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At Least She's Jewish

Rachel stared at the box in her hand. There wouldn't be any denying it. There would be no need to squint to see if she just thought she might be seeing a second line in the little box, and there would be no twisting her head to the side to see if she thought that might be a shadow of a plus sign. She sucked it up and went hard core and bought the digital screen. It tells you, pregnant, not pregnant, there wasn't much in the way of error with that. You either are or your not. That's what she needed right now. She needed to know yes or no. She had some serious decisions to make with her life depending on the outcome of that little box.

Rachel looked up towards the end of the aisle. Noah was pacing back and forth at the end having declared himself too much of a badass to be on the same aisle as tampons. She walked toward him clutching her handheld basket like a lifeline. She gave him a shaky smile when she walked up to him and asked, "Are you ready?" Noah took a deep breath and walked Rachel to the counter and handed over the money. The lady behind the counter gave Rachel a small smile then looked at him and shook her head almost imperceptibly. Who the hell was she to judge? She didn't know anything about them. Rachel stopped him from saying anything with a touch of her hand; she thanked the lady and walked out of the automatic doors.

Noah and Rachel rode to her house in silence, walking up the stairs to her room solemnly. Her Dad looked up from his paper realizing that something was amiss, but he didn't want to step in just yet. Both of her Dads had some suspicions, but didn't want to confront them about it until they figured it out themselves. They had already discussed the possibilities between them. Now, they had to let Rachel and Noah figure things out on their own.

Rachel opened the bathroom door and let Noah walk in. They stared at the little hourglass on the screen. This would be the longest three minutes in their teenage life. Rachel clutched Noah's hand and squeezed, but if truth be told, Noah was holding on to Rachel just as tight.

Downstairs both of her father's waited silently knowing that this would be a turning point in everyone's life. Not matter what that test said; the ramifications would ripple through out their lives. Suddenly, there was a gut wrenching sob. Her Daddy was out of his chair in a flash, but her Dad held out his hand and shook his head. Her Daddy sat back down gingerly on the couch, ready to spring back up at an instant.

Rachel collapsed on the bathroom floor bawling, gasping for air and shudders wracked her body. Noah was on his knees beside her his arms wrapped around her and he hummed and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Anything to make her stop crying, the last time he had seen a woman cry like this was the day he found his mom crying over his dad walking out. This was not something that he had ever wanted to see again, but he wouldn't just leave her here. This was his Rachel, his everything, his girlfriend, his lover, his confidant, his best friend. He didn't know what he would do with out her. Sometimes he secretly thought that Rachel had saved him from himself.

Turning in his arms Rachel's heart wrenching sobs slowed and she wrapped her arms around his neck softly crying and hiccupping into his shirt. Puck lifted her off the floor and laid her on the bed. Lying beside her Noah stroked her back and played with her hair and he told her how much he loved her and how nothing could ever change that. She made soft mewling noises in response and eventually they both calmed down enough to sleep.

After a couple of hours Rachel woke up and took a shower wanting to wash away the tear stains on her face. She put on her happy face and walked downstairs informing her dads that they would be having company for dinner. She walked back into the room and sat gently on the bed beside Noah and ran the back of her fingers along the side of his face, leaning down she kissed his cheek and told him it was time to wake up. She persuaded him to call his mom over for dinner.

No introductions were needed as the Berrys and the Pukermans had known each other for a while. Noah and Rachel had a rocky relationship in the beginning, but over the past year and a half things had smoothed out and their relationship had done nothing but grow. Everyone ate in relative silence; the tension in the air was palpable. Mrs. Puckerman couldn't remember a time when Noah had insisted on a "family" meal without some preparation time. She knew something was going to happen, she could only hope that they were announcing a wedding. She would hate to see her son go through what she had as a young parent.

After dessert, Noah stood up, holding Rachel's hand. He said "I just want you to know how much we love you guys and how much we appreciate how you have supported us in the past." Mrs. Puckerman starts to look relieved as this is starting to sound like a possible proposal. He continued, "We are going to need a lot more in the future". Mrs. Puckerman's heart fell into her stomach. "Rachel is pregnant."

You could have heard a pin drop. The look of disappointment on everyone's faces, a touch of astonishment mixed in with Noah's mom.

Mrs. Puckerman took a deep breath and smiled, "At least she's Jewish."

The rest of the night was the beginning of discussions on hard decisions that would have to be made, broken up with light hearted discussions of nursery colors and names.

Noah looked over at Rachel talking to his mom animatedly. Then saw the smile on her face when she caught him watching her. In that moment he knows no matter what, they are going to be ok.