 'Why did she have to bring up food, I'm starving, but I have to train' Hinata frowned seeing this, she hated how he was always training, it wasn't healthy. "Liar" Hinata said, letting it slip out of her mouth and it also on her Thetters. Sasuke glared at her.

"What did you just call me Hyuuga?" Sasuke moved closer and Hinata eeped.

"n-nothing Sasuke" she stammered, trying to hide her Thetters behind her back.

"Fine let's go get some food then" Sasuke huffed as he grabbed Hinata's hand and dragged her off into town. He decided he didn't really feel good when Hinata had doubts in his honesty.

At Ichirachu-

"Um Sasuke why did we come here again?" Hinata asked as they sat down on the stools.

"It's the only place I really know" Sasuke said after ordering. In truth Sasuke had one other place he knew but didn't want to take Hinata there seeing as he sort of just dragged her here and it would make things more awkward. Sasuke often just had impulses like that, he had always had a soft spot for Hinata but after spending more time around her it had grown, he hated it. He didn't have time for crushes, he only had time for training so he could avenge his clan, and other things just got in the way. He hated everything that wasn't going to help him fulfil his goal but the Hyuuga always managed to distract him effortlessly, he was weak.

"Oh, ok, so we don't really know much about each other do we?" Hinata asked, thanking Ayame for the ramen she had just placed in front of them.

"I guess not" Sasuke said, not really sure where Hinata was going with this.

"Let's find out then! What's your favourite colour?" Hinata said energetically but shyly, she loved getting to know people.

"Colours don't really have a use" Sasuke said bluntly, not really caring much for colours.

"Um ok, so what's your favourite food?" Hinata asked, surely everyone must have a favourite food.

"I don't have a favourite I just like foods that are quick, healthy and simple like rice balls or tomatoes" Sasuke said, starting to eat his ramen.

"Alrighty, um, so do you have a hobby?" Hinata asked hopefully, she wanted at least one interesting answer out of him.

'Is training a hobby" Sasuke asked, looking at her seriously.


"Then no" Sasuke went back to his meal and Hinata sighed, so much for getting to know Sasuke. She went off into thoughts about how Sasuke became like this. "So what are your answers?" Sasuke said suddenly startling Hinata.

"To what?" Sasuke sighed in annoyance.

"The questions"

"Oh um purple, dango and I like to sing but I'm not very good" Hinata blushed remembering when the anbu had burst into her room when she was singing because they thought she was being tortured.

"Interesting" Sasuke said, not looking at her.

"Hey Sasuke I enjoyed spending time with you but my team are probably wondering where I am, I hope to spend time with you again soon!" Hinata said as she waved goodbye. Her Thetters changed as they had been unnoticeably while she was eating 'Maybe there is an upside to these Thetter, maybe Sasuke and I can be friends'.