Heat of the Night

By DigitLninja

Digimon is © whatever company currently owns them. I do not clam to own any character in this story, nor do I clam to own Digimon. With that out of the way onto the story!

Renamon stirred from her slumber in the dark hallway of her trainer's home. It had been almost a year since the tamers had defeated the D-reaper and been brought back to earth through the last digiportal. There new lives back on earth seemed to be better than ever… unfortunately in the past few days Renamon had been plagued by a sickness that only had one solution. The fox Digimon's eye's opened as she awoke to the familiar hallway. She groaned as she felt the need again and her hands quickly moved to her erect nipples. "mmm" she moaned quietly "why is this happening to me… I can't be in heat… it's out of season" she whispered to herself as her hand began to slide down her slender fur covered body to her throbbing sex.

What the masturbating fox Digimon didn't know was that her tamer had gotten quite good at sneaking past her Digimon and hiding from her. Rika was under a table watching Renamon suffer. Rika smiled as she looked down at the new card she had found and her D-Arc. The card was known as 'filled with heat' and did just that. Rika smiled to herself and thought best card ever as her own hand slipped gently into her panties, the only clothing she had on. Renamon was moaning gently as her fingers traveled over her heat ridden cunt and gently moved in and out of her. "ahmm" she moaned gently into the darkness than sighed as she pulled her sticky fingers from her and licked them clean. It wasn't enough! She knew she needed a male… Guilmon and Terriermon where in the next room, since Rika had thrown a slumber party for the tamers that night… but those two where far to young to even suffer from heat, let alone know how to fix the problem. Renamon sighed, she needed a cock quickly

Rika watched her Digimon's troubled face as she removed her hand from her panties, perhaps it was time she came forward and helped her Digimon through her need. Suddenly Renamon became alert and her ears moved back as she hid in the darkness. One of the doors slid open and out stepped Takato. The goggle head had gone to bed in nothing but his underwear again… but he had woken up with a need to pee, and a morning wood like no other. The boy's tented undergarments made Renamon grin, looks like she would get what she needed after all. Rika's hand moved back into her panties as she watched her Digimon stalk the boy. Takato was clueless as usual, not noticing either of the girls as he drowsily moved toward the bathroom. With drooping eyes he opened the door to the bathroom and turned on the blinding light "ah… man that burns" he whispered as he moved into the bathroom.

It was a moderate sized bathroom, bathtub and a shower on the right. Sink and a toilet on the left. The sleepy boy yawned as he moved into the bathroom ignoring the door and not noticing as the fox Digimon behind him closing the door so it was only open a crack. It turned her on to know that someone might be able to see, even though she knew they where the only ones awake.

Takato lifted the seat took his hard on in his hand and released with a sigh. He closed his eyes as he pissed wanting to fall asleep again. Takato had a lot to drink at the party yesterday and his bladder was quite happy to release the pressure. Takato's eyes opened gently… something wasn't right, either he had just grown a lot of pubes in an instant or something furry has wrapped it's self around his dick. He looked down at his dick and his eyes went wide at the familiar paw "what the!" he spun around to find Renamon on her knees with a grin, as Takato was now urinating on her head. "R-Renamon! I-I didn't mean…" he stopped as he saw she was enjoying the yellow bath. Renamon was rubbing her needy sex as she moved her head back and let the last of the boy's urine fall into her mouth. Takato was wide eyed as she licked her lips and than reached forward and gently massaged his balls. Takato moaned gently "w-what…"

Renamon smiled "sorry Takato… but right now I need this and you have no choice in the matter" the fox reached behind him and pulled the toilet seat down, pushing him down than, stroking his cock again, pushed back the skin on his tip and slid her soft tongue over it. Takato moaned as he let her continue, he was being raped by her… but he really didn't mind. He had wanted this for a long time… meanwhile in the hallway, Rika was breathing heavily as her hand worked furiously in her panties. She watched the two of them from the crack in the door and felt the sticky wet substance fall down her legs and soak her underwear. Oh god… at this rate I'll be finished before they are, better slow down…she thought as she removed her sticky hand from her panties and moaned gently as she pressed her fingers to the outside of her panties, soaking them even more.

Renamon moaned gently as she pleasured herself "mmm" Takato strained to hold back his load as pre flew onto Renamon's already matted fur and into her mouth. She licked her lips and pulled away "mmm that was tasty… but I can't wait any longer" she stood over Takato, her sex in front of his face was warm enough to feel the heat from where she was. Renamon smiled and lowered herself onto Takato's throbbing cock "nnhg Renamon…" Takato moaned as she pressed her tight folds over his member. "Oh god Renamon… you're tight" Renamon moaned as she licked his cheek and her pleasure rose and her heat began to dissipate. "nngh, gods that's good" Renamon moaned as she sunk Takato to the hilt and wiggled her hips as she moved up and down on his pecker. "mmmaah" Renamon pumped faster as Takato reached up and graced her breasts as they bounced with every pump. Renamon already felt the pressure between her legs growing. Takato loved it but wanted more. Renamon moaned as Takato suddenly grabbed her ass lifter her up and placed her on the toilet. He began pumping much harder and faster "nngh! Oh yah" Takato said as Renamon's moans became loud and the mixture of pain and pleasure drove her insane, she wasn't going to last much longer.

Rika's hand worked furiously. She lay on the floor looking in the crack of the door as her hand in her panties worked hard to finish what she had started, her moans where soft but getting louder by the second as her other hand caressed her B-cup breasts. "mm mm mm nngh aaah!" she bit her lip hard as her hips thrust into the air and her soaked panties let her juice drop, making a puddle on the floor. After she was finished she collapsed gently breathing heavily on the floor.

"aahnn" Renamon moaned as she wrapped her legs around Takato's waist. Takato leaned his head down and began sucking on her hard nipple. The vixen held onto the toilet for dear life as she thought she was going to be split in half by Takato. Oh gods… how did this pathetic human… get so good… Renamon thought as she held back a yell. Takato grunted he was close to release but he held back as hard as he could. Renamon had come to him for relief, he wasn't about to leave her hanging. The vixen's hands moved onto Takato's back as he began thrusting as hard as he could. Renamon suddenly tossed her head back and let out a yell but at the same time Takato kissed her deeply to muffle the sound. Not long after she hit her climax Takato did the same, filling renamon with seed. This drove her to another small climax before she relaxed and let him finish. "mmm that was the best I have had… no male I have had in the digital world had fully satisfied me… to think you, a human, would be this good" Takato smiled "and it's my first time too" Takato said as he took deep breaths. Renamon smiled "well you marked me as yours so… I guess that means that we can do this again sometime" she said slyly than licked his cheek. Takato smiled than pulled out of her and stood up, helping the Digimon to her feet "sounds great to me… *yawn* but we should get to bed right now."

Renamon opened the door to find Rika sleeping gently on the floor, Takato blushed "she saw everything… and looks like she enjoyed it." Renamon nodded than reached down and grabbed the D-ark and card laying beside the tamer, than showed it to Takato with a grin "I think we should punish her, don't you?" Takato grinned "oh yah!"

The End