Why Mollie Wears Her Ribbons and Chews on Sugar

At a developing farm in England, a runt horse was born. The horse's name was Mollie, and she lived at Manor Farm with the owner Mr. Jones, and all the other animals. Mollie was a beautiful white horse. Her mother and Mr. Jones were both very fond of her. On August 2nd it was Mollie's birthday, and she was turning 2. At her party, there were lavish decorations, which were of course all white. Lumps of sugar were available to chew on, and every horse dug into their share.

As the birthday continued through the afternoon, Mr. Jones began to think about what was to be done with each horse. When Mollie many ideas came to him but none seemed to work. So he decided to wait and see. Seeing the afternoon turn into evening Mr. Jones became worried seeing as he still had no future plan for Mollie. As evening fell a horse began to choke on a lump of sugar. Mollie seeing this ran up to the horse, and miraculously retrieved the lump of sugar from is throat.

At this Mr. Jones was shocked, he had never seen an animal so capable of caring for other animals. As a reward Mr. Jones placed a ribbon on her mane. Mollie was giddy with delight. As night began to crawl closer, Mr. Jones thought about the festivities and what they brought forth throughout the day from animal behaviors, to what was eaten. When he reached Mollie's heroic act a sudden idea came to mind, he contemplated it for a long time, and finally decided that that was the right thing to do with Mollie. Mollie had done such a great deed that he realized she was too precious to make her work in the fields. His final decision was that Mollie was not to work, but to eat lumps of sugar all day and wear ribbons in her hair to symbolically mark what had happened. Mr. Jones awoke Mollie in her stall later that night to tell her the news. Mollie was very pleased with the decision. The next day, she went prancing around the farm telling everyone of her "heroic act" as Mr. Jones had said, and hr destiny.

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