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-Takes place around after chapter 200-213 in manga and during season 6 of the anime...
-the story is AU.

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Willingly Forgotten
Encounter 1: Soul Reaper and the Soul

"Speaking/thinking inside flashback"
Thinking/small flashback
""hollow speaking""

When they first met, it was anything but pleasant.

"No, and I rightly don't care. I have something to do, and I'm not leaving until I can do it."

As he sat up on the rood of Orihime Inoue's apartment building, Toushirou scanned his phone, thinking over everything that happened in the last few days with some feeling of exhaustion.

There was he and his team's mission to the real world, the meeting with substitute soul reaper, Kurosaki Ichigo in order to inform him of what's going on, his and his lieutenant's finding of a temporary residence, and lastly the attack of the arrancar that happened.

Ah, then there was Kurosaki's sudden disappearance right after that as well…

To put it simply, things as of late have been busy—and their current standing of having small, close to nothing of information on Aizen, the Arrancar he's gathering up, or what the bastard's goal is, has not helped the situation. At all.

Almost angrily, the small captain quickly shut his phone seeing no new reports or news from soul society and placed the small contraption on the ledge next to him, giving up for the night and deciding to finally get some rest. He had just laid down on the ground with his arms under his head and closed his eyes when something in the air suddenly pulsed.

His eyes shot open, instinctively recognizing the feeling that was shimmering through the air and he pushed himself up with his arms, using them as a support to look where the feeling originated.

A hollow.

Immediately his phone, still on the ledge besides him, began beeping and hollow momentarily forgotten, he looked towards it. after a second of thought on whether or not to look—because someone else may just get to it, he may have to do nothing at all—grabbed the silver cell and with ease, flicked open the top with his thumb, looking at the screen.

An angry red dot pulsing on the screen not too far from his position, met his eyes. Sighing, he sat up farther and scratched the side of his head with his other hand, looking up from the still beeping phone to sense if anyone was going for it…

…and no one was…not even Matsumoto…and she was the closest one to the hollow—besides him anyway, since she was in the building under him actually. She's probably purposely ignoring it. His eyebrow twitched at the thought of his lazy lieutenant and he closed the beeping phone, standing up.

Looks like I'm dealing with this one… he thought, frowning. Probably expecting me to go after it. And he can't hope for Kurosaki to go after it…Kuchiki either. Since after all, Ichigo has gone missing and Kuchiki's been looking for the idiot. So it leaves me… he doesn't even want to guess where Madarame or Yumichika are, and where Renji is staying is too far away.

Doesn't matter. He continued a second later, placing the phone in his pocket and popping a thing of soul candy into his mouth.

The familiar feeling of weightlessness washed over him before he was separated from his gigai. After ordering the gigai to tell Matsumoto that he got this one—in case the woman actually thought about getting it (even though he has a feeling that's highly unlikely)—and jumped off the roof, using Shunpo to head towards the direction where the hollow was.

. . .

He made it in record time to see a huge green hollow, probably about 20 feet tall and as wide as a building roar up into the sky. It stood on two reptilian-like legs with dark green patches of fur on the tips and around the feet and shins, making it look like it was wearing fur-boots. The body wasn't much better. It had the shape of a male's body, but like its feet, dark green fur covered up its chest, overlapped to its back and was longer, like a cape. A long, serpent-like tail moved angrily around him and he had to move a few times to dodge from getting hit. The arms were human like, but appeared too long for its body since the hollow had to lean forward, making the knuckles of its hands touch the concrete. Three long spikes were placed on the side of each arm, and one large one on each shoulder, and its hollow hole was placed right in the center of its neck.

Lastly, its mask was shaped like a horse, but when it came to the end where its mouth was, the mask curved up into a large twin hook. The sides of the mask had more spikes—four thin ones on each side—that too curved up into hooks. Long, shaggy, dark green-hair covered the tops of its head and down to its shoulders, where two small yellow eyes showed through. There were thin green markings on its mask, looking like a collection of swirls that went from the tips of its mask's eyes and down all the way to the curved hook where long sharp teeth appeared with it's opening of its mouth for a second time.

The second large roar from the monster and it's sudden movement knocked Hitsugaya from his thoughts when he noticed the cause for said movement was, apparently the soul the hollow was after this whole time, and was now, trying to get its meal.

Preparing to keep the hollow from doing just that, Toushirou quickly drew his Zanpakutou and moved to attack. But before he could even get a few feet within the hollow to kill it, a pulse of unknown reiatsu made him pause. What—?

He was interrupted by a flash of blue light coming from in front of the hollow—which since he was behind the thing, was unable to see where the light came from.

Then with another flash, something long, blue and incredibly bright flew right past the left side of the hollow's head and soared into the sky, disappearing with a twinkle. He watched, half amazed, and half confused at what exactly it was. The hell?

From in front of him, the hollow suddenly laughed, ""Ha-ha! Pathetic! You missed me!"" it quickly changed its stance and with one long hand, moved to grab something. ""Now, I will devour your soul and become much stronger! Let me thank you now for your streng—!""

Crap. He moved to attack again and jumped into the air to strike, but like before Hitsugaya was interrupted by another blue flash that this time, hit the hollow and stabbed it all the way through right above the hollow hole placed in its neck.

"don't think yourself so strong." came a second voice, but due to the large hollow's sudden pained yell as it slowly started to disintegrate—he couldn't tell from their voice if it was female or male. "I just needed to warm up my powers so I could kill you in one blow. I never miss."

One last angered roar escaped the hollow before it completely vanished and Hitsugaya was left landing on the ground, staring at the space where the hollow just was. He blinked. It was like the hollow was never even there, there wasn't even a trace of the hollow's own spiritual energy…even if it's been killed, there should still be a remnant of its reiatsu for a couple of hours… That's...Strange…

The only thing that even showed the hollow was here was the obvious destruction of a few empty buildings. He was in an abandoned part of the city, where a few buildings were already destroyed and in need of repair. But besides the old destroyed buildings, and the news ones now needing to be fixed there was no remains left of the hollow.

Even when a soul reaper destroys a hollow there is still a sign it was there.

Surprised at the turn of events, the small captain furrowed his eyebrows, and looked around, trying to figure out what the hell just happened and what exactly that blue light was. It looked like an arrow—but he can't sense the Quincy around. Besides, it didn't even feel like a Quincy. It was different. It was almost like a soul reaper…but… Who…just did that? Not only doesn't it feel like a Quincy, but he knows for sure that he's the only one here…and he didn't sense anyone else around. So who—?

Before he could even attempt to figure out who killed the hollow, the answer came to him when the tip of a glowing blue arrow appeared in front of his face, and a cold voice spoke to him from behind the glowing energy. "Who are you?"

Toushirou froze at the unknown voice, surprised that he didn't even sense them. Where did they come from? And how was it I didn't even sense their spiritual pressure? Toushirou gripped his sword tighter, looking up with his turquoise eyes to see the newcomer.

And saw the face of a young girl staring at him, hand drawn back and holding the arrow, but that wasn't the most surprising thing about her.

No, she was dead.

Her form was the same transparent like all the other souls; she even had the same chain of fate on her chest, cut, with the chain hanging down in front of her. She was a simple soul, yet…

His eyes went towards the arrow still in front of his face, glowing brightly and lightly warming up his face, making it tingle. How can she summon her spiritual energy like that?

Dead as she may be, she shouldn't be able to summon any energy, even if she has a high amount. Plusses aren't able to do such a thing, at least, he's never heard of anything like this surfacing—

"I said who are you?" came the voice of the girl again; knocking him out of his thoughts and making him look back towards her cold blue eyes. When he said nothing, she frowned and moved her weapon closer to his face as a warning.

Not wishing to cause a fight, he lowered his sword a bit and replied. "Toushirou Hitsugaya, captain of the 10th division."

The girl suddenly blinked, and the cold look on her face vanished to be replaced with surprise. "The 10th division?" she drew back her weapon from his face and took a few steps back to give him some space, eyes looking at him curiously.

Then with a tilt of her head, she scanned him with her eyes, taking in his appearance. When she noticed what he was wearing, or more specifically his captain haori she quickly turned embarrassed and bowed, the glowing arrow vanishing like a thing of smoke from her hands. "Ah, so sorry about attacking you then!"

She stood up and nervously grinned, hand rising to scratch the side of her head. "I didn't notice you were a soul reaper till I actually looked…" she turned her head to look behind her, where the hollow once stood. "Sorry, I've been chasing that hollow for a while…and when I finally was able to kill it, I guess I wasn't paying attention and mistook you for an enemy…"

Cobalt blue eyes met his turquoise with apology and she sighed. "I also haven't seen a soul reaper for a while... this is my first night in this town so I don't know whose who, or where you guys patrol…" she trailed off with a small nibble of her lips, eyes darkening. "especially from that sudden burst of spiritual energy a few days ago…I think that's what brought the damn monster here." she mumbled, the darkening her of eyes increasing and a serious look appearing on her face. But with a shake of her head, her cheery personality reappeared and she smiled, "but really, I am sorry."

He opened his mouth to speak, but she had already turned around and was starting to walk away, waving behind her. "Anyway, I need to head back, but it was nice meeting you—!"

"wait." he called out, taking a step forward towards the strange soul. When she stopped and turned her head to look at him confused with her bright blue eyes, he shook his head. "Where do you think you are going?"

He got a blank stare. "Um…back where I came from?" replied the soul, looking at him as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"No, do you really think I'm going to allow you to roam around?" he answered with annoyance. "There's hollows everywhere and you." he pointed at her with the tip of his sword. "Need to be sent to soul society."

That seemed to be the wrong thing to say, because immediately her eyes hardened, like she was preparing for another fight. "No I don't." she shook her head, and pointed to herself. "I am not going to soul society. Yet anyway." The last two words were lost on Hitsugaya though as she turned quickly and started walking back the way she came at faster pace. "See ya."

"I am not going to soul society."

The second wave she sent him was also lost on Toushirou as he stared, wide eyed at the soul that so casually shrugged him off. He's faced souls like this before, but this one is strange.

Not only does it seem she can summon her reiatsu to use it as a weapon and attack, but from the looks of things, this soul also already knows about soul society, Shinigami, and even hollows. Yet she doesn't wish to go?

Unwilling to let the soul stop him from doing his job, he quickly jumped and landed in front of her, making her stop as she came face to face with his slightly shorter frame. Hitsugaya grabbed his sword again and lifted it up, preparing to perform the soul burial and force her to go, whether or not she wants to. "You have no say in the matter, if you stay here, you will call more hollows."

Before he could place the hilt of Hyōrinmaru on her forehead, the girl quickly used her hand to knock away his, eyes narrowing. "I know." she took another step back so he couldn't try it again and sighed. "I've heard the whole thing before." she waved her hand off to the side, "'if you stay you'll cause trouble', 'soul society's a nice place' 'you're in danger if you remain here' and blah, blah, blah."

She quickly sidestepped another of his attempts and grabbed the hilt of his sword to stop him, glaring now. "Will you stop? I've already told you, captain," she spoke his title with mocking, "I'm not going to soul society. And nothing you do will make me."

He glared at the soul and quickly removed her hand from his own. "Do you think I'm asking you?" he can't believe what this girl is trying to say. Does she really believe she has any say in the matter of her staying here or not? He's been sending souls to soul society for a long time, and she will not be any different.

The girl snorted and took another step back. "No, and I rightly don't care. I have something to do, and I'm not leaving until I can do It." she glared back before quickly side stepping and walking passed him. "Like I said, nothing you say, do, or try will stop me. I've been waiting for a long time to do it and I'm so close." She sent him a look over her shoulder as she walked, a smirk rising onto her face when he turned his own head to look at her. "I'm not going to let some Chibi-Taichou stop me."

Eye twitching at the 'nickname' Toushirou quickly faced back forward and yelled, hand gripping Hyōrinmaru tighter. "I am not short, nor am I a 'Chibi-Taichou!'" he spat out the word with disgust.

Toushirou heard the soul stop walking before beginning to laugh, "sure, sure, whatever you say Chibi-Taichou."

He quickly whirled around to yell at the infuriating soul again but when he did, she was gone.

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