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Kagome the only one awake, Inuyasha as an exception, decided to read a little in her social studies book. She had been assigned to read chapters 1-20 three weeks ago. And just started to read the first page.

Oh man…Why do I always have to wait 'til the last minute? Maybe if I went home to study I would do a better job…No…Inuyasha would never let me do that! Kagome sighed. Inuyasha sneaked a look at her pitiful face. She mad her bottom lip poke out like a puppy which made him blush a light pink shade.

He watched her with one eye open. She blankly looked at the page she was open to, then fidgeted with her skirt some from when she rolled on her side, or sometimes she laid on her stomach.

Ugh! This school uniform is not letting me move around much. Hmmm…I'll change while everyone is asleep. And Inuyasha has his eyes closed so I'll be really quite. She glanced up from her book to look at each person in the hut. Miroku had a perverted smile on his face as he slept with a faded hand mark on his cheek, Sango had a furrowed brow on her face, which either meant she was thinking about Kohaku or Miroku grabbing her butt. Definitely Miroku. Kagome huffed. Shippou was next to Kirara (Sorry guys the anime says one thing and the manga says another.) with a slight drool on the fox demon's face. Last but not least was Inuyasha. He was, of course, up against the wall holding the tetsuiga. Nothing special.

Damn! That was close. She almost saw me with my eyes open. Why is she looking at everyone like she's about to do something?

Kagome sat up slowly so her sleeping bag wouldn't reach Inuyasha's ears. She fully got up examining twice that Miroku wouldn't peek at her. She tip-toed to her yellow over stuffed bag. Inuyasha decided that it was safe to open his eyes because she had her back towards him.

She opened her bag and quietly shuffled through it. She found a pair of short sophies in there and a black spaghetti strap tank-top. She slowly got up and walked to the corner diagonally from the half demon and put the clothes down.

What is she planning on doing?! While I'm awake?!?!?! Baka! I'll see you! Inuyasha tried to close his eyes but he couldn't. He had an excuse, his eyelids just wouldn't shut!

Kagome took her socks off and started to undress. She faced her back to the corner, so she could see if anyone would awaken. Which was not a good thing for her. She unzipped her skirt and let the green cloth fall to her ankles. Inuyasha hid is gawking eyes under his hair. Her pink undergarment showing brightly. Inuyasha noticed the yellow bow at the lacy top.

Finally, the time Inuyasha was dreading, Kagome pulled her school shirt off her shoulders revealing her upper body. Her bra was the same color as her panties. They matched. Inuyasha gazed at her body. Her curves particularly.

Kagome paused as she saw the fire was at it's lowest point. It was going to die away in probably thirty seconds. Oh crap! Inuyasha and Kagome both thought.