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Epilogue for "At Least She's Jewish"

After the announcement of the baby's name the Glee kids got the hint that Puck and Rachel, as well as Asher, needed some time alone. Rachel's multiple theatrical yawns and Puck's raised eyebrow with accompanying head gestures toward the door made it pretty obvious. One by one, they filed out of the room congratulating the couple and promising to return the following day.

"About time! I thought I was going to have pull the fire alarm to get them out of here!" Puck exclaimed.

He sat down on the chair next to the bed and held Rachel's hand while he watched his son sleep. He traced the infant's face with the side of his index features following the jaw line, the bridge of the nose, under his eyes and then gently touching the tiny ears.

"He's just breathtaking, isn't he Noah?" she sighed. She wasn't trying to be superlative but the warm, sleeping boy did do just that - he took her breath away. From the dark tuft of hair that resembled his father's all the way down to his delicate toes, her son amazed her. She had enjoyed being pregnant and feeling his kicks. She had watched her body slowly change preparing for his birth and how much Noah had enjoyed the subtle differences. Of course there had been moments she wished she could have gone without, but most of her pregnancy had been easy. Now that he was here with them and not just something that was going to happen she knew her life would be taking a drastic change. As Rachel continued to watch Asher sleep she felt a grin creep across her face and a small giggle escape her lips.

"What? What are you thinking of, Rachel Berry? Should I be concerned?" Noah quirked an eyebrow and looked at the smiling girl.

"I can't believe we made him! I see your eyes, your lips and my nose in front of me but my brain just can't seem to take it in." she whispered. "Who would have thought something so little and new would do that?"

Noah nodded in agreement. "It's definitely crazy to finally see him after waiting for so long and wondering what he'd look like. Of course, since we're two good looking Jews it only makes sense we'd have such a good looking son. Seriously, Rach. Look at him! He'll definitely need to be watched carefully once he starts preschool and he's introduced to girls."

Rachel rolled her eyes and playfully swatted his arm. "Noah! Don't add to the list of worries I already have!"

The new parents continued to watch their son sleep until the door opened and one of the nurses returned to take Asher down to the nursery. They were so focused on their son they hadn't realized how wiped out they really were.

"We can do this, Rach." he said confidently. "I know it won't be easy, but I'm in it for the long haul. We're a family now and I'm not going anywhere. I promise."

Looking back on the birth of their son, Noah Puckerman remembered this conversation as a turning point in their relationship. They had been scared kids when Asher was born but in the almost five years since then they had definitely grown up…

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