Many things were racing through Kagome's mind. Oh no! If the fire goes out, I'll have no light. If I have no light, I can't find my clothes. If I can't find my clothes, I'll only have things covering up my personal spots. And if I'll only have things covering up my personal spots Inuyasha and Miroku will see me. And if Miroku and Inuyasha see me I'll be SO embarrassed!!!!

She looked at the fast dimming fire across from her and gulped. She tried hard to put on her sophies. First she put them on backwards, then she got them twisted up. When she tried to put her tank-top on, she put it on upside down. Just her luck.

The fire went fully out, which meant it was morning. Kagome just stood in the corner, helpless, as Kirara and the others started to get up, with their eyes still closed.

Inuyasha slammed into her corner, back to her, looking like nothing ever happened. Kagome hid behind the half demon.

"Whoa! Inuyasha what's in that corner that you're hiding? And where is Kagome?" Miroku questioned.

"Uuhh..umm..she..went for a walk! I saw her this morning leave the hut, maybe to a hot spring or something I don't know"

Sango looked disappointed. "She went for a hot spring? Well I might as well join her…" Sango left the hut.

That's one I got rid of…Inuyasha thought. He knew Sango would leave and Miroku would plan to spy. And his plan was perfect!

Miroku's face lit up with a perverted smile, and walked out of the hut as well.

"You were awake. Weren't you? All this time…" She hid behind her hair not wanting to look embarrassed. Her arms crossed around her chest.

Inuyasha swirled around to be face to face with her when he lifter her chin up to see a face as red as a tomato. "But if I wasn't awake, what would have happened? I said I would always protect you. And I meant for everything." Kagome's eyes showed her emotions very well. The half demon could tell she was thankful when she gripped onto his red fire rat robe and moved her body closer to him. Looking up to him she said "Thanks, Inuyasha."

"Keh." Inuyasha smirked evilly and licked the side of her face, from her chin to her eyebrows, and then smashed his lips to hers, stopping when she was hungry for more. "Now get dressed. We've got to look for Naraku!"

"Hai!!" Kagome agreed.

"I TOLD you there was something behind him" Miroku and Sango looked through the hut opening. "Mhm." Sango mumbled.

Me: Well how was it?

Inuyasha: (nose bleed) …TOTALLY EMBARRASSING!

Kagome: Awh Inuyasha I thought it was cute!

Me: Me too!! (hugs Kagome crying) Inuyasha doesn't like it!! And I made it just for his sexual pleasure!!!!! (sobs)

Kagome: Inuyasha….

Inuyasha: (gulps)

Kagome: OSUWARI.