Chapter 2: Wilfred

Stupid girl, with her stupid island animal, having to stupid eat my pomanas Wilfred thought angrily, stomping back to his hut. Why couldn't they have eaten someone else's prized possession?

Wilfred clomped inside his hut. On the inside, the round little hut made from leafy branches, lying in a shady field of grass, looked a lot like a stable. Being part horse, Wilfred had a small stall in one corner, where he slept, and a big bucket hanging on the wall where he put most of his food (except his pomanas of course). His pomanas were kept on a high shelf that ran around the entire hut, each of the fruits placed carefully on it. A few portraits hung on the wall, an older male centaur looking proud and haughty, a pretty young centaur smiling shyly and of course a large picture of a pomana. The rest of the space was filled with tables completely covered in fertilizers, water, books and guides on planting and tree care, and different pesticides.

Wilfred crossed to a table near his stall and stuffed his hand into the jumbled mess. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid girl. Stupid, stupid island animal. Why my fruit trees?!?! Where is that stupid book….oh there it is. Wilfred flipped through the big volume of centaur guidelines toward the sections on punishments. Ah here it is 'if any creature touches, destroys, eats, or steals a centaur's prized possession, the punishment is death'. Wilfred stopped reading, and grinned. He plunged his hand back into the mess on the table. When he withdrew it, Wilfred was holding a club.


Candy's POV

Candy sighed. The strange, bare-chested centaur with the palomino body had been gone for half an hour. Her thoughts were whirling with questions. Where did he go? What's going to happen to me and Isleta? Where am I?

Isleta grumbled gently, shook his head, and looked up at Candy. His eyes were blinking blearily, with his eyelids drooped halfway over them. He looked so comical that Candy gave out a loud giggle. Isleta grumbled some more at her laugh, and then looked at her as if to say 'What did I miss?'

Candy started rubbing his neck gently, and spoke.

"Well, after you fell asleep, this pissed centaur guy named Wilfred came along. He started yelling at me, saying 'did I say you could eat my pomanas?' 'I'll have to decide what your punishment will be', and then he left. He just left. I didn't know what to do, I just sat here with you."Candy explained.

Isleta was half dozing while he listened to her. His thoughts slow and relaxed, but as Candy spoke, something caught his attention 'pissed centaur' 'my pomanas' 'your punishment'. It sounded like the pomanas were really important to this 'Wilfred'. Like they were his prized possession, and then Isleta remembered. The punishment for taking a centaurs prized possession.


Isleta lumbered to his feet in a panic, startling Candy, who quickly got up too.

"Isleta, what's wrong?" Candy asked, staring at her friend.

Isleta grumbled and grunted at her, trying to make her understand. His big, fear-filled green eyes were glancing around frantically, hoping there was enough time to get away. How long had he been asleep?

Candy was still staring at him, entirely confused. Isleta's grunting was starting to scare her. What is he scared of? She asked herself, worried.

Isleta turned. If Candy wouldn't understand, he'd have to lead her out of trouble. He lumbered to the calm little bay, knowing candy would follow him.

"Isleta, what are you doing?" she asked, as she caught up to him.

He looked at her meaningfully, and then knelt. His meaning couldn't have been clearer.

Candy clambered onto Isleta's back and sat cross legged. She was still bewildered at the animal's actions, but had decided to trust him. Isleta took a step forward, but as he put his foot into the deceptively cold water, he heard a yell from by the grove of trees.

Isleta began to hurry; he knew from experience what centaurs did when they were angry. It had taken months for the tree on his back to regrow after a centaur had chopped it off.

Candy looked back at the yelling centaur. He was galloping after them, his eyes like blue fire and his hair blowing back from his speed. In his hand he held a large wooden club.

Candy's stomach tightened in fear, she began to urge Isleta onward encouragingly, while she kept glancing back at Wilfred. He was almost to the water, and they were only 15 meters from shore. With any luck, we'll make it Candy thought.

Isleta heard Candy's words of encouragement and tried to put on a burst of speed. He thrust his head underwater, and struggled to haul his and Candy's weight through the clear blue water.

Candy glanced back at the shore, just in time to see Wilfred splash his hooves into the water. As she looked, Candy saw Wilfred fumbling with something around the base of his club. He got it free, and then shook it out.

Candy's heart clenched, as she watched the centaur throw the thing at her and Isleta. She let out a piercing scream as the net fell over them.

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